Quantum Error Announces for XSX


Between September 21st to 22nd, unexpected announcements were made to the gaming community. It’d be revealed that Microsoft had purchased ZeniMax Media for $7.9 Billion, the largest industry-wide acquisition to date. Learning that Xbox would become the exclusive home for Doom, Elder Scrolls, Quake, and Fallout was notably disappointing for millions of gamers worldwide. This announcement also caused another to become unnoticed. TeamKill, the developers behind Quantum Error, have announced that their title won’t be exclusive to PlayStation any longer. It’ll also respectively be released for the Xbox Series X, and PC via Steam.

Designed as the first next-generation horror video game, TeamKill had previously indicated that Quantum Error would be exclusive for the PlayStation5. Rumours began spreading that the PS5 exclusivity was being falsely reported, with TeamKill’s game likely coming for all next-generation consoles. Though beneficial for Xbox gamers, it’s not for PlayStation fans. It means another title lost that can’t be represented under exclusive PS branding.

Quantum Error released an updated trailer today, emphasizing that the Xbox Series X and Series S, are obtaining access to the science-fiction horror game. Quantum Error won’t be arriving for the Xbox One, or PlayStation4. It’s available under next-generation hardware exclusively. That’s because it engaged unique lighting with ray-tracing technologies. It means unbelievable realism of horror, creating jump scares that’ve never before been seen.

Supporters of the Science-Fiction genre have known of Quantum Error for a short period. It first premiered at the “2020’s Future Games Show from GamesRadar”. Most recently before September 21st, potential players were given notable insight into Quantum Error gameplay by August 2020. There’s an evident level of anxiousness when watching the footage, with viewers wanting to run away immediately.

The Storyline

Gamers are put into the role of Jacob Thomas, an American Firefighter. He’s tasked with entering the burning “Monad Quantum Research Facility” and trying to save employed personnel. An unknown entity attacks Jacob, with this presence having horrific side effects onto the firefighter. It’s inevitably learned how to stop the malevolent force and escape the research facility. However, along the way will be difficult & horrific challenges to overcome.

Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Maps Revealed


Gamers that adore the Call of Duty franchise are receiving another yearly instalment, with the selected developers for 2020 being Treyarch & Raven Studios. Late August would mark the timeframe when Treyarch would announce “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War”. COD fanatics have highly praised Treyarch’s storyline gameplay trailer, and now the Multiplayer Reveal from Raven Studios. Five Multiplayer maps have been revealed for Black ops Cold War. Below our readers can get detailed insight into what each map has to offer.

The Available Maps

  • Armada: Players are placed into the North Atlantic Ocean, competing on multiple naval vessels to intercept a nuclear submarine. Multiplayer vehicles like military rafts & small gunboats are available, assisting players in turning the tide of this battle. Whichever faction intercepts the atomic submarine is victorious over the multiplayer round in specialized game modes.
  • Crossroads: Experience combat deep in the mountains of Uzbekistan, where NATO forces are deployed to stop desist a Soviet Military Convey. Gamers experience gameplay in the frozen wilderness of Uzbekistan and have a multitude of vehicles for combat assistance. Take control of largescale tanks & gun-mounted snowmobiles to defeat your enemies.
  • Miami: The iconic city of Miami becomes the backdrop for an ambush assault between DGI Forces & CIA Combat Agents. South Beach is the selected location in Miami, with the area being known for neon light & vibrant art that filled the streets. It creates a stunning environment that’ll indeed become a fan favourite.
  • Moscow: Gamers are taken into the heart of the USSR, competing in brutal combat against Spetsnaz Agents as CIA Special Forces. The town centre is the location of choice, with the Multiplayer storyline focusing on the CIA capturing intel for NATO Agents back in Uzbekistan.
  • Satellite: The final map for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War that was shown in the Multiplayer Reveal is Satellite. Players are sent into Angola to defeat DGI Forces holding stolen intelligence from NATO. The M16 Squadron for NATA ambushes DGI Forces deep in the Angola mountains, prompting one of the more intense battles of Central Africa in the 80s.

Ride 4 Announced


Motorsport fanatics that favour MotoGP & Supersport World Racing have a new video game that’ll excite them. It was announced in early September that the 4th entry into the “Ride” franchise is being released for consoles & gaming PCs. It’ll be released on October 8th and have an immediate upgrade package for consumers that purchase the PS5/XSX. The next-generation version of “Ride 4” will be released in January 2021.

An official statement was issued by Milestone, the developers of the Ride franchise. Their press release clarified that their latest chapter in this series focuses on pure racing, taking away arcade-like gameplay & focusing on realistic immersion seen in simulation titles. The 1st & 2nd entries into the Ride franchise were popular for its realism and would be ditched to the side with the 3rd entry. This saw “Ride 3” has lowered sales in-comparison to the previous titles. Milestone understood they needed to return to their roots and provide gamers with an immersive simulation that crosses multiple motorcycle racing leagues.

Experiencing this game on the PC, PlayStation5, or Xbox Series X will allow for gameplay at 60 Frames-per-Second. Resolution capabilities will be upgraded to the 4K Format, giving consumers the highest quality in graphics & textures. Combine this with photo-realistic environments that’ve been recreated from the ground-up, and you’ve got an experience that can become more satisfying. The core factor in providing these additional components is to create an authentic & natural riding experience.

The announcement trailer for “Ride 4” emphasizes that it’s time for gamers to enter a new era of racing, that the PS5 and XSX will create the ultimate motorcyclist experience for supporters. Feature details were shown in the trailer, noting that “Ride 4” will maintain a photo mode & voiceover work from broadcasters in all supported racing leagues. The apparent goal to celebrate superbikes is seen throughout the trailer, which will traverse into the game. Those wanting to purchase this title can for last-generation consoles on October 8th. The PS5/XSX versions of “Ride 4” arrive on January 21st, 2021. It’ll cost consumers $79.99 for the base game, with the premium package costing $89.99.

Troy Baker Explains Role in The Medium


Horror-themed video games are becoming more popular each year, with multiple new titles being released to garner jump scares from gamers. Titles being released for the next generation of consoles are already being announced, with the Bloober Team announcing “The Medium” for 2021. Their revelation confirmed that Troy Baker would voice the primary antagonist in this horror-themed game. Gamers are familiar with portrayals from Troy Baker, including Sam Drake from Uncharted Four & Joel from the Last of Us Two.

Details were provided on Troy Baker’s role in “The Medium”, revealing his character will be called “The Maw”. His character is described for malevolency that goes outside the realms of gender & enters into the cruel world of demonic demons. Troy Baker’s “The Maw” will follow around a young heroine named Marianne, who works towards disbanding herself from the wicked, sinister world of monsters that surround her.

This game sounds creepily familiar to Ubisoft’s “Little Nightmares”. That horror-themed game was centred around an institution named the Maw, and it appears that the Bloober Team is honouring that series of games. There has been a backlash against this developer for essentially copying story elements from Little Nightmares, leaving some to question if Ubisoft will issue a lawsuit.

Baker’s Motion Capture for The Medium

Troy Baker spoke about his experience behind “The Medium”, which the Uncharted & T.L.O.U. The actor mentioned is unlike anything he’s done previously. Baker explains that there was an evident fear behind this role, with other actors on set creating demonic sounds & wearing costumes to create realism for Troy. Baker mentioned that all around him were sounds of croaky, creaking, unsettling sounds of breathing. His explanations towards “The Medium” and his character of “The Maw” has none the less excited gamers, knowing that it’ll be a terrifying experience similar to the Evil Within or F.E.A.R.

“The Medium” is releasing for the Xbox Series X, and Stream PC Platform in 2021. Notable inspirations behind this game include the Silent Hill franchise, with their lead designer having previously worked on the Japanese-honed series. All performances, gameplay, and animations will be based around next-generation hardware.

Gotham Knights Officially Announced at DC Fandom


The official announcement for Gotham Knights was made on August 20th at DC Fandom, a rumoured game in-development from “Warner Brother Games – Montreal Studio”. Rumours surrounding this title indicated that Batman’s Family of Heroes would arise, with that being confirmed through a released gameplay trailer. Playable characters will include Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin. Those wanting to purchase this title must wait until late 2021 when it’s released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PCs Steam.

An official trailer was released alongside the DC Fandom announcement, with footage now available on YouTube. It shows Gotham City struggling with the death of Bruce Wayne & the Batman, which is unveiled to residents as the same man. The final words uttered by Bruce Wayne before his passing calls for these four protagonists to take his mantle. Before Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl, and Robin can become the “Batman Family”, the Court of Owls start attacking Gotham City residents. This leads towards a new series of games that’ll likely share similar popularity to the four Batman games previously released by Warner Brothers.

WB Games Montreal released details regarding gameplay. It was revealed that storylines could be experienced through the Solo & Co-Op formats. Co-Op Gameplay is limited to multiplayer, with local connections not supported. What gamers can anticipate with the Co-Up Link in Gotham Knights is Experience Points, which allow for customization options to become available. This allows for players to grow each character into their version of the Dark Knight. It should be mentioned a gameplay demo will be released later in 2020, where games will battle Mr Freeze and another unknown enemy from the Court of Owls.

The Differences in Character Gameplay

Press Release details indicate that each character plays differently, supporting unique gameplay features & combat movements from one another. An example of this is Batgirl, who focuses on the hacking capabilities taught previously by Batman. Nightwing is an acrobatic version of Batman that used electronic nunchakus to stun enemies. Gamers that select Robin will receive the most core version of Batman, with stealth combat & psychological warfare being his selection of combat. Red Hood is the darker rendition of the Batman for Gotham Knights, focusing on highly advanced weaponry & firearms that don’t kill.

Resident Evil Village has the Longest Story in Franchise History.


The 8th entry into the Resident Evil franchise was announced on June 11th, prompting an array of excitement from dedicated supporters & new fans into the series. Resident Evil’s 8th entry is slated to be a reboot, and centres around a classic era from a previous iteration into the RE franchise. Named Resident Evil Village, the 8th entry is located in a European Village that’s been overrun by the T-Virus.

Resident Evil Village is set in the early 2020s, years after the 7th entry into this franchise, “Biohazard”. It’ll centre again around Ethan Winters, a character that was newly introduced into the 7th Resident Evil. Ethan Winters is taken onto an unexpected adventure that sets a chain of events & shocking revelations regarding Chris Redfield, an iconic character since the first Resident Evil. Ethan Winters becomes distraught through the information learned about Chris Redfield, forcing this relatively new character into the mysterious village. What happens after that isn’t remotely known.

New details regarding Resident Evil Village have been revealed by a verified inside source within the video game industry. That individual is AestheticGamer, who averages a 95% accuracy rating with leaked information. His latest leak indicates that the 8th edition into this franchise will maintain the most extended campaign to date, meaning a Resident Evil game sustaining roughly twenty hours or more. AestheticGamer also revealed that the remake of “Resident Evil 4” with Leon Kennedy would have a more protracted campaign than its original version. This leaked information has been praised by RE Supporters, which comes after the critical success for the remakes of RE1, RE2 & RE2.

Storyline Length Details

Conventionally, the length of a Resident Evil storyline is eight to ten hours. Both the remakes for Resident Evil Two & Three were prolonged by developers, adding new levels & gameplay that’d never been seen before. It’s not surprising that AestheticGamer would suggest similar strategies are being implored for the remake of Resident Evil Four & upcoming sequel to RE7, Resident Evil Village. Those wanting to purchase Resident Evil 8: Village, have to wait until Late 2021. The latest entry into this franchise is releasing for next-generation consoles exclusively. This means the Xbox Series X, PlayStation5, and PC.

Avengers Beta Now Available


The Crystal Dynamics Studio shocked their fanbase by releasing the “Marvel’s Avengers” video game demo several hours earlier than anticipated. Crystal Dynamics first confirmed that their Avengers demo would be formatted with “Closed Access”. Purchasing the Pre-Order for this game was initially required to experience the demo. However, Crystal Dynamics confirmed on August 7th that the Avengers demo had released worldwide for the PlayStation4. This information was released through their Twitter account.

Those that’ve purchased Marvel’s Avengers before it’s release date can take command of these infamous superheroes today. These five iconic characters will work towards regaining public trust, which was lost after a horrific event caused the San Francisco Bridge to collapse & thousands to die. Though Marvel fans highly anticipate this storyline, those that’ve tested the demo have expressed mixed feelings towards the gameplay. The mechanics feel the last generation & could prompt substantial failure behind Marvel’s 2nd entry into their video game universe.

Players worried about the gameplay can download the demo & make an accurate decision on if purchasing this title if worth the $100.00 price tag. Releasing the demo worldwide could prove a cynical marketing strategy for Crystal Dynamics. It should be mentioned that the Avengers demo for Xbox One & the PC is arriving by August 14th. A second demo will also be internationally released on August 23rd. It’d evident that Crystal Dynamics is trying to garner excitement behind the gameplay, which to date has been minimal.

PlayStations Spider-Man Arriving on PS4/PS5 Version of “Marvel’s Avengers”

The PS4 version of Marvel’s Avengers is supporting an exclusive character, with that being Spider-Man. The exclusivity of Spider-Man comes from Sony’s ownership of this superhero. It’s unknown in-which capacity will the PS4 Version of Spider-Man appear in Marvel’s Avengers. Speculation suggests that he’ll appear in either a single cutscene or gameplay level.

Implementing Spider-Man into the PS4 version of Marvel’s Avengers makes it almost an exclusive title for the console. Gamers will likely purchase this version to receive a core Avengers experience, with Spider-Man playing an integral role in the superhero group. Crystal Dynamics plans to release more details regarding the exclusivity of Spider-Man on August 25th.

Riot Games Announced Dates for League of Legends World Championship


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced countless sporting tournaments into cancellation, even extending towards eSports. Guests-in-Attendance weren’t permitted to ensure the safety of employed personnel. There’s been considerable speculation regarding when eSports Tournaments would allow guests to return, with the 1st being announced on August 1st. Riot Games confirmed that they’re hosting the “League of Legends 2020 World Championship”.

It’ll be held in Shanghai between September 25th to October 31st at the Pudong Soccer Stadium. One site has been selected instead of the standard seven, allowing Riot Games to control the safety of their environment better. It’s unknown if international visitors will receive permission to attend this Chinese venue, with most nations not allowing for their civilian’s admission to purchase international flight tickets.

Riot Games clarified that the initial stages of this tournament wouldn’t permit audiences in-attendance. Local guidelines in Shanghai aren’t allowing for civilian personnel to attend largescale venues until October 1st. Riot Games emphasized that under these local guidelines, they’ll not allow for public attendance until the Finals. Tickets will be sold under the pretence that guests obey all social distancing measures.

An official statement from Riot Games evoked that their following Shanghai’s Centre of Disease Control, while also maintaining delegations with the Chinese Communist Party. This is to guarantee the safety of those attending the finals & employed personnel. Considering that China is the initial outbreak location of COVID-19, multiple high-profile names in the video game industry have expressed their discontent with Riot Games decision to launch the 1st eSports Tournament of 2020.

Follow the Leader

Inside sources with Riot Games mentioned that their mentality follows similarly to Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, and the National Basketball Association. All three sporting entities have restarted their 2020 Seasons, quarantining anyone that’s contracted with COVID-19. Riot Games believes that the “Bubble Strategy” is enough to guarantee the safety of active personnel, gamers that compete in this tournament, and the inevitable guests.

Riot Games is most likely incorrect about their assessment. It should be clarified that the “Chinese League of Legends Pro League” is still suspended from maintaining in-person venues, causing numerous gamers to question their safety is competing in the 2020 Championships.

Fable Reboot Announced for Xbox Series X


The Microsoft Company have announced a highly anticipated reboot from one of their most beloved franchises in history. The Fable franchise is returning for a 4th instalment on Xbox’s next-generation console, with an additional benefit of PC Support from the launch date. Crafting the Fable reboot is Playground Games, a developer that’s never entered the MMO Genre before. They’re primarily known for the Forza Horizon franchise.

Details regarding the visual aesthetic, gameplay, storyline, characters, and countless other attributes were kept secret during the reveal. Fable’s trailer is cinematic & doesn’t centre around core aspects characteristics with the franchise. Instead, a fairy is seen passing-by a frog. This gives zero insight into what Playground Games iteration of the Fable franchise will look. It provides clarification that the development period for this game isn’t remotely close to being finished. Rumours suggest that 2022 will be the closest launch date for Fables reboot, most likely extending towards 2023 with anticipated delays following the coronavirus.

Video game analysts have expressed their surprise & disappointment with the selection of Playground Games to develop Fable’s reboot. They’ve never designed a core franchise for the Xbox Company, with Forza Horizon always having been a “Spin-Off Series”. Another concerning factor for analysts and supporters is that Playground Games is also developing “Forza Motorsport” for the Xbox Series X.

Two games in development at the same studio often spell disaster for one of those titles. Considering that Playground Games have experience in the racing genre, it’s understandable to have concern for the Fable reboot. Online threads from supporters of this franchise have expressed similar sentiments to analysts, which means Playground Games has much to prove.

Upcoming Games for Xbox Series X

The Microsoft Company held its yearly announcement venue, confirming all upcoming games for the Xbox One & Xbox Series X. The two biggest titles announced included “Halo: Infinite” and “Forza Motorsport”. Fable’s reboot was the final announcement from Microsoft, supporting minimal hype because of little details seen throughout the trailer. It’s suspected that Halo: Infinite will release before Fable’s 4th instalment, which Playground Games claims will revolutionize the series to new heights.

The Benefits of Gaming Chairs


Most consumers disregard the concept of purchasing a “Gaming Chair”, with the product centred around a particular demographic that’s suited to younger audiences. What most aren’t aware of is that gaming chairs maintain enhanced lumbar, ergonomics, and neck support. Regular chairs used in office space often lack key components requiring comfortability. The act of gaming demands comfort with prolonged sessions, often taking hours. That means thicker cushioning, and more customization options in how the chair is formatted. Usually, there are minimal cost differences.

The demand for comfort is evident with most gaming chairs supplying consumers with “The Mayo Clinic Recommendations List”, which guides owners to the best methods of adjustment. That’s made possible by formatting the height to Feet-Floor Level, meaning your feet are touching the ground without any restrictions. Recommendations also regard the positioning of armrests & how to guarantee the best comfort for headrests. That MCR List is given alongside the instruction manual, something not typically seen with office desk chairs.

The versatility given when purchasing a gaming chair is unlike its office competitor. There isn’t the requirement of positioning your body for better support, with gaming chairs enabling a similar feature to recliners. That means consumers can kick back & relax without concern of having to enter a state of discomfort. Under this condition, gaming chairs provide multiple users & can extend beyond the norm of office spaces. It’s known that an average lifespan associated with gaming chairs will average five to ten years under proper maintenance. That’s double the length of office chairs.

Several gaming chairs have been selected down below, with these options available for three variations of usage. Consumers can use these products in their office for work purposes, in their gaming spaces for entertainment, and living room for lounging around. All several chairs are built for reducing body strain & maintaining optimal comfort while also enhancing lumbar support through premium materials. See the list down below.

  • Respawn RSP-800 OFM Gaming Rocking Chair ($193.00).
  • OFM Essentials Gaming Chair ($160.00).
  • G-Tracing Gaming Chair (190.00).
  • X-Rocker Drift Floor Chair (122.00).
  • Homall S-Racer Gaming Chair (150.00).
  • Homall Gaming Recliner (140.00).
  • Marvel Gaming Chairs (170.00).
  • Musso Camouflage Chair (160.00).
  • Vitesse Gaming Chair (150.00)