2020 Tournament for Evo Online Cancelled

Sexual allegations against the Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Evo Online has prompted their 2020 Tournament to be cancelled. It was also announced that these severe allegations prompted their President to be removed from operation by the Board of Directors. Evidence indicated the truth behind these allegations, forcing Evo Online Directors to make an immediate decision on how to move forward.

The cancellation of the 2020 Evo Online Tournament disappointed thousands of supporters, who had anticipated the festivities to begin on July 4th. Announcing the removal of this tournament one day before it’s slated to start is unheard of, primarily when attributing the Digital-Format of Evo Online. Tony Cannon issued statements regarding the termination of Joey Cuellar, where the new Chief Executive Officer clarified that his fellow Co-Founder wouldn’t hold any capacity with this company moving forward.

Allegations made against Joey Cuellar surprised supporters of Evo Online, who weren’t anticipating the Accuser to be male. Mikey Pham remarked that Joey Cuellar maintained inappropriate actions against teenage boys during the late 1990s & early 2000s. Evidence was provided by Pham & was hard to negate by Joey’s lawyers. This prompted multiple gaming brands to terminate their involvement with Evo Online, including Capcom & Bandai Namco. This extended to NetherRealm Studios as well.

Supporters of Evo Online that purchases tickets for this tournament are being refunded immediately & being awarded in-game loot boxes for the inconvenience. Tony Cannon also clarified that they’d be making donations towards Project Hope, assisting other young men & woman that have suffered from sexual abuse.

Horrible Apology

Joey Cuellar made a horrendous apology through social media, not even indicating Mickey Pham in his sentiments. It was merely remarking that his actions weren’t ever meant to hurt anybody, that he was young & reckless. Joey indicated that for two decades, he’d matured himself into a better man. However, that doesn’t excuse his behaviour & becoming a Middle-Aged Adult doesn’t mean that sexual allegations from a younger self are immediately disputed. It’s unknown if Joey Cuellar will be sued or arrested for his pedophilic actions. Either way, these announcements will setback Evo Online substantially throughout the remainder of 2020.