2K20 to Include WNBA Teams for the First Time

The set release date for the 2K simulation game NBA 2K20 is 6 September 2019. Just about a month before release, 2K now announced that for the first time the 12 Women’s National Basketball Association teams, will be included as well. This NBA video game has been considered as one of the top-selling and top-rated presentations of the sport for nearly two decades.

Bringing the Women On Board

Many of the women playing for the WNBA teams, found their childhood inspiration playing this NBA game, brought to them by 2K. According to Los Angeles Sparks forward, Candace Parker, she and many of her fellow teammates grew up loving the game. Now, these players will become part of the game. Most of the female basketball superstars were scanned earlier during the year.

Some of the stars who were examined during this period include names like Breanna Stewart from Seattle Storm, Las Vegas Aces player A’ja Wilson and then also Candace Parker. 2K created some of the best realistic simulations by using cutting edge technology to capture motion. Parker also complimented 2K on doing a brilliant job of presenting women’s play with the simulation, and it is clear that they didn’t just switch the male characters for female characters. It seems that 2K managed to create a very realistic version of WNBA players and their gameplay.

The Fans Requested the Presence of the Women and 2K Responded

Jeff Thomas, the SVP of Development for Visual Concepts at 2K, said that the fans were requesting for a while already to be able to play as their favourite WNBA superstars. They had no choice but to deliver on the request. It was also a decision which made sense since EA already started to include the women’s teams in their FIFA releases, a couple of years ago. The process required a lot of work with the WNBA to be able to deliver on immaculate accuracy to bring players a realistic version of these stars. Now they are looking forward towards releasing their final product into the marketplace.

The WNBA’s Excitement

This is an excellent opportunity to bring these WNBA players of an elite standard some added exposure out there, were the thoughts shared by Cathy Engelbert, WNBA Commissioner. She considers the game not only as a great way to expand the superstar’s fan base, but also to be a great form of inspiration to young female athletes. Currently, WNBA is not receiving the same kind of exposure and support as the NBA, and the game is an excellent way of attracting more interest for future players. The game not only provides them with attractive role models but also allows them to be able to immerse themselves within the world of WNBA.

The horizons of women’s sports are continually widening, and it only fits that the same kind of exposure is presented in games as well.