Apex Legends Delayed on the Nintendo Switch

Respawn Entertainment made an unfortunate & unexpected announcement today that’s disappointed gamers with a Nintendo Switch console. Respawn Entertainment confirmed that Apex Legends isn’t arriving until 2021 for the Nintendo Switch & Nintendo Switch Lite, with rough timeframes on when the next-year release not being provided.

Players were disappointed because Apex Legends was slated for it’s Nintendo Switch release on November 4th, 2020. Delaying the Battle Royale Shooter by months indicates that Respawn Entertainment was aware they’d be unable to meet the November 4th release date. Gamers have criticized Respawn Entertainment for not informing them sooner. However, there’ll still be a different version of Apex Legends releasing on November 4th. Gamers will soon be permitted to download this free-to-play game on Stream, with its release coinciding with Apex Legends launch of Season Seven.

There’s ample reason to select Apex Legends – Steam Edition. Gamers are rewarded with exclusive items unavailable on the PS4 and Xbox One iterations of the game. DLC Cosmetic Items that cost console gamers money will become free on the PC. This includes Gun Charms for Portal, Octane, and Watson.

Seven Season Details

Gamers have been left wondering for a prolonged period what’s coming with Apex Legends Season Seven. Those details are beginning to become revealed to the community, with Respawn Entertaining adding a UFO into King’s Canyon. More questions have been created than answered with the addition of an Unidentified Flying Object. However, gamers can ascertain that Seven Season will introduce alien-themed elements into Apex Legends. It’d follow after two years of teasing an alien species to gamers.

Coinciding with the release of Season Seven for Apex Legends will be a new “Champion” named Horizon. It’ll likely be an alien creature that is suited to battle against other champions in Apex Legends. Storyline details for this character cannot be located. It should be noted that Respawn Entertainment has teased that Seven Season would drastically change the playing field for Apex Legends.

There’s an opportunity that developers with Respawn have listed to community complaints regarding no additional maps for two years. Seven Season could see a secondary map to King’s Canyon get introduced.