Apex Legends Reveals New Map for Season Seven

It’s been two years since Respawn Studios launched Apex Legends, which would become a game that rivals Fortnite for popularity. Apex Legends has historically competed against Fortnite for highest player percentage, with both obtaining bragging rights since 2018. Typically, Fortnite dominates over Apex Legends but analysts predict an upcoming shift in popularity. This follows after Respawn Studios announced their releasing a 2nd map name “Olympus” during the 7th season. It marks the first new map for Apex Legends since releasing in 2018, sparking popularity amongst battle royale gamers.

Minor gameplay footage & images have been showcased for Olympus, prompting speculation regarding what the map will entail. Details regarding its creation process has been revealed by Respawn, with the Director of Apex Legends clarifying that Olympus originally appeared in Titanfall Three when that title was still in development. Titanfall Three was cancelled after popularity for Apex Legends more than quadrupled over TF2. Both games centre around the same universe, with Respawn Studios confirming on November 1st that Apex Legends isn’t exclusively a battle royale game.

Development of the Olympus Map gave designers an opportunity to add lore into Apex Legends. That mythology centres around the Titanfall Program & AL Program, how both worked together in previous generations to eliminate an alien species. Space-themed mythology has already been teased in King’s Canyon, the original map for Apex Legends. An alien spacecraft hovers over the map & has suggested that Respawn Studios is entering the beginning stages for creating a sequel to Apex Legends.

Goodbye Titanfall

Details regarding the Olympus Map note that it’s redesign from the Titanfall Three iteration is immense. The original layout, colour schemes, gameplay mechanics, and graphical components have been altered. Titanfall’s iteration of Olympus was a land-based map, with Apex Legends version floating thousands of feet above ground level. It means that players not locating their surroundings will rick plummeting to their death, with no revival option supported. Gamers hoping that through the Olympus Map will come a sequel for Titanfall Two will be let down, as Respawn Studios reconfirmed that they’ve given up on the series.