Apple & Google Sued by Ubisoft

Chinese Developers are familiar with the concept of stealing innovative ideas from North American or European studios. Video games like Call of Duty, Halo, Destiny, and Battlefield have commonly been imitated to identical levels. This was proven once again with another multiplayer shooter named Rainbow Six Siege. The Ubisoft Corporation announced that they’d implemented a lawsuit against Apple & Google, which follows after both their respective stores released a game that copies Rainbow Six Siege in nearly every manner. It’s an identical rip-off that won’t find itself in legal troubles. That’s because China doesn’t have to obey international property rights as a communist regime.

The lawsuit filed by Ubisoft against Apple & Google regards a Chinese-designed video game named “Area F2”. It’s designed by Alibaba, a mega-corporation from the Chinese Republic. All elements from Rainbow Sig Siege was ported over into Area F2. This includes Gameplay Components, Map Designs, the User Interface, Operator Selection, and Gun Classes. The primary difference between Area F2 and Rainbow Six Siege is their available platforms. This illegal entity operator through the Apple Store and Google Play, with Ubisoft’s shooter available on conventional consoles. This includes the Personal Computers, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Lawyers contracted with Ubisoft informed reporters that both Apple & Google were informed of the illegal copyright infringements implemented by Alibaba. After waiting several days for a virtual response, the Ubisoft Corporation determined a lawsuit was necessary. It was filed through the Los Angeles Court System, with neither Apple nor Google commenting on these allegations. That typically means their most likely correct.

The Money Maker

Ubisoft earns a significant portion of their quarterly revenue through Rainbow Six Siege. This product has obtained more than $1 Billion in profits since launching in 2015. Their continued fanbase after five years shows formidable commitment towards updating this game. Ubisoft has continuously released new maps & content without any additional costs. The microtransactions available comprise of Arsenal Kits and Custom Operators. Profits for Ubisoft will slowly dwindle unless a sequel is released shortly. New consoles will inevitably be issued, and a 2nd Rainbow Siege will be required. It should be noted that Rainbow Six Quarantine is expected to release in Late 2020 but won’t follow the same format that Siege players are accustomed to.