Nuketown 84’ Announced for Black Ops Cold War

Gamers that support Activision’s Call of Duty franchise have rejoiced after learning Treyarch’s Nuketown will return in “Black Ops Cold War”. It was revealed via an announcement trailer that Nuketown 84’ is arriving by November 24th for gamers worldwide. It will reintroduce players to the iconic map with a retro twist resemblant of the 1980s. Trailers showcase multiple design elements that Treyarch has selected for Nuketown 84, which include new laneways for RC-XD Cars & Auto Killstreaks. This will be a welcome addition that benefits hardcore gamers needing fast-paced action with every match.

Mannequins seen throughout Nuketown 84’ are considerably different than the 1940s edition, with aesthetics resembling scenes from Netflix’s Stranger Things & graffiti appearing across the entire map. This creates a vintage feeling similar to the iconic Netflix Thriller, making some wonder if Treyarch is giving an intentional shoutout to the fan-favourite show. Other then those minor design changes, the maps vantage points & laneways haven’t changed extensively. There are still the two backyards that create dangerous situations & a hectic middle-ground for the bus’s territory.

Treyarch has understood the change in pop culture since Covid-19 inflicted a worldwide pandemic. Shows like Netflix’s Stanger Things & Amazon’s Lost Boys have created a pop culture aesthetic around the 80s, which are recreated perfectly in Nuketown 84’. The overall feel of this map is an abandoned training facility that was overtaken by young teenagers & turned into a paintball facility.

The Weapons Pack Letdown

Gamers aren’t that excited about the free weapons pack being offered with Nuketown 84’. It’s unexciting when every other gamer has equal access to those valuables. Consumers that select to receive the weapons pack will receive an emblem, calling card, sticker, weapon charms, and a shotgun blueprint. Those wanting to experience Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War are recommended to wait until season one drops in a few weeks. That’s when gameplay will take the next step forward.


The Nioh Collection Announced for PS5

Gamers purchasing the PlayStation5 have another title available for selection in the new year. Confirmations were made by the Sony Computer Company that “The Nioh Collection” is releasing for the PS5 in February 2021. This collection is being released the same month marking Nioh’s fourth anniversary. Most haven’t revelled with the announcement that a Nioh Collection is releasing for the PS5. Gamers have halted their decision on buying the PlayStation5 after learning expandable memory isn’t permitted.

That headline has dominated over the announcement of Nioh One & Two being released for the next generation. Most aren’t aware that playing the infamous ninja in 4K 120FPS is available starting February 2021. Clarification wasn’t given on what the required file size is for console-based storage, with inside sources indicating 75 to 80 Gigabytes.

The Creative Director of Team Ninja (Studio developers of Nioh) announced that the updated collection will celebrate the anniversary of their first game launching and will provide a multitude of graphical enhancements. Additional content is expected to release with the remastered iteration of Nioh, which would give dedicated fans ample reason to repurchase a PS5-compatible version. Tom Lee, the Creative Director of Team Ninja, mentioned his thanks towards all supporters that have played the Nioh franchise.

February 5th, 2021 will witness the Nioh Collection release to the PlayStation5. It’ll include the complete edition of both games in one package. Associated costs to purchasing this video game haven’t been revealed, with it likely costing $90.00 or higher. Those wanting to buy the PlayStation5 can locate the few models available in America on November 12th, with the United Kingdom following a week later on November 19th.

The Problem with PS5

Complaints have begun soaring to Sony’s Twitter feed, with gamers noting that their PlayStation5’s are corrupted via memory. It shows that Sony is aware of storage issues with the Nioh Collection, as expandable storage would have likely been permitted otherwise.


Buying Guides for the Xbox Series & PS5 Consoles

November 12th marks the official launch date for Sony’s PlayStation5. Millions worldwide are excited about what the next generation of consoles has to offer, which includes ray tracing and higher frame rates. Consumers wanting to obtain their PS5 have found challenges in acquiring their model via pre-order, which follows after manufacturing volumes decreased amidst Covid-19 becoming an international pandemic.

Sony Computer Company promised that production volumes would sustain normal expectations by January 2021. However, that doesn’t mean hundreds of thousands to millions worldwide will travel to local retailers for a PS5. That’s because children & young teenagers will be asking their parents for the PS5. Parents are likely better suited to purchase the PlayStation5 via an online retailer or direct from Sony. It was confirmed by Sony on November 6th that “Walk-In Purchases” aren’t being supported on the launch date. The Covid-19 pandemic has been cited as reasoning for this, with Sony not wanting to hold responsibility for potential outbreaks. It should be clarified that retailers are permitting “In-Store Pick-Up” for the PS5 or Xbox Series S/X.

  • The Walmart Company will begin selling the PlayStation5 on November 12th at midnight.
  • Target & Costco are supporting a midnight launch window for the PS5 on November 12th.

Xbox Series Lineup

November 10th is when the Microsoft Company is releasing its “Xbox Series S & Series X” consoles for consumers. Pre-orders have been sold out for weeks, with retailers permitting a limited quantity of available consoles for digital sale on November 10th. Limited quantities follow after Microsoft faced similar issues to Sony, with the Covid-19 pandemic prompting production volumes to drop drastically. Consumers can still anticipate standard retailers like Target, Walmart, Costco, Sam’s Club, and GameStop to have a small selection available. It’s recommended that consumers wanting to acquire one of the limited Xbox Series S or X consoles have multiple retailers open simultaneously. It’ll take minutes for consoles to sell-out.

  • The Walmart Company will start selling the Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S on November 10th at noon Eastern Time-Zone.
  • Best Buy & Target are encouraging shoppers to make orders via their digital store, with pick-up options available. This recommendation is to avoid coronavirus infection.

Apex Legends Reveals New Map for Season Seven

It’s been two years since Respawn Studios launched Apex Legends, which would become a game that rivals Fortnite for popularity. Apex Legends has historically competed against Fortnite for highest player percentage, with both obtaining bragging rights since 2018. Typically, Fortnite dominates over Apex Legends but analysts predict an upcoming shift in popularity. This follows after Respawn Studios announced their releasing a 2nd map name “Olympus” during the 7th season. It marks the first new map for Apex Legends since releasing in 2018, sparking popularity amongst battle royale gamers.

Minor gameplay footage & images have been showcased for Olympus, prompting speculation regarding what the map will entail. Details regarding its creation process has been revealed by Respawn, with the Director of Apex Legends clarifying that Olympus originally appeared in Titanfall Three when that title was still in development. Titanfall Three was cancelled after popularity for Apex Legends more than quadrupled over TF2. Both games centre around the same universe, with Respawn Studios confirming on November 1st that Apex Legends isn’t exclusively a battle royale game.

Development of the Olympus Map gave designers an opportunity to add lore into Apex Legends. That mythology centres around the Titanfall Program & AL Program, how both worked together in previous generations to eliminate an alien species. Space-themed mythology has already been teased in King’s Canyon, the original map for Apex Legends. An alien spacecraft hovers over the map & has suggested that Respawn Studios is entering the beginning stages for creating a sequel to Apex Legends.

Goodbye Titanfall

Details regarding the Olympus Map note that it’s redesign from the Titanfall Three iteration is immense. The original layout, colour schemes, gameplay mechanics, and graphical components have been altered. Titanfall’s iteration of Olympus was a land-based map, with Apex Legends version floating thousands of feet above ground level. It means that players not locating their surroundings will rick plummeting to their death, with no revival option supported. Gamers hoping that through the Olympus Map will come a sequel for Titanfall Two will be let down, as Respawn Studios reconfirmed that they’ve given up on the series.


Apex Legends Delayed on the Nintendo Switch

Respawn Entertainment made an unfortunate & unexpected announcement today that’s disappointed gamers with a Nintendo Switch console. Respawn Entertainment confirmed that Apex Legends isn’t arriving until 2021 for the Nintendo Switch & Nintendo Switch Lite, with rough timeframes on when the next-year release not being provided.

Players were disappointed because Apex Legends was slated for it’s Nintendo Switch release on November 4th, 2020. Delaying the Battle Royale Shooter by months indicates that Respawn Entertainment was aware they’d be unable to meet the November 4th release date. Gamers have criticized Respawn Entertainment for not informing them sooner. However, there’ll still be a different version of Apex Legends releasing on November 4th. Gamers will soon be permitted to download this free-to-play game on Stream, with its release coinciding with Apex Legends launch of Season Seven.

There’s ample reason to select Apex Legends – Steam Edition. Gamers are rewarded with exclusive items unavailable on the PS4 and Xbox One iterations of the game. DLC Cosmetic Items that cost console gamers money will become free on the PC. This includes Gun Charms for Portal, Octane, and Watson.

Seven Season Details

Gamers have been left wondering for a prolonged period what’s coming with Apex Legends Season Seven. Those details are beginning to become revealed to the community, with Respawn Entertaining adding a UFO into King’s Canyon. More questions have been created than answered with the addition of an Unidentified Flying Object. However, gamers can ascertain that Seven Season will introduce alien-themed elements into Apex Legends. It’d follow after two years of teasing an alien species to gamers.

Coinciding with the release of Season Seven for Apex Legends will be a new “Champion” named Horizon. It’ll likely be an alien creature that is suited to battle against other champions in Apex Legends. Storyline details for this character cannot be located. It should be noted that Respawn Entertainment has teased that Seven Season would drastically change the playing field for Apex Legends.

There’s an opportunity that developers with Respawn have listed to community complaints regarding no additional maps for two years. Seven Season could see a secondary map to King’s Canyon get introduced.


Elder Scrolls Six Exclusive to the Xbox Series X

The 6th main entry into the Elder Scrolls franchise will likely release exclusively to the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series X, and PC Microsoft Store. This information isn’t confirmed but from statements made by the Vice President of Xbox, indications lead that all titles from ZeniMax will become exclusive for the gaming console.

An interview was held with Phil Spencer & Kotaku, with the Xbox Vice President being asked how they’ll recoup financial losses associated with the $7.5 Billion acquisition of ZeniMax. They’re the parent company of Bethesda Studios & retailers of the ID Software. Bethesda develops the Elder Scrolls, Doom, and Fallout franchises. For almost three decades, games created by Bethesda have released for a multitude of consoles under the Zenimax publication.

Xbox Vice President Phil Spencer stated that financially recouping $7.5 Billion, and then begin turning a profit is possible. Kotaku then questioned Spencer on the possibility of recouping acquisition funds by eliminating Bethesda brands from being published on PlayStation. Spencer mentioned that it’s possible, but that Xbox doesn’t want to take away games from substantial player bases.

Phil Spencer somewhat guaranteed exclusivity for Bethesda brands on the Xbox platform. He’d indicate that with xCloud Game Pass, reaching billions worldwide with their gaming requirements isn’t challenging. Phil Spencer mentioned that anyone supporting an Android Smartphone, Personal Computer, or Laptop. The Vice President meant that consumers wanting to experience Bethesda games aren’t required to purchase consoles & physical versions of those titles. Technological improvements eliminate limitations associated with consoling gaming, making it widely accessible to global communities.

Vice President Phil Spencer didn’t make any official announcements that Elder Scrolls Six & Fallout Five will release exclusively for the Xbox platform. However, reading between the lines indicates that Xbox executives are seriously considering the possibility. It’d force dedicated gamers that primarily engage with the PlayStation to use some iteration of the Xbox platform. It should be noted that multiple other exclusives are arriving at the next-generation version of Xbox & xCloud. Those games include:

  • Fable
  • Halo Infinite
  • Forza Motorsport
  • State of Decay Three
  • Avowed
  • Everwild
  • Stalker Two
  • As Dusk Falls
  • The Medium

PS5 Backwards Compatibility Supports 4,000+ Titles

The Sony Computer Company has announced an extensive lineup of backup-compatible games from the PlayStation4 to the PlayStation5. There are more than 4,000+ available titles to select from your old library & port over to the PS5. Backwards-compatibility is exclusive to the PS5 Digital Version and requires gamers to have purchased their older copy via the PS Store.

Game functionality & social media support are being lost with backwards-compatible games. It means that features developed to correlate PS4 peripherals won’t be available on the PS5. This includes the Share PS Service and Touch Bar Support. For most titles developed on the PlayStation4, the lack of these functionalities won’t disable core gameplay.

After announcing that gameplay functionalities & social media support is being disabled with PS5 backwards-compatible titles, the Sony Computer Company revealed eleven games that won’t support a next-generation upgrade. These are the exclusive eleven games on the PS4 library that won’t become backwards compatible for PlayStation5. Below are those 11 titles.

  • Hitman Go: Definite Edition
  • TT Isle of Man RE2
  • Shadow Complex Remastered.
  • Just Deal With It!
  • Afro Samurai Two.
  • We Sing Collection.
  • Shadwen.
  • DWVR.
  • Joe’s Diner.
  • Robinson: The Journey.

Most of these titles aren’t familiar for gamers, with Hitman & TT Isle of Man being the exclusive properties with any notable prominence. Every memorable game developed for the PS4 will become playable & downloadable via the PlayStation Store. Players will notice a “Playable on PS4” logo across all titles with backwards-compatibility. Furthermore, gamers that haven’t initially purchased the backwards compatible title can buy-it via the PS5 Store. However, that copy will become exclusive for the PS5.

Prompts are being issued by Sony, indicating that “Errors” could become exhibited with some backwards compatible games. For those minor problems, there are multiple benefits. PS5 is supporting “Game Boost”, which permits higher framerates & visual upgrades to most backwards compatible titles. The Game Booth technology is essentially remastering older games without the need for an extensive studio.

The best titles to port from the PS4 to the PS5 via backwards-compatibility is listed down below.

  • God of War 2019.
  • Ghosts of Tsushima.
  • Uncharted 4: A Thieves End.
  • Spider-Man.

CD Project Red Lies to Workforce

Employed personnel working with CD Project Red have received an unwarranted request. The development studio has asked their designers & overall workforce to comply with a six-day workweek, with the reason being Cyberpunk 2077s deadline of November 19th. The avoidance of in-game glitches & crashes must be avoided to ensure profits, prompting an immediate request for 30+ days of overtime. This request comes after CD Project Red promised their workforce regularly that a six-day workweek wouldn’t be implemented under Cyberpunks final development phase. That was an obvious ploy to keep working morale high.

Marcin Iwinski, the Co-Founder of CD Project Red, had stated on two different occasions that employed personnel wouldn’t work overtime when the final phase of development began. Marcin evoked in 2019 that humane & respectable environments for their workforce are most important. However, the Co-Founder has seemingly changed his mindset & now holds loyalty to the numerous investors demanding millions in profit from CD Project Red.

The request made by CD Project Red explicitly states that employed personal are permitted to deny overtime & won’t receive an associated punishment for their denial. CD Project Red refusing to abide by this promise could result in a class-action lawsuit, which would see millions awarded to swindled developers. The request itself is named the “Non-Obligatory Crunch Policy – Cyberpunk 2077”.

The Lies Begin

It should be clarified that January 2020 saw Marcin Iwinski begin changing his mentality. Months after making promises to his working, sentiments were altered to state crunch times will be limited in the final stage of development. This means that workforces at CD Project Red has ample time to evaluate their home lives, and account for the non-obligatory overtime. It’s known that most who have sustained development of Cyberpunk 2077 has committed to the overtime. Ultimately, this is a project that they’ve spent years on & hold sentimental value. Completion for November 19th is essential for all employed personnel at CD Project Red.

Those wanting to experience Cyberpunk 2077 have to wait until November 19th when it’s released for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. It’ll cost $90.00 to $120.00 for this game, with its price tag dependant on which edition is selected.


Game Awards 2020 Returns on December 10th

December 10th marks the date when the “2020 Game Awards Show” will return for international viewers. Gamers have revelled in the announcement that this iconic awards show would return, with organizers initially cancelling this event for 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The festivities are taking a unique approach towards showcasing this year’s best-rated game and giving the developers their subsequent awards. It’s known that in-person hosts will be located in London, Tokyo, and Los Angeles. These individuals are likely leaders at development houses that created some of the 2020s most influential games.

It’s expected that Sucker Punch or Naughty Dog will receive a game of the year. Sucker Punch released “Ghosts of Tsushima” for PS4 owners, which saw rave reviews from critics & gamers alike. Naughty Dog released “The Last of Us Two”, which was hated amongst fans of the series & praised by paid-off critics. 2020s Game Awards Show will likely select “Ghosts of Tsushima”, with fanfare more directed towards that title.

Organizers are introducing a new award for 2020, named “Innovation in Accessibility”. This award is dedicated to developers that create technologies, features, and content that assist with games being played on cross-platforms with wider audiences. Developers seen pushing that medium forward will be in the running, with five selected for contention & one winner. Details on which developers have been chosen for 2020 wasn’t revealed. However, it’s fair to assume that Microsoft Studios will be contending for victory after “Microsoft’s Flight Simulator 2020” was released.

New Information by November

Details regarding the 2020 Game Awards will be released closed to December 10th. That’s when contenders will be announced & gamers can vote for which developer is more deserving. TGA 2020 will also provide players with demos on upcoming games, unexpected announcements for next-generation titles, and support streaming options across forty-five platforms.

TGA Spokesperson evoked that throughout 2020, video games have connected & comforted players worldwide when being forced to remain indoors. Under that sentiment, The Game Awards Show knows that 2020’s TGA is more critical than any other. Organizers promised that they’re working diligently to create thoughtful & innovative streaming programs that’ll celebrate video games worldwide.


Quantum Error Announces for XSX

Between September 21st to 22nd, unexpected announcements were made to the gaming community. It’d be revealed that Microsoft had purchased ZeniMax Media for $7.9 Billion, the largest industry-wide acquisition to date. Learning that Xbox would become the exclusive home for Doom, Elder Scrolls, Quake, and Fallout was notably disappointing for millions of gamers worldwide. This announcement also caused another to become unnoticed. TeamKill, the developers behind Quantum Error, have announced that their title won’t be exclusive to PlayStation any longer. It’ll also respectively be released for the Xbox Series X, and PC via Steam.

Designed as the first next-generation horror video game, TeamKill had previously indicated that Quantum Error would be exclusive for the PlayStation5. Rumours began spreading that the PS5 exclusivity was being falsely reported, with TeamKill’s game likely coming for all next-generation consoles. Though beneficial for Xbox gamers, it’s not for PlayStation fans. It means another title lost that can’t be represented under exclusive PS branding.

Quantum Error released an updated trailer today, emphasizing that the Xbox Series X and Series S, are obtaining access to the science-fiction horror game. Quantum Error won’t be arriving for the Xbox One, or PlayStation4. It’s available under next-generation hardware exclusively. That’s because it engaged unique lighting with ray-tracing technologies. It means unbelievable realism of horror, creating jump scares that’ve never before been seen.

Supporters of the Science-Fiction genre have known of Quantum Error for a short period. It first premiered at the “2020’s Future Games Show from GamesRadar”. Most recently before September 21st, potential players were given notable insight into Quantum Error gameplay by August 2020. There’s an evident level of anxiousness when watching the footage, with viewers wanting to run away immediately.

The Storyline

Gamers are put into the role of Jacob Thomas, an American Firefighter. He’s tasked with entering the burning “Monad Quantum Research Facility” and trying to save employed personnel. An unknown entity attacks Jacob, with this presence having horrific side effects onto the firefighter. It’s inevitably learned how to stop the malevolent force and escape the research facility. However, along the way will be difficult & horrific challenges to overcome.