The Best Mobile Games for Android in 2018

Although Apple’s iOS might have a bigger selection of games, Android has managed to grow quite significantly over the last few years. Therefore, we decided to list some of the best games that are currently available on Android. Some will cost you a few bucks while others will be absolutely free, but all of them is bound to offer you hours of entertainment while on the move.

Given the fact that there are thousands of titles across a wide variety of genres, including action and adventure, racing, first-person shooter, and role-playing games, we also categorised them into a distinct section for added convenience.

Role-playing Games

Pokémon Go

This game utilises the camera on your smartphone to recreate an alternative reality with a Pokémon theme. Players will need to use the camera to locate an assortment of different Pokémon characters and collect them as they go along. The collected Pokémon can then be used to take over gyms, located at several landmarks around the world.

Action and Adventure Games

Dragon Ball Legends

Over the past few years, the Dragon Ball series has experienced a resurgence, and the latest Dragon Ball Legends capitalises on that. It provides a fun and entertaining experience, especially if you’re a fan of Dragon Ball. You will battle through several levels as you collect characters and abilities along the way. You can even play it in portrait mode, making it easier to play on the go.


If you consider yourself a fan of Legend of Zelda, then you’ll instantly fall in love with Oceanhorn. This incredible game comes with terrific visuals and a solid narrative along with a truly immersive soundtrack. It’s also extremely easy to play as well.

Racing Games

Asphalt 9: Legends

The latest release in the renowned Asphalt series provides an astonishing racing experience with improved controls and several new features to enjoy. You’ll also gain access to an arsenal of hypercars, including Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari, and more.

Real Racing 3

If you are interested in burning some rubber on a variety of re-created cars while driving on real tracks from around the world, then this is definitely the game for you. There are countless racing events to join, plenty of customisation options, and even a cross-platform multiplayer mode, making it one of the best racing games on Android.
First-person Games

N.O.V.A Legacy

As a retired soldier, you are called upon to investigate an alien force that has threatened to destroy the human race. This phenomenal sci-fi shooter comes with remarkable graphics and intense gameplay sessions that can even be enjoyed in an eight-person multiplier fashion.

PUBG Mobile

Skydive into the game, collect whatever weapons you can find, and go on a killing spree. There will be 99 other players with the same mission, but there can only be one champion. You’ll find the controls to be a bit awkward at first, but once you get used to them, you’ll have a mind-blowing experience.


Advantage vs Disadvantage of Game Hacks

Games such as Castle Clash are made by gaming-developers to provide players with fun and challenges. The qualities of a great game are that if offer challenges, if the game itself is to easy and not challenging enough, players get bored, lose interest and change to games that offer them a feeling of achievement as they complete or win challenges. Most players live for a stream of challenges to better their levels while the game remains high-quality fun.

While that is the main purpose of any game, not all players want to play for the sense of accomplishment some want to achieve much faster and playing until levels are reached are out of the question. It could be possible that they shy away from challenges and don’t see the necessity of that being part of the fun. Quite a few players search out online hacks a tool that offers both advantages and disadvantages. But hacking tools can have flaws, even though most hacking tools are created with the aim of perfection.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Hacking Tools

Before players even consider using hacking tools they need to explore both the pros and cons of using these to excel quicker in the game. The advantages are quite obvious as it makes the gameplay easier, it allows the player to gain access to all aspects of the game, in most cases, it also unlocks several stages as well as anything normally not accessible without the successful completion of different stages. Players are enabled to exploit all the game codes via hacks, and it allows you to progress much faster than the “genuine” game players and with unlimited resources most if not all items can be purchased in the game. While most players planning to hack their way through a game are impressed to gain access to hacking tools without the need to pay, let us confirm all hacks are free to use.

The disadvantages of hacks are that they are not perfect and could become unusable in future since many of the game updates focus on the game or program’s security and the security of players. It means that all hacking tools will soon be restricted and unusable. Most games have already used updates to eliminate the use of hacks. At the end of the day, hacking is an illegal activity, and many games ban players from ever partaking in the game. If you were not a hacker, you would not like to compete with players who have access to endless resources while you earned yours the legal way. Hacking tools also have updates and could be usable for a little longer, although most big names in gaming are taking drastic steps to ensure the game is fair and can be enjoyed by everyone prepared to play through all levels. Yet the decision remains that of the player, would you like to look good and have all the levels and trophies without knowing how to complete stages successfully?


Castle Clash Fans Will Love Clash of Clans

Players addicted to mobile strategy games such as Castle Clash, Age of Empires, Clash Royale, and Boom Beach will instantly understand and take to the interactive, challenging Clash of Clans mobile game. Supercell developed four of the most popular and successful titles in mobile gaming world’s history, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Hay Day, and Clash Royale. With COC enjoying a substantive lead in popularity Supercell revealed the four games combined had an active player base in excess of 100 million players daily during August 2018, earning the company an estimated $19 million in monthly revenue.

With its 02/08/2012 release on iOS and 07/10/2013 launch on Android via Google Play makes it a relatively ancient game in mobile gaming terms. Despite being the oldest of the three Supercell games, Clash of Clans (CoC) have to date recorded well over 100 million downloads from Google’s Play store and holds 1st place on Apple’s all-time consumer spending list with over $4 billion earned to date, globally it remains one of the most played RTS multiplayer online only style games.

Attack Other Players to Protect Loot and Trophies

CoC players must build a base in an attempt to protect their loot and trophies against attacking players. The loot (Gold, Elixir & Dark Elixir) needed to further the growth and development of their own attack troops they must use to attack and raid enemy villages for additional loot and also to upgrade the defensive structures protecting their own village resources, both of which combined is responsible for the continuing increase in strength of each player base/village.

Aside from building their base, each player has to plan and design the defensive layout of their own base according to a strict set of challenging rules and constraints, implemented to keep bases competitively even and raidable by attacking players at the same development and power level. CoC provides players with massive levels of interactivity via challenges on all fronts of play since gameplay is online multiplayer only it never stops or sleeps and its global active player-base is so vast, virtually only three states of play exist, actively playing, defending against an attack, or shielded after a successful offensive attack.

Constant Activity Keeps Game Exciting

The game never stops, rests, or sleeps immaterial of your current levels of activity, many players stop playing for a week, month, or years only to return and start up as they just left since bases and their buildings automatically regenerate after any attack. Supercell also thoughtfully built in automatic guards to protect against addictive players, with automatically game booting them out after a specified time limit of being actively logged into the game and they will only be allowed to log back in after a certain amount of time has passed.

CoC also offers players not wanting to join a clan the freedom to play the game without any allegiances to a clan (war group allegiance), however, these unattached players cannot access or participate in Clan Wars or Clan Games as these challenge types purely aim to promote group participation.

The challenges do not simply stop at that, players also continually need to take part in events such as Clan Wars, a group (clan) effort to defeat enemy bases in player vs player battles against other clans in return for additional loot as a reward for the winning clan. Clan Games present all members of a clan with a series of points scoring challenges, where all participating clan members at the end of several days combined effort receive magical game boosters as a reward.

CoC gave rise to a vast number of interactive, supportive, advisory websites and remains one of the most fun, challenging games ever created!


Castle Builder Creates Interactive Video Game Slot

One trend in the world of online casino gaming is the creation of video slots that are interactive. The purpose of their design is to create user interest based on achievements, much in the same manner that video games do.

This has seen interest in this style of slot increase as it allows those who prefer to play slots casually that ability to become more immersed in the game without a large investment or risk factor. Most of those created, such Castle Builder provides a narrative storyline that focuses on a king from a far-away island that is looking to find husbands for his daughters. As you progress in the game by achieving tasks, the king builds castles for his daughters, and the further you advance, the grander the castles and awards that can be won.

Bonus Rewards

As with many video games, Castle Builder incorporates bonus features that increase the rewards that can be won. Those features include extra building materials such as bronze, silver and gold blocks. These are used to increase the value of the castles as they are built, and after completion, you are rewarded with a scene that shows the King and his daughters and then provided the opportunity to select one of the suitors. Each has its unique value and selecting correctly will increase the rewards one wins.

The Future of Online Gaming

The future of online casino gambling is rapidly changing. Slots such as Castle Builder are a precursor to what is to come as developers continue to work towards creating virtual reality casinos. While this is still in its infancy with only once virtual reality casino operating presently, more are to follow, and as it gains traction, it is expected to generate a younger audience of players that are more tech-savvy and comfortable with this technology.

The drawback to this is the additional investment in a virtual reality headset to allow for viewing. For some, that may turn them away, but as costs come down for headsets, its future looks bright. As this segment of the industry progresses, younger companies will release new games and technology that will meet the growing demands of a younger generation that are turned off by traditional style online casinos as they favour a more interactive experience that most present-day online casinos are unable to re-create.

Castle Builder is the brain work of Rabcat Gaming. It was produced on behalf of Microgaming, one of the largest online casino game companies in the world. With a portfolio of over 800 games, Microgaming is poised to be instrumental in the virtual reality side of the business however it is unknown whether they are in development to produce virtual reality software compatible for online casinos at this time.


Strategies and Tips for Castle Clash

Are you interested in becoming a hero by battling with arms to ultimately be the conqueror? Then you’ve come to the right place. Simply download the Castle Clash game on your mobile device and enjoy endless excitement while on the move. You can obtain the game on both iOS and Android devices by downloading the app from the iTunes Store or Google Play Store.

With simplistic and easy-to-use functions, you can create your ideal world by selecting military troops to create a team which you can take into battle. Fight with pride and honour against various enemies as you attack their bases. Here you will find an efficient way to earn both diamonds and treasures with our tips and strategies for Castle Clash.
Tips for Castle Clash

If you want to be a successful Castle Clash player, simply follow our valuable tips offering the best tricks which will allow you to form stronger troops and gain more points during your battles with other opponents.

• Your buildings need to be placed close to each other. This will assist you in staying stronger without having to place walls between each building.

• Continue to upgrade your Arena as this will provide Hero battles after level 3 and will assist in buying badges, arms, and troops every hour.

• Ensure that you hire more ranked heroes as this will allow you to earn more rank while doing battles every hour.

• Gain larger troops of armies as this will make you more powerful.

• Concentrate on how you deploy your troops in the beginning. Place your tanks first as they can take more damage and can distract your enemies from your other less powerful troops.

• Secondly, deploy short-range troops to take care of enemies’ health.

• Thirdly, deploy long-range troops to demolish everything in their path once the enemies are taken care of.

• Lastly, concentrate all your remaining troops on the town hall as this is the only way to truly conqueror your opponent.

Strategy for Castle Clash

You will also need to develop a strategy when playing Castle Clash. Without a strong strategy, you won’t be able to conquer your opponents during Bounty and Dungeon Raids. You need to destroy at least 50% of your enemy’s base to earn Hero Shards, Honor, and Mana.

• Always ensure you have enough troops before entering a map or dungeon. Create at least 3 Army Camps and place them in every corner of your base and upgrade them regularly.

• Train a variety of different troops which consist of Pyromancers, Treants, and Hunters. A great mix of troops will ensure you are always prepared for anything.

• Always study the base before deploying troops. Look for weaknesses next to common buildings instead of next to Army Camps.

• Enemies situated out of sight won’t be able to attack your troops. Therefore, its best to deploy military units and archers out of sight during a battle.

• It’s also beneficial to deploy your army at the back of an opponent’s camp to take down several buildings which will provide a surprise attack.