Apex Legends Delayed on the Nintendo Switch

Respawn Entertainment made an unfortunate & unexpected announcement today that’s disappointed gamers with a Nintendo Switch console. Respawn Entertainment confirmed that Apex Legends isn’t arriving until 2021 for the Nintendo Switch & Nintendo Switch Lite, with rough timeframes on when the next-year release not being provided.

Players were disappointed because Apex Legends was slated for it’s Nintendo Switch release on November 4th, 2020. Delaying the Battle Royale Shooter by months indicates that Respawn Entertainment was aware they’d be unable to meet the November 4th release date. Gamers have criticized Respawn Entertainment for not informing them sooner. However, there’ll still be a different version of Apex Legends releasing on November 4th. Gamers will soon be permitted to download this free-to-play game on Stream, with its release coinciding with Apex Legends launch of Season Seven.

There’s ample reason to select Apex Legends – Steam Edition. Gamers are rewarded with exclusive items unavailable on the PS4 and Xbox One iterations of the game. DLC Cosmetic Items that cost console gamers money will become free on the PC. This includes Gun Charms for Portal, Octane, and Watson.

Seven Season Details

Gamers have been left wondering for a prolonged period what’s coming with Apex Legends Season Seven. Those details are beginning to become revealed to the community, with Respawn Entertaining adding a UFO into King’s Canyon. More questions have been created than answered with the addition of an Unidentified Flying Object. However, gamers can ascertain that Seven Season will introduce alien-themed elements into Apex Legends. It’d follow after two years of teasing an alien species to gamers.

Coinciding with the release of Season Seven for Apex Legends will be a new “Champion” named Horizon. It’ll likely be an alien creature that is suited to battle against other champions in Apex Legends. Storyline details for this character cannot be located. It should be noted that Respawn Entertainment has teased that Seven Season would drastically change the playing field for Apex Legends.

There’s an opportunity that developers with Respawn have listed to community complaints regarding no additional maps for two years. Seven Season could see a secondary map to King’s Canyon get introduced.


Elder Scrolls Six Exclusive to the Xbox Series X

The 6th main entry into the Elder Scrolls franchise will likely release exclusively to the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series X, and PC Microsoft Store. This information isn’t confirmed but from statements made by the Vice President of Xbox, indications lead that all titles from ZeniMax will become exclusive for the gaming console.

An interview was held with Phil Spencer & Kotaku, with the Xbox Vice President being asked how they’ll recoup financial losses associated with the $7.5 Billion acquisition of ZeniMax. They’re the parent company of Bethesda Studios & retailers of the ID Software. Bethesda develops the Elder Scrolls, Doom, and Fallout franchises. For almost three decades, games created by Bethesda have released for a multitude of consoles under the Zenimax publication.

Xbox Vice President Phil Spencer stated that financially recouping $7.5 Billion, and then begin turning a profit is possible. Kotaku then questioned Spencer on the possibility of recouping acquisition funds by eliminating Bethesda brands from being published on PlayStation. Spencer mentioned that it’s possible, but that Xbox doesn’t want to take away games from substantial player bases.

Phil Spencer somewhat guaranteed exclusivity for Bethesda brands on the Xbox platform. He’d indicate that with xCloud Game Pass, reaching billions worldwide with their gaming requirements isn’t challenging. Phil Spencer mentioned that anyone supporting an Android Smartphone, Personal Computer, or Laptop. The Vice President meant that consumers wanting to experience Bethesda games aren’t required to purchase consoles & physical versions of those titles. Technological improvements eliminate limitations associated with consoling gaming, making it widely accessible to global communities.

Vice President Phil Spencer didn’t make any official announcements that Elder Scrolls Six & Fallout Five will release exclusively for the Xbox platform. However, reading between the lines indicates that Xbox executives are seriously considering the possibility. It’d force dedicated gamers that primarily engage with the PlayStation to use some iteration of the Xbox platform. It should be noted that multiple other exclusives are arriving at the next-generation version of Xbox & xCloud. Those games include:

  • Fable
  • Halo Infinite
  • Forza Motorsport
  • State of Decay Three
  • Avowed
  • Everwild
  • Stalker Two
  • As Dusk Falls
  • The Medium

PS5 Backwards Compatibility Supports 4,000+ Titles

The Sony Computer Company has announced an extensive lineup of backup-compatible games from the PlayStation4 to the PlayStation5. There are more than 4,000+ available titles to select from your old library & port over to the PS5. Backwards-compatibility is exclusive to the PS5 Digital Version and requires gamers to have purchased their older copy via the PS Store.

Game functionality & social media support are being lost with backwards-compatible games. It means that features developed to correlate PS4 peripherals won’t be available on the PS5. This includes the Share PS Service and Touch Bar Support. For most titles developed on the PlayStation4, the lack of these functionalities won’t disable core gameplay.

After announcing that gameplay functionalities & social media support is being disabled with PS5 backwards-compatible titles, the Sony Computer Company revealed eleven games that won’t support a next-generation upgrade. These are the exclusive eleven games on the PS4 library that won’t become backwards compatible for PlayStation5. Below are those 11 titles.

  • Hitman Go: Definite Edition
  • TT Isle of Man RE2
  • Shadow Complex Remastered.
  • Just Deal With It!
  • Afro Samurai Two.
  • We Sing Collection.
  • Shadwen.
  • DWVR.
  • Joe’s Diner.
  • Robinson: The Journey.

Most of these titles aren’t familiar for gamers, with Hitman & TT Isle of Man being the exclusive properties with any notable prominence. Every memorable game developed for the PS4 will become playable & downloadable via the PlayStation Store. Players will notice a “Playable on PS4” logo across all titles with backwards-compatibility. Furthermore, gamers that haven’t initially purchased the backwards compatible title can buy-it via the PS5 Store. However, that copy will become exclusive for the PS5.

Prompts are being issued by Sony, indicating that “Errors” could become exhibited with some backwards compatible games. For those minor problems, there are multiple benefits. PS5 is supporting “Game Boost”, which permits higher framerates & visual upgrades to most backwards compatible titles. The Game Booth technology is essentially remastering older games without the need for an extensive studio.

The best titles to port from the PS4 to the PS5 via backwards-compatibility is listed down below.

  • God of War 2019.
  • Ghosts of Tsushima.
  • Uncharted 4: A Thieves End.
  • Spider-Man.

CD Project Red Lies to Workforce

Employed personnel working with CD Project Red have received an unwarranted request. The development studio has asked their designers & overall workforce to comply with a six-day workweek, with the reason being Cyberpunk 2077s deadline of November 19th. The avoidance of in-game glitches & crashes must be avoided to ensure profits, prompting an immediate request for 30+ days of overtime. This request comes after CD Project Red promised their workforce regularly that a six-day workweek wouldn’t be implemented under Cyberpunks final development phase. That was an obvious ploy to keep working morale high.

Marcin Iwinski, the Co-Founder of CD Project Red, had stated on two different occasions that employed personnel wouldn’t work overtime when the final phase of development began. Marcin evoked in 2019 that humane & respectable environments for their workforce are most important. However, the Co-Founder has seemingly changed his mindset & now holds loyalty to the numerous investors demanding millions in profit from CD Project Red.

The request made by CD Project Red explicitly states that employed personal are permitted to deny overtime & won’t receive an associated punishment for their denial. CD Project Red refusing to abide by this promise could result in a class-action lawsuit, which would see millions awarded to swindled developers. The request itself is named the “Non-Obligatory Crunch Policy – Cyberpunk 2077”.

The Lies Begin

It should be clarified that January 2020 saw Marcin Iwinski begin changing his mentality. Months after making promises to his working, sentiments were altered to state crunch times will be limited in the final stage of development. This means that workforces at CD Project Red has ample time to evaluate their home lives, and account for the non-obligatory overtime. It’s known that most who have sustained development of Cyberpunk 2077 has committed to the overtime. Ultimately, this is a project that they’ve spent years on & hold sentimental value. Completion for November 19th is essential for all employed personnel at CD Project Red.

Those wanting to experience Cyberpunk 2077 have to wait until November 19th when it’s released for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. It’ll cost $90.00 to $120.00 for this game, with its price tag dependant on which edition is selected.


Game Awards 2020 Returns on December 10th

December 10th marks the date when the “2020 Game Awards Show” will return for international viewers. Gamers have revelled in the announcement that this iconic awards show would return, with organizers initially cancelling this event for 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The festivities are taking a unique approach towards showcasing this year’s best-rated game and giving the developers their subsequent awards. It’s known that in-person hosts will be located in London, Tokyo, and Los Angeles. These individuals are likely leaders at development houses that created some of the 2020s most influential games.

It’s expected that Sucker Punch or Naughty Dog will receive a game of the year. Sucker Punch released “Ghosts of Tsushima” for PS4 owners, which saw rave reviews from critics & gamers alike. Naughty Dog released “The Last of Us Two”, which was hated amongst fans of the series & praised by paid-off critics. 2020s Game Awards Show will likely select “Ghosts of Tsushima”, with fanfare more directed towards that title.

Organizers are introducing a new award for 2020, named “Innovation in Accessibility”. This award is dedicated to developers that create technologies, features, and content that assist with games being played on cross-platforms with wider audiences. Developers seen pushing that medium forward will be in the running, with five selected for contention & one winner. Details on which developers have been chosen for 2020 wasn’t revealed. However, it’s fair to assume that Microsoft Studios will be contending for victory after “Microsoft’s Flight Simulator 2020” was released.

New Information by November

Details regarding the 2020 Game Awards will be released closed to December 10th. That’s when contenders will be announced & gamers can vote for which developer is more deserving. TGA 2020 will also provide players with demos on upcoming games, unexpected announcements for next-generation titles, and support streaming options across forty-five platforms.

TGA Spokesperson evoked that throughout 2020, video games have connected & comforted players worldwide when being forced to remain indoors. Under that sentiment, The Game Awards Show knows that 2020’s TGA is more critical than any other. Organizers promised that they’re working diligently to create thoughtful & innovative streaming programs that’ll celebrate video games worldwide.


Quantum Error Announces for XSX

Between September 21st to 22nd, unexpected announcements were made to the gaming community. It’d be revealed that Microsoft had purchased ZeniMax Media for $7.9 Billion, the largest industry-wide acquisition to date. Learning that Xbox would become the exclusive home for Doom, Elder Scrolls, Quake, and Fallout was notably disappointing for millions of gamers worldwide. This announcement also caused another to become unnoticed. TeamKill, the developers behind Quantum Error, have announced that their title won’t be exclusive to PlayStation any longer. It’ll also respectively be released for the Xbox Series X, and PC via Steam.

Designed as the first next-generation horror video game, TeamKill had previously indicated that Quantum Error would be exclusive for the PlayStation5. Rumours began spreading that the PS5 exclusivity was being falsely reported, with TeamKill’s game likely coming for all next-generation consoles. Though beneficial for Xbox gamers, it’s not for PlayStation fans. It means another title lost that can’t be represented under exclusive PS branding.

Quantum Error released an updated trailer today, emphasizing that the Xbox Series X and Series S, are obtaining access to the science-fiction horror game. Quantum Error won’t be arriving for the Xbox One, or PlayStation4. It’s available under next-generation hardware exclusively. That’s because it engaged unique lighting with ray-tracing technologies. It means unbelievable realism of horror, creating jump scares that’ve never before been seen.

Supporters of the Science-Fiction genre have known of Quantum Error for a short period. It first premiered at the “2020’s Future Games Show from GamesRadar”. Most recently before September 21st, potential players were given notable insight into Quantum Error gameplay by August 2020. There’s an evident level of anxiousness when watching the footage, with viewers wanting to run away immediately.

The Storyline

Gamers are put into the role of Jacob Thomas, an American Firefighter. He’s tasked with entering the burning “Monad Quantum Research Facility” and trying to save employed personnel. An unknown entity attacks Jacob, with this presence having horrific side effects onto the firefighter. It’s inevitably learned how to stop the malevolent force and escape the research facility. However, along the way will be difficult & horrific challenges to overcome.


Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Maps Revealed

Gamers that adore the Call of Duty franchise are receiving another yearly instalment, with the selected developers for 2020 being Treyarch & Raven Studios. Late August would mark the timeframe when Treyarch would announce “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War”. COD fanatics have highly praised Treyarch’s storyline gameplay trailer, and now the Multiplayer Reveal from Raven Studios. Five Multiplayer maps have been revealed for Black ops Cold War. Below our readers can get detailed insight into what each map has to offer.

The Available Maps

  • Armada: Players are placed into the North Atlantic Ocean, competing on multiple naval vessels to intercept a nuclear submarine. Multiplayer vehicles like military rafts & small gunboats are available, assisting players in turning the tide of this battle. Whichever faction intercepts the atomic submarine is victorious over the multiplayer round in specialized game modes.
  • Crossroads: Experience combat deep in the mountains of Uzbekistan, where NATO forces are deployed to stop desist a Soviet Military Convey. Gamers experience gameplay in the frozen wilderness of Uzbekistan and have a multitude of vehicles for combat assistance. Take control of largescale tanks & gun-mounted snowmobiles to defeat your enemies.
  • Miami: The iconic city of Miami becomes the backdrop for an ambush assault between DGI Forces & CIA Combat Agents. South Beach is the selected location in Miami, with the area being known for neon light & vibrant art that filled the streets. It creates a stunning environment that’ll indeed become a fan favourite.
  • Moscow: Gamers are taken into the heart of the USSR, competing in brutal combat against Spetsnaz Agents as CIA Special Forces. The town centre is the location of choice, with the Multiplayer storyline focusing on the CIA capturing intel for NATO Agents back in Uzbekistan.
  • Satellite: The final map for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War that was shown in the Multiplayer Reveal is Satellite. Players are sent into Angola to defeat DGI Forces holding stolen intelligence from NATO. The M16 Squadron for NATA ambushes DGI Forces deep in the Angola mountains, prompting one of the more intense battles of Central Africa in the 80s.

Ride 4 Announced

Motorsport fanatics that favour MotoGP & Supersport World Racing have a new video game that’ll excite them. It was announced in early September that the 4th entry into the “Ride” franchise is being released for consoles & gaming PCs. It’ll be released on October 8th and have an immediate upgrade package for consumers that purchase the PS5/XSX. The next-generation version of “Ride 4” will be released in January 2021.

An official statement was issued by Milestone, the developers of the Ride franchise. Their press release clarified that their latest chapter in this series focuses on pure racing, taking away arcade-like gameplay & focusing on realistic immersion seen in simulation titles. The 1st & 2nd entries into the Ride franchise were popular for its realism and would be ditched to the side with the 3rd entry. This saw “Ride 3” has lowered sales in-comparison to the previous titles. Milestone understood they needed to return to their roots and provide gamers with an immersive simulation that crosses multiple motorcycle racing leagues.

Experiencing this game on the PC, PlayStation5, or Xbox Series X will allow for gameplay at 60 Frames-per-Second. Resolution capabilities will be upgraded to the 4K Format, giving consumers the highest quality in graphics & textures. Combine this with photo-realistic environments that’ve been recreated from the ground-up, and you’ve got an experience that can become more satisfying. The core factor in providing these additional components is to create an authentic & natural riding experience.

The announcement trailer for “Ride 4” emphasizes that it’s time for gamers to enter a new era of racing, that the PS5 and XSX will create the ultimate motorcyclist experience for supporters. Feature details were shown in the trailer, noting that “Ride 4” will maintain a photo mode & voiceover work from broadcasters in all supported racing leagues. The apparent goal to celebrate superbikes is seen throughout the trailer, which will traverse into the game. Those wanting to purchase this title can for last-generation consoles on October 8th. The PS5/XSX versions of “Ride 4” arrive on January 21st, 2021. It’ll cost consumers $79.99 for the base game, with the premium package costing $89.99.


Troy Baker Explains Role in The Medium

Horror-themed video games are becoming more popular each year, with multiple new titles being released to garner jump scares from gamers. Titles being released for the next generation of consoles are already being announced, with the Bloober Team announcing “The Medium” for 2021. Their revelation confirmed that Troy Baker would voice the primary antagonist in this horror-themed game. Gamers are familiar with portrayals from Troy Baker, including Sam Drake from Uncharted Four & Joel from the Last of Us Two.

Details were provided on Troy Baker’s role in “The Medium”, revealing his character will be called “The Maw”. His character is described for malevolency that goes outside the realms of gender & enters into the cruel world of demonic demons. Troy Baker’s “The Maw” will follow around a young heroine named Marianne, who works towards disbanding herself from the wicked, sinister world of monsters that surround her.

This game sounds creepily familiar to Ubisoft’s “Little Nightmares”. That horror-themed game was centred around an institution named the Maw, and it appears that the Bloober Team is honouring that series of games. There has been a backlash against this developer for essentially copying story elements from Little Nightmares, leaving some to question if Ubisoft will issue a lawsuit.

Baker’s Motion Capture for The Medium

Troy Baker spoke about his experience behind “The Medium”, which the Uncharted & T.L.O.U. The actor mentioned is unlike anything he’s done previously. Baker explains that there was an evident fear behind this role, with other actors on set creating demonic sounds & wearing costumes to create realism for Troy. Baker mentioned that all around him were sounds of croaky, creaking, unsettling sounds of breathing. His explanations towards “The Medium” and his character of “The Maw” has none the less excited gamers, knowing that it’ll be a terrifying experience similar to the Evil Within or F.E.A.R.

“The Medium” is releasing for the Xbox Series X, and Stream PC Platform in 2021. Notable inspirations behind this game include the Silent Hill franchise, with their lead designer having previously worked on the Japanese-honed series. All performances, gameplay, and animations will be based around next-generation hardware.


Gotham Knights Officially Announced at DC Fandom

The official announcement for Gotham Knights was made on August 20th at DC Fandom, a rumoured game in-development from “Warner Brother Games – Montreal Studio”. Rumours surrounding this title indicated that Batman’s Family of Heroes would arise, with that being confirmed through a released gameplay trailer. Playable characters will include Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin. Those wanting to purchase this title must wait until late 2021 when it’s released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PCs Steam.

An official trailer was released alongside the DC Fandom announcement, with footage now available on YouTube. It shows Gotham City struggling with the death of Bruce Wayne & the Batman, which is unveiled to residents as the same man. The final words uttered by Bruce Wayne before his passing calls for these four protagonists to take his mantle. Before Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl, and Robin can become the “Batman Family”, the Court of Owls start attacking Gotham City residents. This leads towards a new series of games that’ll likely share similar popularity to the four Batman games previously released by Warner Brothers.

WB Games Montreal released details regarding gameplay. It was revealed that storylines could be experienced through the Solo & Co-Op formats. Co-Op Gameplay is limited to multiplayer, with local connections not supported. What gamers can anticipate with the Co-Up Link in Gotham Knights is Experience Points, which allow for customization options to become available. This allows for players to grow each character into their version of the Dark Knight. It should be mentioned a gameplay demo will be released later in 2020, where games will battle Mr Freeze and another unknown enemy from the Court of Owls.

The Differences in Character Gameplay

Press Release details indicate that each character plays differently, supporting unique gameplay features & combat movements from one another. An example of this is Batgirl, who focuses on the hacking capabilities taught previously by Batman. Nightwing is an acrobatic version of Batman that used electronic nunchakus to stun enemies. Gamers that select Robin will receive the most core version of Batman, with stealth combat & psychological warfare being his selection of combat. Red Hood is the darker rendition of the Batman for Gotham Knights, focusing on highly advanced weaponry & firearms that don’t kill.