Avengers Beta Now Available

The Crystal Dynamics Studio shocked their fanbase by releasing the “Marvel’s Avengers” video game demo several hours earlier than anticipated. Crystal Dynamics first confirmed that their Avengers demo would be formatted with “Closed Access”. Purchasing the Pre-Order for this game was initially required to experience the demo. However, Crystal Dynamics confirmed on August 7th that the Avengers demo had released worldwide for the PlayStation4. This information was released through their Twitter account.

Those that’ve purchased Marvel’s Avengers before it’s release date can take command of these infamous superheroes today. These five iconic characters will work towards regaining public trust, which was lost after a horrific event caused the San Francisco Bridge to collapse & thousands to die. Though Marvel fans highly anticipate this storyline, those that’ve tested the demo have expressed mixed feelings towards the gameplay. The mechanics feel the last generation & could prompt substantial failure behind Marvel’s 2nd entry into their video game universe.

Players worried about the gameplay can download the demo & make an accurate decision on if purchasing this title if worth the $100.00 price tag. Releasing the demo worldwide could prove a cynical marketing strategy for Crystal Dynamics. It should be mentioned that the Avengers demo for Xbox One & the PC is arriving by August 14th. A second demo will also be internationally released on August 23rd. It’d evident that Crystal Dynamics is trying to garner excitement behind the gameplay, which to date has been minimal.

PlayStations Spider-Man Arriving on PS4/PS5 Version of “Marvel’s Avengers”

The PS4 version of Marvel’s Avengers is supporting an exclusive character, with that being Spider-Man. The exclusivity of Spider-Man comes from Sony’s ownership of this superhero. It’s unknown in-which capacity will the PS4 Version of Spider-Man appear in Marvel’s Avengers. Speculation suggests that he’ll appear in either a single cutscene or gameplay level.

Implementing Spider-Man into the PS4 version of Marvel’s Avengers makes it almost an exclusive title for the console. Gamers will likely purchase this version to receive a core Avengers experience, with Spider-Man playing an integral role in the superhero group. Crystal Dynamics plans to release more details regarding the exclusivity of Spider-Man on August 25th.