Back 4 Blood Gameplay Unveiled

Eleven years have passed since gamers experienced an entry into the “Left 4 Dead” franchise. Another entry into the series has been requested for years, with Valve ignoring those requests in-favour of other franchises. Developers previously working under the employment of Valve, created a production house under their ownership, which is named Turtle Rock Studios. TRS has developed the spiritual successor for Left 4 Dead after being ignored another sequel wouldn’t be housed at Valve.

Back 4 Blood from Turtle Rock Studio sustains identical gameplay, with four survivors available in a Co-Op adventure that supporters’ multiple campaigns. Gamers can select to play as Holly, Walker, Evangelo, or Hoffman. Gameplay footage was showcased alongside the confirmation announcement for B4B, showing these four characters escaping an overrun hotel that’s filled with the undead. Standard elements are known from Left 4 Dead with character development in seen with Back 4 Blood. That includes characters shouting hysterical comments & shouting phrases to indicate upcoming unique enemies. Throughout the multiple campaigns in B4B, Gamers can’t help but enjoy a nostalgic experience.

Gameplay Footage & Release Window

There are prominent differences between Back 4 Blood & Left 4 Dead, with the undead being renamed to “The Ridden”. Graphics have improved tenfold from previous entries & arsenals appear larger than B4Bs spiritual predecessor. Assault Rifles, Grenades, and Baseball Bats are witnessed throughout the single level. Turtle Rock Studios confirmed that most of the arsenal was removed from initial gameplay footage, giving gamers something to speculate about before release date.

Footage switches from the hotel & see the four characters run towards a designated safehouse. This allowed for gamers to witness the expansive locations that’ll be supported in Back 4 Blood, with Turtle Rock Studios confirming that undead dangers never saw before will lurk in these open areas. It’s through this footage gamers learn that B4B isn’t purely a sequel to Left 4 Dead, but a modernized spiritual successor. Individuals wanting to experience B4B have to wait until June 22nd, 2021. That’s when Back 4 Blood releases on the PlayStation4, PlayStation5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. Turtle Rock Studios confirmed that years of DLC Support would be provided with Back 4 Blood.