Behind the Scenes of FIFA 20

During the previous financial year, EA’s record indicates that the number of players on FIFA 19 and FIFA 18 on both console and PC combined was more than 45 million. Their sales outnumber any other console game, and the success of these games are internationally recognized. During the development of the first-ever FIFA soccer game, Jan Tian was the lead programmer and the man behind the creations.

Jan Tian

Tian grew up in China and loved soccer, but was never great at it. He realized early on that if he wants to keep up with the rest of his team, he had to think about what to do and what to avoid continually. This is the skill that he has mastered at a very young age, and what he claims is the skill that helped him to create the best soccer game ever.

During 1993 Tian was employed by FIFA International Soccer as their lead programmer for the first ever soccer video game they were planning on launching. Since then the sport evolved through several stages to become the video game franchise, which is the best-selling of all times. His primary responsibility was the development of the game’s artificial intelligence and determining where the players would be on the field, what they were doing, and how they would react at any given moment. It is based on this DNA which Jan Tian has instilled in the original game that there has been built upon with much better-developed technology to bring players FIFA 20.

Giving Players Carte Blanche

According to EA FIFA executive producer, Aaron McHardy, the main goal of the game is to enable players to have the freedom to decide for themselves what would happen during the 90 minutes of the game. Players should be able to create their game plan and do the things they want to. Thanks to the constant development of gameplay technology, these characteristics of the game could be improved.


Building on previous performances of FIFA 18 where seven billion games were played and FIFA 19 being a top seller, FIFA 20 was developed in England by two designers before being handed over to Vancouver where a very experienced team completed the development. Interestingly though is the fact that Canada is one of the countries in the world where soccer is not the most popular sport. At Burnaby campus where FIFA 20 was developed, it is a different story though. The university which is 400 000 square foot in size has its soccer pitch.

From the days when this game was played arcade-style, it has now developed into a true to life experience which is available on various platforms with various modes available to choose from. One of the exciting features is the Global Series. In this online tournament, more than 60 countries are represented as competitors.

Both Tian and McHardy managed to develop their way of thinking in the game of soccer, combined with cutting edge technology available to create this world-famous bestselling entertainment.