Best Games to Play During COVID-19

Coronavirus, it’s a term that billions worldwide have become familiar with after a global pandemic has unfolded. This pandemic has forced numerous countries to enter lockdown phases and take away the civil liberties of citizens for their protection. Transpiring events prompted millions of jobs to be lost over the last two months, with these individuals now forced to remain indoors. There are few ways to project versatile entertainment into the home atmosphere, with one of them being Video Games. It’s prompted the question for millions as to which game is best throughout 2020. Below we’ve comprised three games that will give players universal experiences in a variety of ways.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – 2019 Edition.

The 1st recommendation we have to our readers pertains to “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – 2019 Edition”. This title is the reboot of the original Modern Warfare franchise, combining a series of updated and newly created maps for consumers to enjoy. New modes have been implemented into Modern Warfare – 2019, with those including a fully-fledged Battle Royale mode named Warzone. Since this game launched in November 2019, Modern Warfare has acquired more than 50+ million players globally. That number is expected to increase by 25% throughout the pandemic.

Elder Scrolls Online

Those wanting to explore a versatile world with endless stories and objectives to complete best suited for Elder Scrolls Online. It’s available on the Xbox, PlayStation and PC for $79.99. There are thousands of hours of gameplay available for players that purchase this title. Furthermore, updates with new content are regularly provided by the ESO Developers. Their latest expansion is called Greymoor and takes place in the well-known region of Skyrim, which has been a desired location since this game’s iteration in 2015.

Formula One 2019

Gamers worldwide craving a racing simulator for a reasonable price are best suited to play Formula One 2019. This title provides games access to all drivers in the F1 Grid, with all official Grand Prix’s supported. Available drivers extend to classics like Michael Schumacher and Niki Lauda. Online multiplayer and career modes are also supported through the PC, Xbox or PS4.