Best iPhone Games to Enjoy in 2019

If you have an upgraded or new iPhone, or you simply just bored of what you currently playing, then you’ll be ecstatic to know that you can easily revolutionize your phone, transforming it into one of the best consoles ever made. This is due to the fact that iPhone essentially kick started the mobile gaming revolution and is now home to some of the most exhilarating multitouch game titles in the world. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best iPhone games that you can enjoy in the new year.


This is essentially an arcade game that is based on lobbying bodily fluids around. We know, it sounds a bit graphic. However, Spitkiss is basically a cartoonish, sweet-natured game with loads of adorable characters that come across as silhouette flinging blobs. The gameplay functionality is similar to Angry Birds and the levels are filled with monsters, spikes, and winding pathways to make it more interesting.

Euclidean Skies

This game took the framework that was found in Euclidean Lands and stretched it out until it reached its breaking point. In Lands, you had to move in a turn-based fashion on structures floating in the air while you had to attack your foes in a chess-like manner. Manipulating the landscape was just as vital as the direction of your next move. However, in Skies, the entire land can be pulled apart.

Reigns: Game of Thrones

You basically have to tend to the desires and needs of your enemies and subjects, keeping the bank, people, and churches happy. However, not to the point where they can instigate your demise. Flick cards right or left and your approval rating will change accordingly. Themes and quests run throughout, offering surprising depth to your game, given the basic nature of the interactions. If you consider yourself a fan of the popular TV show, you’ll truly enjoy this game as the writing is amazing, to say the least.

Sid Meier’s Civilization

This is considered one of the best strategy games for PC and now you can enjoy it on your iPhone as well. Its turn-based playing fashion will see you exploring a brand-new world where your main objective will be to dominate a civilization by giving everyone you meet a real beating, by getting insanely rich, and by conquering space. When the game initially arrived on iPad’s, it was unique and a real eye-opener so you can expect to have the same effect when you play it on your iPhone this year.

Meteorfall: Journey

This is essentially an adventure game that is mobile-friendly. However, instead of enjoying a hero that ventures forward into a grid-like fashion on a fantasy realm, this game puts everything on a deck of cards. You will need to make decisions via Tinder-style, either swiping right or left. You can either save your strength or beat up a fearsome monster, the choice is ultimately yours. It also offers more than enough depth to keep you interested in the game.