Best Wrestling Games for Android

WWE is as popular as ever and as a fan, you are probably playing it whenever you can on PC or console, but what are the best-wrestling games for your Android device? What can you play when you are on the go? There are unfortunately not a large variety to choose from. Let’s explore some of the best.

WWE Mayhem

Based on the format of an arcade style wrestling game this game includes many WWE stars from past and present. You have simple controls and other entertaining gameplay tricks and mechanics. Regular events take place, and you have the option of online multiplayer, collecting wrestling stars and then wrestling them. The game does come with many freemium elements which cut into the fun factor. It is not the same as playing the game on a console, but still, it makes for good fun on the go.

WWE Champions

Again there are some freemium elements which we all want to escape from, but otherwise, this game makes for great fun. It is a puzzle-fighter hybrid, and by matching three shapes, you enable your wrestling stars to perform. Whoever empties their bars first are the losers. In between a whole lot of cheese, considering it is a wrestling game, you will find great entertainment within a simple WWE game.

WWE Slam

Including wrestlers from the past and the present, this is a relatively new game for mobile devices. It boils down to be a card-collecting game which brings you original content as every WWE Pay-Per-View event occurs. The controls are easy to learn and operate, but the game does take some time to get used to since they bring you quite a lot of action and many things are going on at once. You can play online and trade cards with others. Yes, it is a freemium game, but it is still fun to play.

WWE Universe

Here you will find wrestlers from periods of WWE history from back in the day to today. Simple controls offer you the ability to let them make real moves to have real fights. If you are a player preferring console games you might find the game relatively slow, but if you are looking for a fun and straightforward option for your Android device and getting some social gaming in, then this is what you are looking for. Online PvP is available, and you will find an authentic to live wrestling experience in the palm of your hand.

WWE SuperCard

For the card collectors among us. 150 WWE stars from all eras are waiting to be collected. When you have them in your collection, you can let them into the ring for a fight. Online PvP is included. You also have royal rumble options for as many as 15 cards and exciting wild mode option. Brought to you by freemium, this is an action-packed option with loads of entertainment and possibly the highlight on this list depending on your preferences. Enjoy playing.