Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Maps Revealed

Gamers that adore the Call of Duty franchise are receiving another yearly instalment, with the selected developers for 2020 being Treyarch & Raven Studios. Late August would mark the timeframe when Treyarch would announce “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War”. COD fanatics have highly praised Treyarch’s storyline gameplay trailer, and now the Multiplayer Reveal from Raven Studios. Five Multiplayer maps have been revealed for Black ops Cold War. Below our readers can get detailed insight into what each map has to offer.

The Available Maps

  • Armada: Players are placed into the North Atlantic Ocean, competing on multiple naval vessels to intercept a nuclear submarine. Multiplayer vehicles like military rafts & small gunboats are available, assisting players in turning the tide of this battle. Whichever faction intercepts the atomic submarine is victorious over the multiplayer round in specialized game modes.
  • Crossroads: Experience combat deep in the mountains of Uzbekistan, where NATO forces are deployed to stop desist a Soviet Military Convey. Gamers experience gameplay in the frozen wilderness of Uzbekistan and have a multitude of vehicles for combat assistance. Take control of largescale tanks & gun-mounted snowmobiles to defeat your enemies.
  • Miami: The iconic city of Miami becomes the backdrop for an ambush assault between DGI Forces & CIA Combat Agents. South Beach is the selected location in Miami, with the area being known for neon light & vibrant art that filled the streets. It creates a stunning environment that’ll indeed become a fan favourite.
  • Moscow: Gamers are taken into the heart of the USSR, competing in brutal combat against Spetsnaz Agents as CIA Special Forces. The town centre is the location of choice, with the Multiplayer storyline focusing on the CIA capturing intel for NATO Agents back in Uzbekistan.
  • Satellite: The final map for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War that was shown in the Multiplayer Reveal is Satellite. Players are sent into Angola to defeat DGI Forces holding stolen intelligence from NATO. The M16 Squadron for NATA ambushes DGI Forces deep in the Angola mountains, prompting one of the more intense battles of Central Africa in the 80s.