Castle Clash Cheats and Hacks for Gems

Castle Clash is an extremely popular game on mobile, allowing you to create armies and attack enemies while defending your own base. The primary objective in Castle Clash is to ensure that your armies are protected and that they are powerful enough to win battles. To be victorious in Castle Clash, you will need an offensive strategy to ensure you survive. There are loads of tricks and hacks in 2019 that will assist you in becoming a hero in a very short space of time while playing Castle Clash. Let’s look at a few tricks you can use to become more powerful.

Stronger Troops

Building strong troops in Castle Clash can be quite challenging, especially if you are a beginner. Most novice players have no idea what to upgrade next or when they need to upgrade a specific troop. However, there are a few tricks you need to keep in mind when it comes to upgrading your base.

Always upgrade your Town Hall first. Once you have accumulated enough resources, don’t hesitate to upgrade your Town Hall. Upgrading your Town Hall will unlock more structures and defensive heroes. Once the Town Hall is upgraded, we highly recommend that you upgrade your vaults as well as they will provide more storage capacity for your resources which will be necessary for future upgrades.

Avoid leaving your gold and mana in your vaults for too long though. A vault that is filled with resources will attract several players to attack or raid you, and that’s the last thing you want, especially when you want to upgrade your troops.

We highly recommend that you prioritize on pyromancers when it comes to troops and ensures they are upgraded to griffins which will allow them to fly, protecting your base from air and ground attackers.

Important Buildings to Upgrade

One of the first buildings that needs to be upgraded as much as possible is your Relic Hall. This will give you access to more spells which you can utilise during attacks, making it much easier to win a battle. Also, ensure that you check each of the spells’ perks before using it, some might give you more damage on arrows, while others will make your troops more powerful.

You will also need to consider building Hero bases as they provide loads of attributes to your heroes in battles. They will also be able to defend your base in a more efficient manner. Other buildings that will constantly require attention is your army camps.

Upgrading army camps is the best way to expand your army, allowing you to build more troops for each battle. The more troops, the better your chances will be to win a match and raid a base. You will be able to upgrade your army camps several times before you need to upgrade your Town Hall for the next level. So upgrade army camps and troops simultaneously to get the best results from battles.