Strategies and Tips for Castle Clash

Are you interested in becoming a hero by battling with arms to ultimately be the conqueror? Then you’ve come to the right place. Simply download the Castle Clash game on your mobile device and enjoy endless excitement while on the move. You can obtain the game on both iOS and Android devices by downloading the app from the iTunes Store or Google Play Store.

With simplistic and easy-to-use functions, you can create your ideal world by selecting military troops to create a team which you can take into battle. Fight with pride and honour against various enemies as you attack their bases. Here you will find an efficient way to earn both diamonds and treasures with our tips and strategies for Castle Clash.
Tips for Castle Clash

If you want to be a successful Castle Clash player, simply follow our valuable tips offering the best tricks which will allow you to form stronger troops and gain more points during your battles with other opponents.

• Your buildings need to be placed close to each other. This will assist you in staying stronger without having to place walls between each building.

• Continue to upgrade your Arena as this will provide Hero battles after level 3 and will assist in buying badges, arms, and troops every hour.

• Ensure that you hire more ranked heroes as this will allow you to earn more rank while doing battles every hour.

• Gain larger troops of armies as this will make you more powerful.

• Concentrate on how you deploy your troops in the beginning. Place your tanks first as they can take more damage and can distract your enemies from your other less powerful troops.

• Secondly, deploy short-range troops to take care of enemies’ health.

• Thirdly, deploy long-range troops to demolish everything in their path once the enemies are taken care of.

• Lastly, concentrate all your remaining troops on the town hall as this is the only way to truly conqueror your opponent.

Strategy for Castle Clash

You will also need to develop a strategy when playing Castle Clash. Without a strong strategy, you won’t be able to conquer your opponents during Bounty and Dungeon Raids. You need to destroy at least 50% of your enemy’s base to earn Hero Shards, Honor, and Mana.

• Always ensure you have enough troops before entering a map or dungeon. Create at least 3 Army Camps and place them in every corner of your base and upgrade them regularly.

• Train a variety of different troops which consist of Pyromancers, Treants, and Hunters. A great mix of troops will ensure you are always prepared for anything.

• Always study the base before deploying troops. Look for weaknesses next to common buildings instead of next to Army Camps.

• Enemies situated out of sight won’t be able to attack your troops. Therefore, its best to deploy military units and archers out of sight during a battle.

• It’s also beneficial to deploy your army at the back of an opponent’s camp to take down several buildings which will provide a surprise attack.