Gameplay Footage Shown for TLOU2

The Sony Computer Company & Naughty Dog have begun providing new details into the Last of Us Two, their upcoming Survival Thriller Game. These details were comprised in a 24-Minute Demo for the State of Play – Digital Event. Supporters behind the 1st entry will notice multiple similarities to the original, with gameplay mechanics being enhanced from the original to better associate itself with 2020.

Familiar gameplay is shown immediately in the demo, with Ellie having to hide behind cover from the infected. Sneaking around the varied & open environments of the Last of Us Two quickly become apparent. The landscapes are considerably larger than in the 1st entry of this franchise, with new gameplay mechanics including Swinging Ropes & traversing flooded locations by accessing local boats. Ellie is also seen swimming throughout the streets of Seattle, which has become flooded over the decades. This is something the character was infamously petrified of accomplishing in the Last of Us One.

The Story

Storyline details regarding the 2nd iteration of this franchise were provided in the gameplay demo. It’s known that Ellie recently turned the age of nineteen & now lives on her own in a protected neighbourhood of Seattle. Cascading walls protect the living from the infected outside, allowing Ellie to obtain a sense of normal & fall in love with her latest girlfriend. It’s then revealed that Joel lives within the confines of this neighbourhood, silently watching over Ellie to ensure her protection. Somehow these two survivors will come together again to solve the complex story regarding Ellie’s life, with her being the exclusive human immune to the virus.

Graphic Improvements

Naughty Dog has enhanced the graphics in the Last of Us Two. Infected look realistic, providing a greater sense of fear when traversing a Hot Zone. New versions of these infected humans are being implemented into TLOU2, including the Shambler. This zombie-like creature will explode into a spore of infected germs that’ll burn & immediately infect everyone, except Ellie. Those wanting to experience this game can pre-order it today for $79.99. It’ll be released on the PS4 for June 19th.


Apple & Google Sued by Ubisoft

Chinese Developers are familiar with the concept of stealing innovative ideas from North American or European studios. Video games like Call of Duty, Halo, Destiny, and Battlefield have commonly been imitated to identical levels. This was proven once again with another multiplayer shooter named Rainbow Six Siege. The Ubisoft Corporation announced that they’d implemented a lawsuit against Apple & Google, which follows after both their respective stores released a game that copies Rainbow Six Siege in nearly every manner. It’s an identical rip-off that won’t find itself in legal troubles. That’s because China doesn’t have to obey international property rights as a communist regime.

The lawsuit filed by Ubisoft against Apple & Google regards a Chinese-designed video game named “Area F2”. It’s designed by Alibaba, a mega-corporation from the Chinese Republic. All elements from Rainbow Sig Siege was ported over into Area F2. This includes Gameplay Components, Map Designs, the User Interface, Operator Selection, and Gun Classes. The primary difference between Area F2 and Rainbow Six Siege is their available platforms. This illegal entity operator through the Apple Store and Google Play, with Ubisoft’s shooter available on conventional consoles. This includes the Personal Computers, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Lawyers contracted with Ubisoft informed reporters that both Apple & Google were informed of the illegal copyright infringements implemented by Alibaba. After waiting several days for a virtual response, the Ubisoft Corporation determined a lawsuit was necessary. It was filed through the Los Angeles Court System, with neither Apple nor Google commenting on these allegations. That typically means their most likely correct.

The Money Maker

Ubisoft earns a significant portion of their quarterly revenue through Rainbow Six Siege. This product has obtained more than $1 Billion in profits since launching in 2015. Their continued fanbase after five years shows formidable commitment towards updating this game. Ubisoft has continuously released new maps & content without any additional costs. The microtransactions available comprise of Arsenal Kits and Custom Operators. Profits for Ubisoft will slowly dwindle unless a sequel is released shortly. New consoles will inevitably be issued, and a 2nd Rainbow Siege will be required. It should be noted that Rainbow Six Quarantine is expected to release in Late 2020 but won’t follow the same format that Siege players are accustomed to.


GDC Goes Digital & Fortnite 2020 Cup Cancelled

Enthusiasts behind the video game industry were hoping that the 2020 Summer Edition of the Game Developers Conference would support attendees. This follows after the initial venue was terminated in March, protecting civilians and workforces from the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizers with the GDC had hoped that pandemic conditions would lighten before their summer venue, with social distancing measures and travel restrictions now looking to extend their enforcement worldwide. This prompted GDC Organizers to implement a Digital-Exclusive Format for the upcoming venues. PR Representatives clarified that organizers are working 24/7 to create a versatile and exciting environment for anybody wanting to participate in their live streams.

It should be mentioned that the Game Developers Conference has never been held during the summer. This marks the 1st time ever after the Mid-March venue was forced to cancel their operations. Multiple other game conferences followed GDC Organizers in America. That includes PAX East in New Jersey and E3 2020 in Los Angeles. PAX East wasn’t able to alternate their schedule or limit revenue losses, with the virus breaking out days before the event was slated to begin.

Fortnite Announces Cancelled Championship

Speaking about cancellations in the video game community, it was recently confirmed that the “Fortnite World Cup” won’t be held this summer. Epic Games announced their social media communities, stressing that cancellations followed after the COVID-19 pandemic remain an ongoing global issue. Fortnite’s World Cup sees millions of gamers from various locations entering a stadium facility to watch the series unfold. It’d prompt an increase in transmission, confirmed infections, and death. PR Representatives noted that the series would return in 2021 with updated enhancements and services to players/attendees.

It was also confirmed that the 2020 Call of Duty League Championships is cancelled. It’s expected that all In-Person Competitions with eSports will be postponed or cancelled until January 2021. We’ll provide our readers with any updates regarding a revised or rescheduled tournament from Epic Games with Fortnite, as loyalists are deserving of their world cup. Those interested in playing this game can install it on mobile handsets and video game consoles today.


Nintendo Switch Returns to Costco Briefly

Millions of gamers worldwide have clamoured for their opportunity to obtain a Nintendo Switch. It’s unlike any console available on the market, supporting multiple iterations of usage through hybrid technologies. You can assemble the Nintendo Switch as a handheld console with television support. There’s also a tablet mode featured, where consumers can place the Switch on their tables and play via the controller. The popularity behind this handset has increased recently with the releases of Pokemon Sword and Shield, with this extending towards Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The downfall to wanting a Nintendo Switch is the lack of availability. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic fluctuated daily manufacturing of this console, product availability was limited because of its incredible popularity. Those product inventory limitations have extended tenfold since the epidemic broke out worldwide, with Nintendo cancelling manufacturing of the Switch & Switch Lite across Asia. Manufacturing operations in North and Central America will continue, with shipped consoles dropping by 73% in comparison to reasonable valuations.

The Costco Bundle

Some retail companies are receiving minor influxes of the Nintendo Switch, with the 1st being Costco – America Division. They provided consumers with a specialized bundle for an additional $50.00 on the original $300.00 price tag for the Switch. Those lucky enough to purchase the Switch received a 128gb Micro SD Card, 12 Months of Nintendo Live, a Screen Protector and Carrying Pouch. Obtaining this specialized bundle saved consumed $100.00 in additional funds, with products that are somewhat required when purchasing a Nintendo Switch.

What made this bundle special is the limited availability and access to consumers. Individuals were required to have a Costco Membership, which had to be registered online. Those not already customers with this retail chain would’ve spent an additional $50.00 obtaining a membership. The limited stock sold-out within two hours, marking one of the fastest product sell-offs in Costco history. Those lucky enough to get this bundle won’t receive it until April 24th to 30th. Costco recommended purchasing games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Pokemon Sword, Super Mario Brothers and Donkey Kong. It should be noted that new titles with the Nintendo Switch cost $60.00.


Naughty Dog Announces Delay for TLOU2

PlayStation Enthusiasts were shocked and disappointed to learn that “The Last of Us: Part II” is being delayed until further notice. This follows after the initial launch date of February 21st, 2020, was moved back to May 29th, 2020. Developers behind this title had already completed production and were finishing the final touches. It’s prompted numerous fans to claim the unnecessary need of delaying this title. Gaming analysts now speculate that TLOU2 could be delayed by six months. Some are stating that it won’t be released until the PlayStation 5 this holiday season. That’d mean waiting an additional nine months for this title to be released.

Representatives with the Sony Company and Naughty Dog provided insight onto their decision. It was expressed that logistical challenges will prevent a consistent and reliable launch experience. Many gaming companies like Sony are struggling to reach production volumes on Disc & Cartridge Manufacturing. Similar challenging is following onto the Last of Us Part II, which funny enough centres around the United States of America that have been ravaged by a Zombie pandemic.

Financial analysts believe the genuine reason for preventing the release date is their subject matter. Numerous consumers would feel off-put by the concept of experiencing a brutalized America that’s been ravaged by Zombies. Pandemic shelters are set up across the USA in this game, with identical recreations of cities and rural neighbourhoods. The eeriness with exploring the Last of Us Part II is already intense. COVID-19 would make it that much more anxiety-filled. Sony could be concerned about a potential fallout of sales, with new consumers unaware of this franchise possibly being unwilling to purchase the title.

Self-Isolated Employees

Another element that could be forcing the delay of “The Last of Us Part II” is the self-isolation of Naughty Dog developers. Employees were informed to remain home and practice social distancing until the pandemic period is over. Finishing the final touches on this title has become harder, with developers having to communicate through Zoom or Skype. Delayed internet connections have made reaching co-workers a lengthy process. When accounting for the internet connections required from their development program, it’s easy to understand why Naughty Dog wouldn’t have the capabilities to finish the final touches.


Star Wars: Project Maverick Unintentionally Revealed

Electronic Arts have publicly expressed their announcement with the PlayStation Company. This follows after a group of hackers datamined the PlayStation Store Listings, which revealed that a Star Wars game is being developers by Electronic Arts. Information regarding this game is limited but was revealed through the PSN Releases Twitter Account. Sony and Electronic Arts both claim that after these hackers datamined this information, they prompted the Bot Twitter Account to release tweets regarding “Star Wars: Project Maverick”.

When looking through the datamined information, it’s noted that this game is listed as Maverick. However, limited details surrounding this title and leaked artwork provide insight onto this new title. It’s centred around a group of starfighters in X-Wings, which are attacking a group of Imperial Star Destroys. This indicates that the game takes place during the original trilogy, with the selected location being taken from the prequel Star Wars trilogy. This location includes Mustafar, which is the volcanic planet that became a sanctuary for Sith Lords and Darth Vader. It was initially seen in Revenge of the Sith, with the location returning multiple times throughout animated series and video game adaptations.

It should be noted that a recent report from Kotaku doubles down on this theory, with Electronic Arts having two Star Wars titles currently in development. It’s known that one of these games is a direct sequel to Respawn Studios Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. The secondary title has limited information surrounding it, with Electronic Arts only confirming that it’s smaller than the standard Star Wars game and is being created by Motive Studios. Considering that Star Wars: Project Maverick has a singular level; it’s expected that this is the secondary title.

Rumoured Virtual Reality

Star Wars: Project Maverick is more than likely a virtual reality game, marking it the second in a series of VR titles from Disney. It’d be the best format for this title and its singular level, with this often being the case with Virtual Reality games. Consumers of this title would have the capability to fly over Mustafar with an X-Wing, destroying the Galactic Senate with their Star Destroyers. Individuals close with EA have stated that the 2020 Star Wars games will be unlike anything anyone has seen before.


Call of Duty Zombies Creator Departs from Treyarch

Supporters behind the Call of Duty franchise were shocked to learn that one of the most influential creators of this series is departing from his role. Treyarch Studios announced that Jason Blundell would be leaving his position. This man is the individual who created the infamous Zombies Mode, with Jason noting that the last thirteen years have been action-packed and that his time with Treyarch was a privilege. Blundell is leaving this well-known studio to move onto a variety of other projects. It’s expected that whatever the Zombies creator does next will be horror-related.

Jason Blundell first began his career with Treyarch Studios under Call of Duty Three. He’d eventually become associated with the zombie’s mode after assisting with the creation of four maps for “World at War”. His influence on this special mode extended to the last four iterations of Zombies under the Black Ops series. Jason would even aid with developing this mode with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and World War Two. These accomplishments allowed for Jason Blundell to become the Co-Head of Treyarch by 2016. It’s anticipated that Jason leads the production behind Black Ops Fives – Zombie Mode.

Black Ops 5 Details

After Activision confirmed that Call of Duty would return throughout the 2020 fiscal year, it was immediately rumoured that the next game is being developed by Treyarch and will stand at the 5th entry into the Black Ops franchise. This wouldn’t be surprising considering Treyarch has posted multiple development roles over the last twelve months. Details regarding the new title have been minimal, with rumours from notable sources providing some insight into the storyline and setting.

Rumours indicate that the latest Black Ops title will be set between the Vietnam, Korea and Cold Wars. It’d mark three new locations for the Call of Duty franchise, which hasn’t found itself in new historical settings for a prolonged period. This means fans of the Black Ops franchise would travel throughs periods again, ranging from the 1950s to 70s. It’s rumoured that the most prominent aspect of the storyline will centre around the Korean War, which saw the North invade into the South. Eventually, international aid was provided, which is where the Black Ops Units will come into effect. These rumours also indicate that this will be the most gritty and gruesome Call of Duty to date.


Saber Interactive Purchased by THQ Nordic

It was an incredible run for Saber Interactive as an independent video game studio. After nineteen years of being independently owned, this studio has been purchased by the Embracer Group. This large-scale corporation is the parent company behind THQ Nordic, meaning that Saber Interactive is being absolved into one of the best-known publishers in gaming. As a studio, they’ve developed three notable times. Those include Mud Runner, Snow Runner and World War Z. The later is their most popular, with thousands of copied sold worldwide. It’s expected that the WWZ Game will become a full-fledged series that sees multiple sequels.

The World War Z game received average reviews, with the game providing sub-standard graphics and gameplay that required multiple updates. After more than a year of being available to consumers, it’s become a cult classic game that’s substantially improved upon itself from the initial release. Subsequently, there’s been more than three million units sold, with a large percentage coming from the PC and PlayStation 4. Sales throughout the Xbox One were minimal, were exclusive zombie titles from Microsoft superseding World War Z for potential customer acquisition.

The Embracer Group and THD Nordic confirmed that Saber Interactive would continue to developer titles as a standalone company. This means their respective games will be determined in-house, which almost guarantees a sequel for World War Z. This acquisition allows for the Embracer Group to earn an unidentified percentage of profits from all future games and paid content.

Details regarding the associated cost with this acquisition were provided, with the initial payment listed at $150 million for the various property and gaming assets owned by Saber Interactive. This includes development studios located in Portugal, Spain, Russia, Sweden and Belarus. These details also noted that if Saber Interactive performs to 2020 expectations, the associated cost will increase to $375 million for the Embracer Group. This marks one of the most significant acquisitions for a video game studio in the last ten years.

World War Z Sequel Hinted

The potential sequel for World War Z has been publicly hinted by Mathew Karch, the chief executive officer and co-founder of Saber Interactive. When speaking with investors are the Embracer Group, the CEO mentioned that three of their six development studios are creating plans for a sequel. He expressed to these investors the potential of growth for this brand, with the film’s sequel slated for 2023. It’d be the perfect time for Saber Interactive to release World War Z: The Game – Two. During this earnings meeting, Mathew was provided clearance to begin developing the sequel. This gives Saber Interactive roughly three years to create the second title for this franchise.


Tom Holland on Uncharted Movie

Video game enthusiasts have desired new details regarding the Uncharted film for a prolonged period. After much waiting, Tom Holland has provided insight into his thoughts with the upcoming role. The Spider-Man actor has read through the updated script from Sony Pictures, expressing that it’s one of the best scenarios he’s ever witnessed and that it’ll provide an origin story for Nathan Drake.

Tom Holland spoke with reporters at International Gaming News, where he expressed that this film provides an opportunity that moves video game films don’t offer, with that being an origin story outside the PlayStation franchise. He noted that individuals that have played the Uncharted franchise won’t know anything entering the film and that the information acquired will all be new. There are some concerned with his statements though, with some Uncharted supporters wondering if the storyline will become disrupted. Tom Holland also stated: “I read the newest draft of the script on the way over here and it’s one of the best scripts I’ve ever read. It jumps off the page.”

The Avengers castmate mentioned that Mark Wahlberg will play an incredible version of Sully and that filming this origin story will be enjoyable. Those following the numerous updates with the Uncharted film know that Mark Wahlberg was initially slated to play Nathan Drake, which was when the storyline centred around an adult version of the main character.

Uncharted History

The Uncharted film has been in development since 2008, losing multiple directors over the last twelve years. Travis Knight was one of the most notable directors attached to this title, with him having to leave after scheduling issues with Tom Holland. It was Ruben Fleischer, the director of Zombieland and Venom that was taken over development responsibilities. He also left the project following creative disputes with Sony, with rumours indicating that Ruben wanted to alter significant aspects of the Uncharted storyline.

Additional directors that were connected to this film include Shawn Levy from the Stanger Things and Dan Trachtenberg from 10 Cloverfield Lane. Both left after experiencing confliction with the executives at Sony. It appears that directors not willing to follow the guidelines implemented by Sony are terminated. Release dates for this upcoming film include March 5th, 2021 for North America and March 7th for an international audience. We will keep our audience updated on when the first trailer is released and when tickets are available for purchase.


Electronic Arts Microtransactions Profit

Microtransactions have become one of the most beneficial aspects of gaming in the modern era. Even with the considerable backlash towards Microtransaction purchases, billions are still earned by numerous corporations. This was proven again with the yearly reports released by Electronic Arts this week. During an investment meeting, it was confirmed that billions had been earned via microtransaction services. EA Investors were also surprised to learn that Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order had performed better than anticipated. Throughout the holiday period of December 2019, this company earned $993 million worldwide from their microtransaction offerings. When it applies to yearly earnings, they exceeded $2.835 billion.

This substantial amount isn’t the profits earned by Electronic Arts; it’s merely the yearly revenue and earnings from various products. When it applies to direct benefits, Electronic Arts made $361 million. Microtransactions are confirmed to be one of the most significant aspects of their yearly profits. Most services or products purchased via Microtransactions applied to NHL 2020, FIFA 2020, and Madden 2020. Considering that Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order has limited Microtransaction offerings, most of those sales came from direct copies sold. Electronic Arts anticipated several million copies to be sold worldwide, which exceed expectations by an additional three million. That number could increase by another 1.5 million before the 2019-20 Fiscal Years end.

Unexpected Performers

Electronic Arts confirmed during their investment meeting that Star Wars: Battlefront II had performed significantly better than anticipated. This follows after BF2 has been available since 2017, with most of the renewed interest surrounding “The Rise of Skywalker”. Another unexpected performer for Electronic Arts was Apex Legends, which saw its highest level of player engagement to date. Apex Legends exceeded the popularity of Fortnite, with Electronic Arts earning 5% of all microtransaction sales. Those profits could increase drastically with Apex Legends slated to launch on Mobile Phones and the Nintendo Switch.

This investor meeting also provided some insight into upcoming products from Electronic Arts. It was confirmed during this meeting that another entry in the Battlefield franchise would be released for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation Five. Rumours indicate that this entry could return to the Vietnam and Cold War settings, similar to the Black Ops franchise. Map sizes are anticipated to be 3x the size of current Battlefield 5 multiplayer maps. This would provide an immersive environment similar to the size of Grand Theft Auto 5 or Cyberpunk 2227.