Castle Clash Cheats and Hacks for Gems

Castle Clash is an extremely popular game on mobile, allowing you to create armies and attack enemies while defending your own base. The primary objective in Castle Clash is to ensure that your armies are protected and that they are powerful enough to win battles. To be victorious in Castle Clash, you will need an offensive strategy to ensure you survive. There are loads of tricks and hacks in 2019 that will assist you in becoming a hero in a very short space of time while playing Castle Clash. Let’s look at a few tricks you can use to become more powerful.

Stronger Troops

Building strong troops in Castle Clash can be quite challenging, especially if you are a beginner. Most novice players have no idea what to upgrade next or when they need to upgrade a specific troop. However, there are a few tricks you need to keep in mind when it comes to upgrading your base.

Always upgrade your Town Hall first. Once you have accumulated enough resources, don’t hesitate to upgrade your Town Hall. Upgrading your Town Hall will unlock more structures and defensive heroes. Once the Town Hall is upgraded, we highly recommend that you upgrade your vaults as well as they will provide more storage capacity for your resources which will be necessary for future upgrades.

Avoid leaving your gold and mana in your vaults for too long though. A vault that is filled with resources will attract several players to attack or raid you, and that’s the last thing you want, especially when you want to upgrade your troops.

We highly recommend that you prioritize on pyromancers when it comes to troops and ensures they are upgraded to griffins which will allow them to fly, protecting your base from air and ground attackers.

Important Buildings to Upgrade

One of the first buildings that needs to be upgraded as much as possible is your Relic Hall. This will give you access to more spells which you can utilise during attacks, making it much easier to win a battle. Also, ensure that you check each of the spells’ perks before using it, some might give you more damage on arrows, while others will make your troops more powerful.

You will also need to consider building Hero bases as they provide loads of attributes to your heroes in battles. They will also be able to defend your base in a more efficient manner. Other buildings that will constantly require attention is your army camps.

Upgrading army camps is the best way to expand your army, allowing you to build more troops for each battle. The more troops, the better your chances will be to win a match and raid a base. You will be able to upgrade your army camps several times before you need to upgrade your Town Hall for the next level. So upgrade army camps and troops simultaneously to get the best results from battles.  


Mobile Royale Will Allow You to Create Your Own Unique Fantasy World in 2019

IGG, the phenomenal game developer behind extraordinary game titles like Castle Clash and Lords Mobile, is preparing to launch their first game for 2019. The company hasn’t released any new games in the last three years. The game is called Mobile Royale, and it will offer players the opportunity to build and rule their very own fantasy kingdom. Players will also have the ability to compete and trade with other players who constructed their own fantasy worlds as well.

Mobile Royale

The new game from IGG will allow you to construct and evolve your fantasy kingdom in the world of Hollandia. You will be allowed to build several structures and position them wherever you wish on the map. You will also be able to witness how your land evolves from the start of the Stone Age through the futuristic times the longer you play. You can select from 6 cultures which you can use to customize your buildings in the world as well.

Your kingdom needs people to ensure it evolves and Mobile Royale offers several races that you can populate your land with, including spectres, beasts, goblins, dwarves, elves, and humans. You will also be able to fully customise your heroes within the game, and once they go into battle, they will come equipped with unique abilities and attacks to further enrich the game.

The new game from IGG is designed to give you the ability to connect with friends and other players. You can choose to join a guild and will have the power to trade with other team members thanks to a Trader Airship. Obviously, the game is not about peace and harmony as you will need to plan a successful military strategy to take out other clans. Each clan will feature their own campaign, backstory, and lore.

Mobile Royale Clans

When forming part of a clan, you will have the ability to team up with other players to discover ancient runes and hunt down monsters. The runes will assist you to gain additional resources and abilities that will greatly assist you in battles. You will also be able to face other online players from around the world as the new Mobile Royale game will only operate on one server. To battle it out against other players around the world, Mobile Royale comes equipped with War Airships that can transport your troops across the land in a matter of seconds.

You will even notice that the new game from IGG comes with fearsome dragons. These dragons can be raised within your fantasy kingdom and will eventually be able to assist in battles as well as boost the development of your land. Players can become more powerful by occupying Clan Forts. However, the Holy Ruler will be the master over the land and there can only be one per clan, so choose wisely. The game is set to launch in early 2019, so keep your eye on the Google Play Store for its release.


The Best Multiplayer Mobile Games for 2018

We are addicted to technology and the advancements it has made when it comes to multiplayer games on mobile devices. The variables that mobile developers can’t control, yet still manage to achieve, including what connection is used, where a player is, and so on makes multiplayer game development a truly remarkable technical feat. We, therefore, decided to showcase the technological achievements in multiplayer mobile games by providing the best of the best in our list for 2018.

Best Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Game – Vain Glory

VainGlory, voted as one of the best mobile multiplayer experiences by IGN, is a phenomenal strategy game allowing players to enjoy various battles against other players using a mix of technology and magic. Players can indulge in 3c3 matches to eventually destroy the Vain Crystal and get awarded with their ability and fighting skills to work together as a team. Vain Glory has also managed to become a popular eSports tournament called VainGlory League.

Best MMORPG Mobile Game – Arcane Legend

This game can be considered the introduction game to the MMORPG world. Specifically designed for young players and newcomers, the game offers a simplistic levelling system which means gamers won’t be required to map out a certain class with their game characters. Players can choose from three classes, including sorcerer, rogue, or warrior. Players will also receive their own unique pets that assist with additional perks and keeping you happy.

Best Multiplayer Racing Game – Riptide GP

Riptide GP offers amazing settings, gorgeous graphics, realistic animations, and a wide range of different vehicle customization options and race courses. Combine this with four players local and 8 player online multiplayer modes and you’ve got yourself a truly competitive and extraordinary racing game that is free to play on both iOS and Android devices.

Best Card/Turn Based Mobile Multiplayer Game – Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone is essentially a world-renowned online card duelling game where players will be required to build a deck of fearsome monsters and utilize them to fight against the clock and other online players. Developed by Blizzard, the only development company boasted that Hearthstone reached more than 50 million players in 2016, making it one of the most incredible card duelling games in the world.

Best Mobile RPG Multiplayer Game – Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Developed by Capcom, the Monster Hunter franchise is a series of role-playing, fantasy-themed video games that began on the PlayStation 2 platform with the original Monster Hunter video game. As the name suggests, players become a hunter in a massive fantasy world and will need to complete various tasks and quests by hunting down specific monsters to either capture or kill. The series managed to branch out into portable PlayStation games and a popular online game in the RPG genre.

Freedom Unite was initially released in 2008 but also surfaced on the Apple App Store in 2014. Featuring more than 700 hours of intense gameplay, gamers can join up to 4 other players to enjoy a vast selection of quests together.


The Best Mobile Devices for Gaming in 2019

As mobile gaming continues to expand, its becoming more and more important to ensure you getting the most out of your gaming experience by getting the best possible phone on the market. Most smartphones these days comes with similar features, screen sizes, and camera quality. However, some are specifically designed for gaming and its these phones you need to look for if you consider yourself to be a serious mobile gamer. Thankfully, we did all the hard work for you by evaluating a bunch of gaming smartphones to bring you a list of the best gaming phones on the market in 2019.

Razer Phone 2

• Screen Size – 5.7 inch
• Resolution – 1440 x 2560
• RAM – 8GB
• Storage – 64GB
• Battery – 4000 mAh
• Dimensions – 158.5 x 77.7 x 8mm
• Price – $699.99

The Razor Phone 2 is undoubtably a magnificent phone in terms of gaming. The screen, which does both 120hz refresh rate and HDR is a thing of beauty, enhancing any game you decide to play on it. Although it provides a 16:9 aspect ratio and isn’t edge-less, the quality of the picture certainly makes up for it. Equipped with a lightning-fast Snapdragon 845 processor and Dolby Atmos sound, you can truly enjoy a mobile gaming experience unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Apple iPhone X

• Screen Size – 5.8 inch
• Resolution – 2436 x 1125
• Storage – 64GB/256GB
• Battery – 2716 mAh
• Dimensions – 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7mm
• Price – $729.99

What makes the iPhone X such a huge contender when it comes to gaming isn’t the Super Retina OLED screen or the incredible Portrait Mode, it’s the phenomenal power of Apple. Whether you want to play a strange indie puzzle game or enjoy the latest spin-off of an Nintendo game, chances are that the App Store will have it first. What’s even more impressive is that all the glitches and bugs would be resolved too and that’s something you won’t find on an Android device.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

• Screen Size – 6.2 inch
• Resolution – 1440 x 2560
• RAM – 6GB
• Storage – 64GB/128GB
• Battery – 3,500 mAh
• Dimensions – 158.1 x 73.8 x 8.5mm
• Price – $634.24

For those that are not interested in the iPhone 8 or the larger-than-life iPhone X will find that the Galaxy S9 Plus is a remarkable alternative. It’s extraordinary Snapdragon 845 processor comes equipped with an overwhelming amount of power, regardless of what you decide to do with the phone. Whether you want to enjoy Fortnite, considered a heavy-resource game, or you want to lose yourself in The Elder Scrolls Legends game, this powerhouse in your pocket can handle everything your heart desires.

Sony Xperia XZ2

• Screen Size – 5.7 inch
• Resolution – 1080 x 2160
• RAM – 4GB
• Storage – 64GB
• Battery – 3,180 mAh
• Dimensions – 153 x 72 x 11.1mm
• Price – $499

If you are looking for quality gaming, you will be more than satisfied with the PlayStation 4 manufacturer, Sony. Equipped with a Snapdragon 845, the new Xperia ZX2 is perfect for gaming thanks to stereo speakers, lightning fast performance and a unique dynamic vibration system.


The Future of Mobile Gaming

For most people, the word “gaming” means controllers and consoles long before they start thinking of smartphones. Even a casual gamer will think in the same way, making it quite surprising for most when user statistics and revenue is placed before them. According to several researchers, the global gaming markets, when it comes to smartphones, will surpass console gaming in 2018, making up an incredible 23% of the $109 billion industry to 31% by consoles. By 2020, researchers believe that smartphone gaming will claim 40% of the market, while consoles will only have 25%, allowing mobile gaming to make over $60 billion on its own.

Impact of Mobile Gaming

At the most recent E3 Expo, reporters asked several gamers to comment on the mobile gaming industry, and their responses were very similar. They stated that mobile gaming is quite casual and that its success as a serious platform for serious games will greatly depend on the power and development of smartphones. The low processing power and small screens are the only factors that are currently holding the smartphones back. However, it continues to expand as an industry. The iOS Apple Store managed to generate 75% of revenue through mobile gaming, while people tend to spend more than 40% of their mobile app time on mobile games.

The primary reason for this is that there are loads more casual gamers as oppose to gamers with consoles. When workers have an hour to kill while they are commuting, and have a smartphone in their hands, the uptake of distraction, throwaway, and inexpensive games sky-rocket. Candy Crush Saga is a perfect example of this. Those that do pay for mobile games tend to spend around $25 every month. This might not look that significant at first, but with more than 350 million users, it’s easy to understand why mobile gaming is becoming such a booming success.

The Next Level for Mobile Gaming

For mobile gaming to advance to the next level for serious gamers, it needs to develop technologically and ambitiously. Puzzle games are undoubtedly the most popular type of mobile game at the moment, and the mobile industry will be required to diversify in order to grab their projected audience. Once the mobile devices become more powerful, mobile game designers will stop seeing a distinction between a video game and a mobile game.

Pokemon Go is a prime example as it requires a level of commitment from the player which is much closer to that of console gaming. Another factor that made this game so immensely popular is the fact that its absolutely free which leaves one to wonder if the game would have been so popular if it came with a price tag. At this point, it is quite difficult to imagine a mobile gaming experience that comes close to console gaming. Serious gamers will continue to dismiss gaming on mobile devices due to the screen size and processing power. However, the mobile gaming market continues to grow, and they will eventually figure out a way to get serious gamers too.


The Best Mobile Gaming Companies in 2018

From mature markets to fledgling upstarts, the mobile gaming industry has managed to evolve at a rapid pace. In the last couple of years, the mobile gaming segment has become a significant factor in the global digital market and has flooded both the Apple App Store and Google’s Play Store with a wide range of exciting and entertaining mobile games. We decided to take an in-depth look at the mobile gaming companies that have had a major role in the development of these games and listed the best mobile gaming companies of 2018 below:


One of the most recognizable and leading mobile gaming companies in the world is undoubtedly Supercell. Established in 2010 and situated in Helsinki, Finland, Supercell experienced astonishing growth in the mobile gaming industry thanks to their extremely popular game releases, including Hay Day and Clash of Clans. In 2017, Supercell made a $1 billion profit and boasts with more than 100 million users monthly. The company is currently worth over $10 billion.


This small time gaming company situated in America was once owned by Google and has managed to go from obscurity to one of the leading mobile gaming companies in the world in record time. The company is called Niantic and it made a name for itself when it released the extremely popular Pokémon Go mobile game. With more than 100 million downloads, the game hit its peak in 2016 and the company is set to release a new version of the game based on Harry Potter.


One of the top-rated mobile and online gaming companies in China is NetEase. The company is best known for its distribution of Blizzard games, like World of Warcraft, but are also renowned for mobile games, such as Fantasy Westward Journey. NetEase is also ranked fourth when it comes to global revenues in the mobile gaming industry and is also ranked in second position when it comes to iOS publishers in China.


Netmarble is considered the largest mobile company in South Korea and was initially established by Bang Jun-Hyuk. One of the company’s games managed to land on the top 5 grossing charts that spanned across more than 70 different countries across the globe, earning the company instant recognition in the mobile gaming industry. The most popular games from the company include Marvel Contest of Champions and Lineage 2 Revolution. In 2017, the company was ranked in 8th position in terms of in-app sales.

King Digital Entertainment

King Digital Entertainment is the creators of the ever-popular Candy Crush game, boasting with more than 2.75 billion downloads since it was initially released within the mobile gaming industry. The company also developed a wide range of other extraordinary titles, including Bubble Witch, Farm Heroes, and Pet Rescue.

EA Mobile

As a popular video game creator, the company is also extremely profitable in the mobile gaming industry with games like Madden NFL and FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. The company made a jaw-dropping $637 million from the mobile market in 2017 alone and doesn’t show any signs of stopping.


The Developer Behind Castle Clash

The software developer behind the world-renowned Castle Clash mobile game is a company called IGG Inc. The company was initially established on 6 June 2006 and is currently headquartered in Singapore. However, there are also several IGG branches situated in other countries around the world, including Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Belarus, South Korea, Japan, Canada, China, and even the United States.

The IGG company primarily focused on the development and research of software and video games, but also provides other functions of business, including e-commerce, product promotions, and operations. The biggest products from IGG is by far mobile games with a wide range of extraordinary titles under its belt, such as Galaxy Online, Gods War Online, Deck Heroes, Clash of Lords, Castle Clash, Lords Mobile, and many others. IGG has also developed several streaming platforms over the years, including Pocketlive and WeGamers.

On 18 October 2013, the IGG company was listed on the Stock Exchange in Hong Kong, followed by an official transfer on 7 July 2015 from the GEM board to the renowned Main board. Their current stock number is 799 HK. The IGG company was also voted as one of the Most Promising HKEx companies in January 2016 during the 13th Financial Annual Champion Awards in China. What’s even more impressive is that IGG is currently ranked 17th in the Top 50 Global Mobile Gaming Companies in the world.

Free-to-play Model

Free-to-play, also referred to as FtP or F2P, essentially refers to video games that give gamers access to sizable content without the need to pay for it. Since the company was established, IGG games have continued to follow Freemium models, allowing players to enjoy a fully functional game, absolutely free. However, although the games are mostly freemium, it still offers upgradable content to players through microtransactions for added flexibility.

Non-Mobile Gaming Platforms

The IGG company has developed two non-mobile gaming products in 2015 and 2016, including Link Messenger and WeGamers, respectively. WeGamers is basically a social app which was launched in June 2016, assisting players to become more connected. Link Messenger is essentially a messenger app which was developed in December 2015, allowing players to message each other with game strategies or to simply have a chat. It’s also not limited to just the gaming community either.

List of Current Games

Since the company opened its doors in 2006, there has been tons of incredible games created and developed by IGG Inc. The enormous list of games include Battle Mobile, Lords Mobile, Clash of Deserts, Casino Deluxe, Galaxy Online 3, Final Fable, Clash of Mafias, Gods Rush, Deck Heroes, Bingo by IGG, Castle Clash, Clash of Lords, Clash of Lords 2, Kingdoms Online, Slot Machines by IGG, Galaxy Online 2, Wings of Destiny, Century War, Age of Titans, Texas Hold’em Poker Deluxe 2, GodsWar Online, Wonderland Online, Angels Online, and Voyage Century. The company also created an assortment of games from 2006 to 2015, but most of them aren’t available to play on mobile devices anymore.


The Best Mobile Games for iOS in 2018

If you consider yourself to be an avid gamer, there’s no better phone out there than the iPhone. With over a million apps to choose from, the gaming options are nearly limitless. However, finding the best games for your iPhone isn’t an easy task. Not every mobile game in Apple’s App Store is worth your time and money. Fortunately, we sorted through the sea of gaming titles to provide you with the best games on iPhone so you don’t have to. Whether you are looking for an epic game or merely want a casual puzzler, we got you covered.


HQ is essentially a trivia game where players will have the opportunity to win instant cash prizes. However, this is only possible when you complete 12 rounds. The game show is on every single day from around 9:00 pm with additional shows airing on weekdays at around 15:00 pm.

Pokémon Quest

This game will allow players to take cube-shaped Pokémon out for a little adventure. Players will also be able to search for hidden treasure on Tumblecube Island as well as battle it out with wild and dangerous Pokémon. The game also incorporates various Pokémon characters from both Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue.

The Game of Life

This is basically a board game that players can enjoy on the go. Players can experience every stage that comes with life, including attending college, starting a career, having a family, and more. You will also be able to enjoy playing with others thanks to an online multiplayer mode. Given the fact that the game takes an extremely long time to get anywhere, you will also appreciate the fact that it comes with a Fast Mode.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

This extremely popular game has been enhanced and remastered specifically for iOS devices. With more than 70 hours of entertaining gameplay, the San Andreas version of Grand Theft Auto will transport you back to the hood where you follow Carl Johnson as he makes his return in an attempt to salvage his life.

Heads Up

This is an extremely unique trivia game that incorporates a wide variety of accents, animals, celebrities, and more. You basically need to correctly guess the word on the screen by placing the phone on your forehead and using the clues from your friends to interpret the answer. 2

In this exciting mobile game, you will face other players to see who can capture the most territory. Each player will be assigned a specific colour, and you will need to use it to beat the other players around you. However, you will need to be rather strategic with where you are going cause if someone touches your tail, you will lose.


This is a phenomenal touch-controlled game featuring a boy wandering through a haunted jungle. The game doesn’t feature any dialogue or explanation and merely provides a ton of horrendous surprises along the way. This game will keep you entertained for hours on end while you figure out what is actually going on.


Castle Clash Fans Will Love Clash of Clans

Players addicted to mobile strategy games such as Castle Clash, Age of Empires, Clash Royale, and Boom Beach will instantly understand and take to the interactive, challenging Clash of Clans mobile game. Supercell developed four of the most popular and successful titles in mobile gaming world’s history, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Hay Day, and Clash Royale. With COC enjoying a substantive lead in popularity Supercell revealed the four games combined had an active player base in excess of 100 million players daily during August 2018, earning the company an estimated $19 million in monthly revenue.

With its 02/08/2012 release on iOS and 07/10/2013 launch on Android via Google Play makes it a relatively ancient game in mobile gaming terms. Despite being the oldest of the three Supercell games, Clash of Clans (CoC) have to date recorded well over 100 million downloads from Google’s Play store and holds 1st place on Apple’s all-time consumer spending list with over $4 billion earned to date, globally it remains one of the most played RTS multiplayer online only style games.

Attack Other Players to Protect Loot and Trophies

CoC players must build a base in an attempt to protect their loot and trophies against attacking players. The loot (Gold, Elixir & Dark Elixir) needed to further the growth and development of their own attack troops they must use to attack and raid enemy villages for additional loot and also to upgrade the defensive structures protecting their own village resources, both of which combined is responsible for the continuing increase in strength of each player base/village.

Aside from building their base, each player has to plan and design the defensive layout of their own base according to a strict set of challenging rules and constraints, implemented to keep bases competitively even and raidable by attacking players at the same development and power level. CoC provides players with massive levels of interactivity via challenges on all fronts of play since gameplay is online multiplayer only it never stops or sleeps and its global active player-base is so vast, virtually only three states of play exist, actively playing, defending against an attack, or shielded after a successful offensive attack.

Constant Activity Keeps Game Exciting

The game never stops, rests, or sleeps immaterial of your current levels of activity, many players stop playing for a week, month, or years only to return and start up as they just left since bases and their buildings automatically regenerate after any attack. Supercell also thoughtfully built in automatic guards to protect against addictive players, with automatically game booting them out after a specified time limit of being actively logged into the game and they will only be allowed to log back in after a certain amount of time has passed.

CoC also offers players not wanting to join a clan the freedom to play the game without any allegiances to a clan (war group allegiance), however, these unattached players cannot access or participate in Clan Wars or Clan Games as these challenge types purely aim to promote group participation.

The challenges do not simply stop at that, players also continually need to take part in events such as Clan Wars, a group (clan) effort to defeat enemy bases in player vs player battles against other clans in return for additional loot as a reward for the winning clan. Clan Games present all members of a clan with a series of points scoring challenges, where all participating clan members at the end of several days combined effort receive magical game boosters as a reward.

CoC gave rise to a vast number of interactive, supportive, advisory websites and remains one of the most fun, challenging games ever created!


Castle Builder Creates Interactive Video Game Slot

One trend in the world of online casino gaming is the creation of video slots that are interactive. The purpose of their design is to create user interest based on achievements, much in the same manner that video games do.

This has seen interest in this style of slot increase as it allows those who prefer to play slots casually that ability to become more immersed in the game without a large investment or risk factor. Most of those created, such Castle Builder provides a narrative storyline that focuses on a king from a far-away island that is looking to find husbands for his daughters. As you progress in the game by achieving tasks, the king builds castles for his daughters, and the further you advance, the grander the castles and awards that can be won.

Bonus Rewards

As with many video games, Castle Builder incorporates bonus features that increase the rewards that can be won. Those features include extra building materials such as bronze, silver and gold blocks. These are used to increase the value of the castles as they are built, and after completion, you are rewarded with a scene that shows the King and his daughters and then provided the opportunity to select one of the suitors. Each has its unique value and selecting correctly will increase the rewards one wins.

The Future of Online Gaming

The future of online casino gambling is rapidly changing. Slots such as Castle Builder are a precursor to what is to come as developers continue to work towards creating virtual reality casinos. While this is still in its infancy with only once virtual reality casino operating presently, more are to follow, and as it gains traction, it is expected to generate a younger audience of players that are more tech-savvy and comfortable with this technology.

The drawback to this is the additional investment in a virtual reality headset to allow for viewing. For some, that may turn them away, but as costs come down for headsets, its future looks bright. As this segment of the industry progresses, younger companies will release new games and technology that will meet the growing demands of a younger generation that are turned off by traditional style online casinos as they favour a more interactive experience that most present-day online casinos are unable to re-create.

Castle Builder is the brain work of Rabcat Gaming. It was produced on behalf of Microgaming, one of the largest online casino game companies in the world. With a portfolio of over 800 games, Microgaming is poised to be instrumental in the virtual reality side of the business however it is unknown whether they are in development to produce virtual reality software compatible for online casinos at this time.