eFootball PES 2020 Preview

The next instalment on the series of Pro Evolution Soccer simulators is ready to be released in a couple of weeks on the 10th of September. With the promise of more focus on esports gameplay, the next edition is bringing players various gameplay mechanical improvements. Let’s explore in more depth what players can expect of the next version of this development brought to players by Konami, already since before 1996.

Different Games Modes to Expect

The developers placed a lot more focused on multiplayer mode. This is done to play esports. However, it isn’t limited to multiplayer, and the game can be played alone as well. Another new addition to the upcoming release is the Matchday module. This mode allows players to choose sides and then they can work with their team in competing with another organization to earn a place in the grand finale.

Improved Technicalities to Deliver on Visual Brilliance

The graphics delivered are of brilliant quality, and it is genuinely representing a realistic image of the players. This is further improved with three-dimensional visuals and excellent animation. Even when it came to presenting the stadiums, an immense amount of detail went into the design to reflect a realistic display. Improvement was also made to the lighting system used as well as the turf quality.

Combining Realism and Ease of Play

The mechanics used is delivering on a perfect balance between creating an incredibly realistic representation of all the graphics, while yet staying focused on ease of play. Here many valuable improvements were made compared to the previous edition of the game. Players will find much greater comfort in guiding the ball, receiving the ball, goal situations have been improved and also passes. Players will also be able to outplay counterattacks easier, and they can make use of free space on the field for tactical play. New moves have been added, different ball strokes and dribbling are all additions to the previous release. In the Master League mode, mechanical changes were made to various areas, and players will experience an interactive new dialogue system as well and easier transfer management.

Taking Strides Forward in Competition to FIFA 20

Expect to choose from 13 teams on the roster, including Manchester United, Arsenal, Barcelona, Juventus as well as Bayern Munich. With this edition, it is clear that Konami is about licensing and bringing their fans the best there is. At this stage, it seems that the one thing which players would still like to achieve is a more straightforward addition of the tongue-twisting name to be able to give a hard blow to FIFA 20. That would always depend on what EA is having up their sleeve for their next edition. Either way, ePES 2020 delivers a powerful punch, and it might just be that Konami will be able to lure some EA fans.


2K20 to Include WNBA Teams for the First Time

The set release date for the 2K simulation game NBA 2K20 is 6 September 2019. Just about a month before release, 2K now announced that for the first time the 12 Women’s National Basketball Association teams, will be included as well. This NBA video game has been considered as one of the top-selling and top-rated presentations of the sport for nearly two decades.

Bringing the Women On Board

Many of the women playing for the WNBA teams, found their childhood inspiration playing this NBA game, brought to them by 2K. According to Los Angeles Sparks forward, Candace Parker, she and many of her fellow teammates grew up loving the game. Now, these players will become part of the game. Most of the female basketball superstars were scanned earlier during the year.

Some of the stars who were examined during this period include names like Breanna Stewart from Seattle Storm, Las Vegas Aces player A’ja Wilson and then also Candace Parker. 2K created some of the best realistic simulations by using cutting edge technology to capture motion. Parker also complimented 2K on doing a brilliant job of presenting women’s play with the simulation, and it is clear that they didn’t just switch the male characters for female characters. It seems that 2K managed to create a very realistic version of WNBA players and their gameplay.

The Fans Requested the Presence of the Women and 2K Responded

Jeff Thomas, the SVP of Development for Visual Concepts at 2K, said that the fans were requesting for a while already to be able to play as their favourite WNBA superstars. They had no choice but to deliver on the request. It was also a decision which made sense since EA already started to include the women’s teams in their FIFA releases, a couple of years ago. The process required a lot of work with the WNBA to be able to deliver on immaculate accuracy to bring players a realistic version of these stars. Now they are looking forward towards releasing their final product into the marketplace.

The WNBA’s Excitement

This is an excellent opportunity to bring these WNBA players of an elite standard some added exposure out there, were the thoughts shared by Cathy Engelbert, WNBA Commissioner. She considers the game not only as a great way to expand the superstar’s fan base, but also to be a great form of inspiration to young female athletes. Currently, WNBA is not receiving the same kind of exposure and support as the NBA, and the game is an excellent way of attracting more interest for future players. The game not only provides them with attractive role models but also allows them to be able to immerse themselves within the world of WNBA.

The horizons of women’s sports are continually widening, and it only fits that the same kind of exposure is presented in games as well.


Everybody’s Golf VR on PS4

During May Sony released their latest version of this golf game for PS4. It delivers on some improvements, great graphics and sound and excellent motion control. Expect to have hours of fun.

The game delivers graphics which resembles live on a golf course. An insect might fly into your face, you will have the typical background sounds, and especially when playing with a PSVR headset and headphones, you will feel like you are transported from your living room onto the greens. These sounds and images are never distracting you from play. An additional feature which adds to brining more reality to the game is that the franchise has shifted from their usual third-person view to a first-person perspective, which is creating a more faithful to life feeling.

Players will also find that the often-used three-click system used to swing your club has been replaced with using either the DualShock 4 or PlayStation Move Controller. Of these two the DualShock 4 Controller is much more effective although you will probably have to get used to it at first. The direction and distance which your balls go will be determined by how much force you put into the shot and in which way you’re direct it with your body. Still, the amount of energy is not even close to what you would use realistically on the course itself.

The motion control doesn’t only come to play on the swing, but also in the balls. Gravity is playing its natural role on shots, and they fall with an actual curve. Also when balls land on the course, it rolls according to a natural resistance one would expect, based and terrain and weather conditions.

Skill Levels and Choices

Players who are entirely new to the game have a choice of tutorials to learn from. For the less skilled players, options do exist like vacuum holes to assist with sucking the balls into the breach if it passes by close enough. More experienced players can increase the difficulty level with longer tees. Club choices can be made, and dominant hand preference can be shifted. The play also needs to be adapted to the conditions on specific courses. Windier seaside courses will require some smart play from your side. Unfortunately, there aren’t a wide variety of classes to play, and you will have to repeat the same holes many times to be able to unlock in-game rewards. This can become boring after a while.

The game also presents a strange absence of other golfers on the course, and it is only you and your caddy mostly on the course. You will be able to make some fashion changes on your caddy when unlocking some in-game rewards though. Still, the game is offering a lot of fun playtime and a great, although not necessarily true, golfing experience in your own home. More modes and options would have contributed to the fun factor, though.


The Most Expensive and Rarest Game Ever

Any collector would know the term “a Holy Grail” item. That one piece which isn’t only very hard to find, but also almost always costly. That piece which you absolutely must have to complete your collection. If collecting vintage video games is your passion, then Stadium Events is definitely on your lists of desired pieces, regardless of price.

Stadium Events

If you are lucky, you might be able to lay your hands on one of these carts for a mere $2 600, but you can much instead prepare to pay anything up to $41 300, with a buyer once purchasing only the box for $10 000. The price tag is driven by the fact that this is extremely rare. The game was released in 1987, and it was one of only a couple of games available in the USA. The game was developed for an American company’s Family Fun Fitness mat. The mat was a vital part since players jumped and ran on the carpet to make the characters move.

The mat was indeed much more than a rug, but a large plastic controlling device. In 1988 Nintendo purchased the rights of both the carpet and the game and re-released it under a new name. Now it was known as the WorldClass Track Meet with a Power Pad Controller. Then Nintendo went ahead and took all the previous released copies from the shelves, and it was destroyed to avoid market confusion. Two hundred copies were already sold, and somewhere in some household, the remaining 200 copies of Stadium Events were safely tucked away. Most collectors believe today that there might only be about 20 copies of the complete game, left in the world. Therefore the hefty price tag.

The most valuable part of the game is, however, the box. Complete boxes are the hardest to find since they are mostly ending up damaged and in the garbage bin. Therefore it is no surprise that someone was willing to cough up and entire $10 000 for the box alone.

An Unexpected Profit

In 2010 a lady from North Carolina was cleaning out some junk from her house and stumbled upon some Nintendo games. She decided to sell them on eBay and much to her surprise the offers for her copy of Stadium Events kept on climbing until she traded it for $13 105. Her success caught the attention of a gentleman who had a sealed copy of the game and wanted to donate it. He decided to sell it instead on eBay, and it was purchased for $41 300. This was because finding a box which is still sealed is an extreme rarity. The most exciting part of it all is that the same game only branded under Nintendo and sold in their masses, can be purchased on eBay for a mere $5. Being a rarity indeed drives the price of an item into unprecedented heights.


The Need for More Sports Gaming Memorabilia

To become half-decent in playing any sports video game, you probably have spent a vast amount of your life in front of the screen. Games get upgraded to better and faster versions with more realistic graphics and clear sound. Your memories remain, and it would be worthwhile to have some memorabilia to show for the achievement you had on games gone by.

A Market Open for Exploration

Stocking up on collectables of your favourite sporting team is nothing strange. With these can you hold on to those glorious moment spent next to the field, the grid or the ice. The same kind of adrenaline is experienced in front of a sporting video game. You spent hours in devotion to becoming a master in the digital universe. The game delivers on the same kind of joyous moments in victory as in real life, yet, the moments often remain nothing but memories without any collectables or memorabilia to hold on to forever.

Back in the day, there were some figurines available of characters from King Hippo and Little Mac. Also, Nintendo delivered to the gaming world a line of dolls from Zelda and Mario. Then there were the trophy pieces produces by Hasbro for Punch-Out!! Still, the hero for many was Mike Tyson, he just had to be won, and yet you can’t find any Mike Tyson figurines to lay your hands on.

Increased Value

Considering how scarce these collectables from games gone by are, it is no surprise that they are priced at much higher prices as when first released. Players who mastered the games which were out long before the days of brilliant graphics and multiple platforms need something to hold on to before the memories fail. This is a market to explore. To produce roughly anything related to sports video games, you would have to be licensed to be able to deliver. Licensing can also be a tricky spot. Not all companies are keen on selling licenses to others to produce their creations in collectable format. Whether Nintendo or Mike Tyson would be willing to agree is a topic which hasn’t even been touched on. The only certainty in this matter is that players who spent their days on these games would pay up, to hold on to these moments in history. Maybe a lucrative market or perhaps an older gamer’s dream, yet a market still waiting to be cornered.

To prove this statement, let us reflect on an auction held as recently as late last year. During this magnificent moment of being surrounded by various collectables and old coins, it was a copy of Super Mario Bros which raised the eyebrows — being sold for an amount in access of $100 000. Considering that the game is pretty much useless, yet if you have the cash to spend, way not. For in the industry of collecting sports video gaming memories, you are never sure whether any of these gems will cross your path again.


Oculus Rift- Bringing VR to Sports Games

During the first quarter of this year, the Rift was discontinued when its successor was released. With the Rift no longer available, the hunters of VR technology are all focused on the Oculus Rift. The Oculus Rift is bringing you the most brilliant VR experiences in many different game forms, but let’s explore some of the excellent sports games solutions they offer.

High-Intensity Action with BOXVR

This game brings a great deal of physical demand. With regular updates, BOXVR is keeping players involved and fit with rhythm-based boxing workouts. The game features three different options. The exercise is designed as a calorie busting fitness regime designed by leading fitness instructors. The train offers you the opportunity of training according to a specially designed boxing workout with your music pumping in your ears and Survive by far the toughest. You compete against an endless runner. BOXVR also allows you to record and track your progress and to create playlists of your choice to keep you going.

Stepping Back in History with VR Sports Challenge

Ever wondered what it felt like to be part of some of the greatest moments in sporting history? Then VR Sports Challenge is bringing you right into the virtual reality of experiencing it for yourself. With brilliantly designed touch controllers, you can immerse yourself in the moments of sporting greatness. Perform catches, pitches, dunks and swings effortlessly. With stadiums filled with fans cheering you on in victory or cursing you into eternity, the adrenaline rush is all yours. So step into the ballpark, gridiron or ice and be part of history.

Boxing Away in Knockout League

This game offers you a boxing game in arcade-style. This single-player game requires you to be light-footed. Moving around with your entire body to dodge and punch while operating the buttons to take you to victory. You can also be part of the team being drilled to perfection. A team is a group of characters created to entertain and to teach you different fighting styles. Keep on playing and become a champion in your own right.

Step onto the Court with NBA 2KVR Experience

Having none other than Paul George giving you advice and tips on the basketball court to prepare you for several mini-games in a series. This is fun accelerated to the highest level. With Gatorade boosts, you will have improved performance. Shoot hoops while the crowd’s roar. The game also offers different challenges from skills challenge to three-point shootouts and more. Buzz beater needs you to shoot as many hoops against a ticking clock. With ten balls available to shoot from anywhere on the court, it is game on.

Virtual reality is bringing a new and exciting dimension to gaming, which is continually being improved and updated. It requires a load more activity from players, and that is great. What we can say for sure is though that the best is yet to come.


Wrestle Revolution 3D on Steam and Android

The perfect solution if you have been dreaming about testing your capabilities and improving your skills inside of the ring or backstage. Check out the world of wrestling delivered on both Steam and Android.

Based on WWE

When stepping into the world of Wrestling Revolution 3D, you will have access to various fighters in many events, each with a certain kind of setting. These might be a cage, ring or double ring. The characters wrestling on your screen are based on real WWE stars even though in the game they bear different names because the game has never licensed by MDickie, developer of this wrestling wonder. However, if you are good enough, you will most definitely spot them for who they are.

On Steam

Players have a choice between either being in the ring or play as a booker backstage. You have the freedom to create a character according to your preference, and then the fighting begins. The world of Wrestling Revolution 3D offers players nine promotions to choose from playing with more than 300 others. This creates endless possibilities and a constant change. The game also makes use of a freestyle animation system. What it boils down to is, anything is possible and could happen at any moment. The arena that you are playing in is filled with weapons to use against the other fighters in the ring with you. When the levels are all fully unlocked, you can access a more inclusive editor which allows you to save the characters which you have created and then let them fight against each other. You can even add images and music to create an extensive wrestling experience of your choice.

On Android

Still the champion heavyweight wrestling game in the mobile industry. Even though the graphics are again running far behind what is technically possible and the expected norm. The game is as jam-packed with action and fun as always. Being able to play on either side of the curtain adds to its popularity and delivers more in-depth insight into the world of professional wrestling. Playing for free is excellent, but it is also good to know that you can upgrade to more a professional experience. Whether it is a wrestling career which you are entertaining or calling the backstage shots from the chair of the booker, you won’t stop.

Just Have Fun

The game delivers simple controls and easy play, whether you are behind a PC or on the go. After several improvements, the game is still not providing the best graphics, and the fighting moves can do with some revision, but it is undoubtedly not disappointing on the level of fun it brings. This has never been better testified to than with the number of downloads that it has received over the years. Currently still outperforming other licensed WWE and UFC games by far.


Best Wrestling Games for Android

WWE is as popular as ever and as a fan, you are probably playing it whenever you can on PC or console, but what are the best-wrestling games for your Android device? What can you play when you are on the go? There are unfortunately not a large variety to choose from. Let’s explore some of the best.

WWE Mayhem

Based on the format of an arcade style wrestling game this game includes many WWE stars from past and present. You have simple controls and other entertaining gameplay tricks and mechanics. Regular events take place, and you have the option of online multiplayer, collecting wrestling stars and then wrestling them. The game does come with many freemium elements which cut into the fun factor. It is not the same as playing the game on a console, but still, it makes for good fun on the go.

WWE Champions

Again there are some freemium elements which we all want to escape from, but otherwise, this game makes for great fun. It is a puzzle-fighter hybrid, and by matching three shapes, you enable your wrestling stars to perform. Whoever empties their bars first are the losers. In between a whole lot of cheese, considering it is a wrestling game, you will find great entertainment within a simple WWE game.

WWE Slam

Including wrestlers from the past and the present, this is a relatively new game for mobile devices. It boils down to be a card-collecting game which brings you original content as every WWE Pay-Per-View event occurs. The controls are easy to learn and operate, but the game does take some time to get used to since they bring you quite a lot of action and many things are going on at once. You can play online and trade cards with others. Yes, it is a freemium game, but it is still fun to play.

WWE Universe

Here you will find wrestlers from periods of WWE history from back in the day to today. Simple controls offer you the ability to let them make real moves to have real fights. If you are a player preferring console games you might find the game relatively slow, but if you are looking for a fun and straightforward option for your Android device and getting some social gaming in, then this is what you are looking for. Online PvP is available, and you will find an authentic to live wrestling experience in the palm of your hand.

WWE SuperCard

For the card collectors among us. 150 WWE stars from all eras are waiting to be collected. When you have them in your collection, you can let them into the ring for a fight. Online PvP is included. You also have royal rumble options for as many as 15 cards and exciting wild mode option. Brought to you by freemium, this is an action-packed option with loads of entertainment and possibly the highlight on this list depending on your preferences. Enjoy playing.


Behind the Scenes of FIFA 20

During the previous financial year, EA’s record indicates that the number of players on FIFA 19 and FIFA 18 on both console and PC combined was more than 45 million. Their sales outnumber any other console game, and the success of these games are internationally recognized. During the development of the first-ever FIFA soccer game, Jan Tian was the lead programmer and the man behind the creations.

Jan Tian

Tian grew up in China and loved soccer, but was never great at it. He realized early on that if he wants to keep up with the rest of his team, he had to think about what to do and what to avoid continually. This is the skill that he has mastered at a very young age, and what he claims is the skill that helped him to create the best soccer game ever.

During 1993 Tian was employed by FIFA International Soccer as their lead programmer for the first ever soccer video game they were planning on launching. Since then the sport evolved through several stages to become the video game franchise, which is the best-selling of all times. His primary responsibility was the development of the game’s artificial intelligence and determining where the players would be on the field, what they were doing, and how they would react at any given moment. It is based on this DNA which Jan Tian has instilled in the original game that there has been built upon with much better-developed technology to bring players FIFA 20.

Giving Players Carte Blanche

According to EA FIFA executive producer, Aaron McHardy, the main goal of the game is to enable players to have the freedom to decide for themselves what would happen during the 90 minutes of the game. Players should be able to create their game plan and do the things they want to. Thanks to the constant development of gameplay technology, these characteristics of the game could be improved.


Building on previous performances of FIFA 18 where seven billion games were played and FIFA 19 being a top seller, FIFA 20 was developed in England by two designers before being handed over to Vancouver where a very experienced team completed the development. Interestingly though is the fact that Canada is one of the countries in the world where soccer is not the most popular sport. At Burnaby campus where FIFA 20 was developed, it is a different story though. The university which is 400 000 square foot in size has its soccer pitch.

From the days when this game was played arcade-style, it has now developed into a true to life experience which is available on various platforms with various modes available to choose from. One of the exciting features is the Global Series. In this online tournament, more than 60 countries are represented as competitors.

Both Tian and McHardy managed to develop their way of thinking in the game of soccer, combined with cutting edge technology available to create this world-famous bestselling entertainment.


Best Baseball Games for PC

Those playing PlayStation much enjoys MLB the Show, but what about those playing on PC? Those excited about being involved in baseball from a position in front of their screens, don’t have many options available. Often baseball games for PC aren’t well advertised, and you need to search a little deeper to find them. Mostly it is smaller studios bringing you the best in baseball games for PC. Some popular options include the following.

MVP Baseball 2005

Yes, you’ve read it correctly. This game is indeed 14 years young and still a widely enjoyed treasure in the leagues of PC baseball. Developed by EA Sports many moons ago. EA Sports was the best-known name in the world of PC. Gaming. They were so well recognized because they brought players games that were worth their time playing. Their gaming represents a full baseball experience, and it is licensed too, meaning you will be able to find over 1000 players from the 30 teams as well as all the stadiums of that time. The game offers different modes, and it all was included in the box that you bought, you didn’t have to make extra purchases later on. Thus they have earned the respect of both fans buying more than 1 million boxes within the first six months from its release as well as by authorities. ESPN ranked it as the 4th Best sports video game in 2013.

RBI. Baseball 18

The more recently released RBI. Baseball 18 was developed by MLB Advanced Media Division, the in-house studios of MLB. Fully licensed, yet a simple game with easy controls. You will recognize the players, and they did put a lot of effort into the graphics and even went so far to use real pictures of players in the tables and menus. Two fun options are the Franchise mode and Player Progression System. In Franchise mode, players shift into the position of manager and can sign agents or make trades between teams. In the Player Progression System, players can be creative and built their character. This character’s career can be followed until the end of his play days in RBI. Baseball 18. The game does include regular roster updates reflecting real-life events like players shifting teams. Although the game never received any great commentary and was not nearly as well received as MVP Baseball 2005, it is an excellent option if you have none other.

Out of the Park Baseball 19

Looking for a game to download onto your PC? Then this might be what you are looking for. It differs entirely from other games since in this one you are in the manager’s position making decisions to benefit your team and leading them to victory. Be warned; this game requires commitment and time. You will be in charge of running an entire organization. They have recently improved the appearance of the players and gave them more capabilities and hence increased the fun factor. For an in-depth involvement in running a team, this game is a brilliant option with excellent ratings.