Vince Zampella Heads Dice Los Angeles

Shocking news was confirmed today by executives at Electronic Arts, noting that Vince Zampella will take priority leadership of the Dice Studio in Los Angeles. This comes after EA purchased Danger Close Games in 2013, immediately rebranding themselves as Dice LA. Acquisition rights came after Medal of Honor: War Fighters, which performed less than admirably to investors. Since Dice Los Angeles began operations, they’ve assisted in the development of three Battlefield titles and Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. The revelation that Vince Zampella would be heading this studio first broke through the Los Angeles Times, with EA quickly confirming the rumours shortly afterwards.

Vince Zampella will remain as the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Respawn Studios, which develops the Titanfall and Apex Legends series. His priorities for the next twelve months remain with Dice LA, who is rumoured to be creating an original property that will be similar in context to Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. This would mark the first new IP from Dice Studios in more than a decade.

Vince Zampella noted that his first actions as the Chief Executive Officer for Dice LA would be to rebrand their image. Instead of being a subsidiary, Zampella wants this development studio to become a formidable destination where designers can grow their content. He noted that the branding maintained with Dice Stockholm could not be managed in the United States market. He expressed that the Stockholm division has accepted this fact, allowing him to take reigns over the rebranding phase.

The New IP

Electronic Arts in their confirmation announced noted that Dice Los Angeles would be developing a new game. However, this confirmation didn’t mention if it’ll be from a previous existing franchise or under a new international property. The CSO for EA noted that she believes Zampella has the talent required to guide this studio into greatness. Laura Miele expressed that over time, they will maintain a formidable studio that represents creativity and innovation. If these hopes and dreams become a reality, then Dice LA could become one of the most significant development studios in North America.

Vince Zampella guaranteed reporters that the direction maintained for Dice LA’s rebranding would be exclusive to themselves, meaning it won’t relate to Dice Stockholm or Respawn Entertainment. There are some concerned that Zampella would have the required energy to operate two studios, with his time being spent managing potentially thousands of employees and hundreds of projects.


Xbox Series X Pre-Order Details

The Microsoft Corporation announced its next-generation video game console last month. It’s slated to release next year for the holiday season, providing direct competition to Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5. Typically when a new product is announced, the company allows for immediate pre-orders. However, Microsoft is waiting for pre-orders to become available. This internal choice was made for the benefit of consumers, ensuring that their awareness of what they’re acquiring when purchasing this console. This comes after many details regarding the console weren’t provided at The Game Awards, with the physical design being the only thing showcased.

Additional information on the console has been released since the Game Awards. It’s known that the updated Xbox Controller will be similar to the PlayStation, maintaining a share button beside the logo. It’s known that the upcoming Share feature won’t operate in the same manner as PlayStation, focusing on a cloud-based platform. This means consumers can share their video game footage throughout multiple platforms, not just Facebook and Twitter. However, the one lacking piece of information if the price tag for this console. It’s anticipated that consumers won’t know the price tag until the 2020 E3 Expo in California, where visitors can test out the Xbox Series X firsthand. This is an internal strategy.


The Microsoft Corporation hasn’t provided any details on the pricing for their upcoming console, with rumours suggesting that two models are being released. One model will be cheaper with 4K Capabilities, with the other supporting 8K Visuals and additional RAM. Most analysts presume that the first model will cost $500.00, with the second model ranging from $800.00 to $1,000.00. It should be noted that internal sources with the Microsoft Corporation haven’t confirmed or denied the allegations that two models will be released in the holiday season of 2020.

It’s been implemented by internal sources, such as Phil Spencer, that the Xbox Series: X enables the corporation to create numerous models when they need to. This suggests that secondary models will be released at some point going forward. Pricing on these models is still being debated by executives, which could be prompting the delays. Phil Spencer noted that multiple factors apply to the associated cost, including Donald Trump’s Trade War or Manufacturing Delays.

Game Details

Fans of Microsoft’s consoles have waited for an announcement on their initial lineup of launch games, with that information being minimal as well. Rumours suggest that the 5th Gears of War game could be ported over, with no confirmation from the developer’s insight. It’s known that a new Tomb Raider game is in development but isn’t slated to release until 2021. Unfortunately, the lineup of available games with the Xbox Series: X looks to be limited.


Pokemon Go – Buddy Edition

Fanatics of Pokemon Go have something to look forward to in 2020. The Pokemon Company and Niantic announced an expansion to their mobile game, which is called Buddy Adventures. It will enable consumers to engage with their favourite Pokemon in ways never expected. Additional benefits with this expansion upgrade include numerous perks and new additions to the Pokemon Index. This information was provided through a heartwarming trailer by Niantic. It featured gameplay and displayed the new features coming in 2020, with Niantic claiming that this upgrade will allow players to genuinely experience what it’s looked to explore a world with Pokemon.

The Artificial-Reality game will enable consumers to feed their Pokemon, bathe them, take care of them, and protect them from unwanted circumstances. This will work in a similar context to Tamagotchi, which was a famous toy-brand back in the early 2000s. Depending on the level of your buddy, they can assist players with in-game tasks. Standard buddies engage with players on the map view, with the next level-up allowing for these Pokemon to help in battle. The Ultra Buddy is the final level, where they will assist in combat and also bring players specialized gifts.

Levelling Up

The level of your buddy will be displayed to other online players with a specialized Ribbon Band. Considering Pokemon can be your best friend and this game is the most engaging ever released in the franchise, it’s anticipated that this add-on will be experienced by millions worldwide. By earning more hearts, you will increase your Pokemon buddy’s affection to you and slowly begin levelling up.

Earning these hearts requires walking your Pokemon, feeding them, petting them, and making them feel unique with pictures. Reaching the maximum Pokemon Buddy level enables for those unique critters to inform their owners of specialized pitstops or candy on their walk. Included in this upgrade will be the re-design of the Buddy Profile. Instead of displaying simplistic statistics, this profile will now showcase your Pokémon’s mood and affection meter. Overall, these added features will create more versatility for Pokemon Go. Niantic didn’t provide an exact date as to when the update will be released to Android and Apple handsets.


Story DLC Coming to Outer Worlds

The Game Awards ended last week, with numerous developers releasing new information on upcoming games or DLC Installments. This award show also saw the announcement of Microsoft’s Next-Generation console. However, one of the most exciting pieces of information provided was through Obsidian. This developer noted that they have additional story content being released for The Outer Worlds in 2020. Considering this was one of the most popular games in 2019, fans have quickly responded with their joy and excitement.

This game saw some of the highest-rated player reviews in existence. The Space-RPG has received numerous awards from IGN, GamesRadar, and GameInformer. These positive reviews come from the extensive writing displayed throughout the story-based narrative. It’s also because of the advanced role-playing systems, expansive world, and unique weaponry available to players. Unfortunately, it’s unknown how Obsidian will upgrade upon these systems with the DLC.

Obsidian Entertainment didn’t provide any details regarding their first round of downloadable content for The Outer Worlds. They only noted that the story is being expanded and that additional news will be provided through the game’s forum. Die-hard fans who have completed the Outer Worlds were disappointed by the lack of information.

Obsidian’s Awards

The Outer Worlds has received critical acclaim, and for a good reason, it’s an experience that’s best compares to Mass Effect 2. This has allowed Obsidian Entertainment to receive the Best Narrative, Best RPG, Best Performance, and Game of the Year. When receiving their award, the staff behind Obsidian Entertainment spoke to the audience. They mentioned how they’re grateful for the support and voters that they’re shocked by the reception received from the Outer Worlds. At the Game Awards Show, the development team revealed that the journey isn’t over and that the Halcyon Narrative will continue in Mid-2020.

It should also be noted that Obsidian Entertainment also announced that The Outer Worlds is being released to the Nintendo Switch in 2020, which will give die-hard fans a portable rendition to experience virtually anywhere. Those wanting to experience the Outer Worlds today can do so on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or PC via Steam


Redbox Stops Supplying Games

Redbox is leaving the video game rental organization, the business validated to The Edge on Monday. In a declaration, Redbox states it is completely transitioning out of the video games organization to concentrate solely on films.

Some Reddit individuals first discovered the other day that Redbox rental stands were no more providing computer game services. This was confirmed through Twitter by Redbox, with them indicating that video game services are no more readily available. In its tweet, Redbox stated that you might still get video games up until a very early following year. Yet the business cleared up to The Edge in its declaration that you’ll have the ability to purchase video games from a Redbox stand “with completion of the year.”

The adjustment is unsatisfactory for players that depend on Redbox as a practical means to rent out video games. With Redbox no longer supplying leases, as well as the fatality of rental shops. There aren’t lots of neighbourhood locations to delicately surf and also rent out a video game any longer. One leasing alternative is to sign up for a mail-rental solution like Game Fly. However, those usually featured a regular monthly price as well as might not send you the precise video game you desire right when you want it.

If you do have a Redbox near you that used video games, you may be able to obtain a bargain on some video games before they vanish from the stands for life at the end of the year. Redbox informs us that it will undoubtedly use Fatality Stranding as well as Jedi: Fallen Order for $39.99.

Video game Deals

It’s the weekend break– the ideal time to calm down with a videogame and also invest a couple of hrs playing online sporting activities sphere, competing or dealing with terrorists via the roads of Counterfeit Chicago. Regardless of where your pc gaming passions exist, I have obtained a bargain for you. This weekend break, Target is running a buy-two-get-one computer game offer on a big stock of titles. In reality, there are over 600 video games overall. If you have actually been holding off on getting a pair of brand-new video games, currently is your minute, given that you can obtain 3 for the cost of 2.


Titanfall 2 Available for Free

PlayStation Plus has provided gamers with dozens of free games throughout the PS4’s generation lifecycle. The most recent game to be offered for December is Titanfall 2, one of the highest-rated shooters released for the console in past years. Though this title didn’t sell to the expectations of Electronic Arts and Respawn Studios, it was an entry in the series that was praised by game reviewers.

This PlayStation Plus, free game of the month offer, is available to Australian players exclusively. Those wanting to download the second entry in this franchise will have to wait until December 3rd. If one free game wasn’t enough, the region of Australia is also receiving Monster Energy Supercross. It’s rare to see two notable games released in one month by PlayStation Plus. However, the holidays bring good cheer and wish to even the biggest of corporations.

The History of Titanfall

The universal praise that Titanfall 2 received came too late, causing their sale figures to be lacklustre. The developers at Respawn Entertainment are the original creators behind Call of Duty, which meant their previous popularity almost guaranteed that both entries in the franchise would perform at high percentages. Unfortunately, Activision stole the mechanics from the Titanfall franchise, which forced their reputation to drop tenfold. This didn’t stop Respawn Studios from fighting back, as they created Apex Legends, which has grown to become one of the highest-grossing games throughout 2018 and 2019.

The first entry into the Titanfall series could of lead to the popularity decline with the sequel. It was plagued in controversy for providing smaller multiplayer lobbies, allowing for a maximum of six players per team. This issue was solved with the introduction of bots, which could be killed for multiplayer points. What benefited the multiplayer game’s experience was the introduction of Titans, which acted as an oversized mechanical super-soldier. The battles between titans throughout the 1st and 2nd game is considered to be some of the best multiplayer experiences available on the PlayStation 4.

When the second game arrived, everything had changed in favour of the community. Respawn Entertained created a single-player experience that was profound and mimicked throughout the multiplayer mode. Lobby sizes were increased, and thousands returned to the franchise. Today, the game remains popular amongst fans of the franchise. Those owning PlayStation Plus in Australia should download this game immediately, with install times varying between one to ten hours, depending on internet speeds.


Amazons Digital Black Friday Game Deals

One of the biggest shopping days worldwide is nearly here, with all large retail chains promoting their sales for Black Friday. Hundreds of thousands of gamers have waited for Amazon to release their online flyers for Black Friday, and on November 20th, the online retailer listed multiple disc-based and digital-based games, which will be for sale on Black Friday. These sales apply to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Personal Computer, Capcom Digital Games, Square Enix Digital games and 2K Digital Games. The listed games include modern titles released in 2019 and numerous other games throughout the last decade.

Digital gamers will be looking towards Amazon with the recent growth of cloud gaming. Amazon recently announced their tech department is creating a service similar to Google’s Stadia. How these Black Friday digital games are sold and produced through their respective live services will give players an early insight as to how Amazon’s Cloud Gaming service will operate. Below we have listed the available games on sale for Black Friday at Amazon.

The Games

Two recently released games are on sale for the Xbox One through Amazon’s Black Friday Days. Players can receive 33% off Borderlands 3 and the Outer Worlds. Xbox One is the largest live service selected for digital game sales. Red Dead Redemption 2 for the Xbox One is 50% and so if Grand Theft Auto V, making GTA cost less than $15.00 for a bundled edition. Resident Evil Two is listed at 67% off, with the Devil May Cry HD Special Edition presented at 60% off. The only single PC title that’s for sale with Amazons Digital Games selection is Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition, which is 90% off the regular asking price.

Amazon is working with the Rockstar Digital Games for Xbox, Capcom Digital Games, Square Enix Digital Games and 2K Digital Games for PC. These digital game services and Amazon are providing flat rate savings on all their respective titles. Rockstar/2K Games is 70% off on the Xbox One and 60% off for the PC. All Capcom Digital Games are 80% off, with Square Enix Titles being 90% off the asking price. Additionally, players can save 10% on NBA 2K20 for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Before purchasing any digital games from Amazon, we recommend that our readers review the sales from other online retailers like Walmart or Target. Steam, Xbox and PlayStation will also operate their own Black Friday sales through their online stores as well.


Uncharted Movie Shaping Up

After years of deliberation, the Uncharted Movie is nearly entering production stages. It was just announced that Mark Wahlberg would take on the role of Victor Sullivan, with Tom Holland set to play Nathan Drake. The news of Wahlberg joining the cast has excited many, as he’s an instrumental role in the growth and mentoring of Nathan Drake. Sony’s upcoming adaptation of the video game franchise will have similar tones to Indiana Jones.

This film has had multiple setbacks since it was first revealed back in 2009. There have already been three directors for this film, indicating that Sony isn’t willing to divert from the original subject matter of Uncharted. Subsequently, the Director of Stranger Things has left the project. Shawn Levy was replaced by the director of Black Mirror, Dan Trachtenberg. He left the project in October and was then replaced by the director of Bumblebee, Travis knight. This is the best decision, as Bumblebee is a video game-esc film that is forced to stay within its subject matter.

Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland are considerably younger than Victor Sullivan and Nathan Drake in the Uncharted video games. However, the games often go back decades in the storyline to show different ages in both characters. Fans of the game anticipate that from the casting, this film will take place around the period when Nathan Drake was living at the Saint Francis Boy’s Home. This would be the period where Samuel and Nathan Drake found out that their mother was a famous explorer, one who found the most celebrated pirate treasure in history. There hasn’t been any confirmation that Samuel Drake will be a part of the Uncharted Movie Plotline.

The Games

There has been a total of five games in the Uncharted Franchise, with four of them centred around Nathan Drake and his friends. The highest-rated games in the franchise include Among Thieves and A Thief’s End. Anyone who hasn’t experienced these titles before can anticipate a third-person adventure game that takes players around the world in search of treasure. Along the way relationships are formed, enemies are revealed, and riches are found.

The Uncharted Game Franchise has been one of PlayStation’s highest-selling. It’s estimated that more than 100 million copies have been sold, with an average price of $60.00. It’s not surprising that Sony would want to create a Hollywood Franchise based around Nathan Drake. Employing Tom Holland enables the Uncharted Movies to potentially go forward for decades, with the same applying for Mark Wahlberg.


Perfect Simulation Games

Your curiosity turned into intrigue, and then it turned into being convinced, the results were you spoiling yourself to a brand new console, and now you don’t know where to start. The names of the leaders of the pack are known, but maybe FIFA or Madden or 2K isn’t necessarily the best play to become acquainted with your new best friend. Following is a list of the best games to use as a platform to take off from on your entertaining and enticing journey of sports games. Play on.

Mario Tennis Aces

It is cute, but more so, Mario is delivering on one of the best tennis games on the market. It is easy to pick up, and you can start to play immediately. In combination with the ease to play, it also delivers a certain degree of depth to accommodate your progressing skills. The single-player mode is the place to get familiar with the skills and techniques, but playing either with friends or online will enable you to battle it out and show off your abilities. Indeed an actual game of tennis excellently presented through animation.

Tokyo 2020

The Summer Olympics is slowly becoming more visible on the horizon as the 2020 event is now less than a year away. Tokyo 2020 is the perfect way for the couch athlete in you to partake in the excitement and adrenaline. With a choice of more than 20 events, including various track events, swimming, boxing and basketball and volleyball, the entertainment level is high while the ease of play is significant, and a wealth of content will keep you engaged for much longer than what it takes for the real-life athletes to battle it out for gold and glory in Tokyo.

Golf Story

Do you own a Nintendo Switch? Then golf glory is a great way to immerse yourself into this gentleman’s sport. Even those who couldn’t find any joy between the 18 holes on the actual greens, will still be entertained. It is more of a role-playing game (RPG) than a real golf game, but the game is simple, offers loads of flexibility, and the golf mechanics are superb. Follow the storyline while improving your skills through multiple rounds.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Recently improved to up the level of entertainment, this game which was always in the shadows of the Mario Kart series now moved into its right and it is shining. The visuals were improved and appear to be great, and the core of any racing game is speed, which feels much faster after some tweaking was done to the game. It offers flexibility in the sense that it is available on all three of the leading consoles. If Gran Turismo is not the place where you find yourself in the racing scene, then surely Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled is worth a test drive, and very possibly this will become your ride of entertainment.


PlayStation 5 coming in 2020

During April this year, Sony announced that its newest next-generation console is in the development process. This week they had attached date and a name to this new development when they announced that the PlayStation 5 console would be launched during the holidays or 2020. This left fans excited about the future of gaming, ready to be unpacked under the 2020 Christmas tree.

Sony’s PlayStation entered the market in 1994. Since then it never once wowed their fans with some super exotic names. They just stuck to numbers to indicate the next-generation console on the shelves. This new release is no different and was indeed announced to be called PlayStation 5.

New Features

When the launch date and name were announced, Sony also revealed some upgrades on the new console and brand new features that fans can expect. Two new additional features are dominating the expectations for the new device. One is the haptic feedback. This will replace the usual rumble vibration of its predecessors and offers a broader range of feedback. Players will, for example, now be able to experience a difference in the input when involved in a car crash versus playing sports and being tackled to the ground.

Another feature has been introduced to the audience as an adaptive trigger. In the L2/R2 buttons, players will be able to experience a much closer resemblance to certain tactile sensations. An example would be the sensation of drawing a bow from an arrow or driving on rocky terrain in an off-road vehicle and then accelerating. Sony made these changes to deliver on the more realistic and robust gaming experience.

Feedback From Wired

Wired had the privilege of an exclusive peek at the new controller, and they reported that the new console is bearing a lot of resemblance to its predecessor. The console would be equipped with a bigger battery and also had some improvements to its speakers. Sony also moved to USB-C input to charge the device. Between Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, and Mark Cerny, the systems architect, specific details were revealed.

They stated that in the GPU hardware, the console would make use of ray-tracing acceleration. This hardware feature will assist with audio effects primarily when used in a 3D environment as well as with intricate lighting. Another addition is a new solid-state drive to improve the speed of loading and efficiency, and as a result, games will take up less space. The console will make use of the ordinary 100GB Blu-ray discs. This came rather unexpectedly though since there are so many video game streaming services available.

Sony was absent during this year’s E3, and this left a space wide open for Microsoft to announce their next-generation console about to hit the market. Their new device is the follow up on the Xbox One and will be called Project Scarlett.