Crash Bandicoot Reboot Coming to PS4 and Xbox One

Adult gamers worldwide have rejoiced at leaked documents that indicate a 4th Crash Bandicoot game is slated to release later this year. Mistakenly announced through the Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee, this new entry into the PS1/PS2 franchise is named “Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time”. Descriptions regarding the game have also been released, with some speculating this title was digitally photoshopped to garner popularity behind the concept of a 4th entry. That’s because the description is shares similarities to the upcoming “Ratchet & Clank” game for the PlayStation5.

The description first suggests that Crash Bandicoot is exploring his home island during 1998, meaning worlds that players were introduced to during the PS1 & PS2 will be remanufactured for the PS4. Crash Bandicoot is exploring the Lani-Loli Cave when locating a “Quantum Mask”. Working similar to the Aku-Aku Mask seen in the initial trilogy, Quantum Masks allow for Crash to traverse multiple dimensions by creating Rifts. This enables the infamous Bandicoot to meet various new friends & enter new landscapes never-before-seen in this franchise.

Crash Bandicoot is created by Naughty Dog, a developer that’s exclusive to Sony Computer Entertainment. This means their games are available for PlayStation Consoles & don’t traverse over to other hardware. Considering that these leaked documents indicate that “Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time” will release for the Xbox One, dedicated supporters behind Naughty Dog don’t believe this announcement to be genuine.

The Hope

Some gamers suggest that Naughty Dog hinted towards the development of Crash Bandicoot 4, with Activision also teasing the existence of a new entry last week. Puzzles were sent to Video Game Reporters, with its packaging noting that the gift is from Crash Bandicoot himself. If these rumours are correct, then it’d mark the 1st time that Naughty Dog has sold their property to another institution. It’s unlikely they developed this title after spending years working on The Last of Us Two, which has received negative reviews from 150+ thousand gamers.

There is still hope that these leaked documents are genuine & that a 4th entry in the Crash Bandicoot Saga is returning. It’d allow Adult Gamers to introduce their children to a franchise that defined their childhood. Crash Bandicoot would also set Naughty Dog as a developer & PlayStation as a video game console.