Cyberpunk Developers Donate to Covid-19 Relief Aid

CD Project Red announced that they’d provided the equivalent of USD 1 Million to Polish Healthcare Professionals. This video game developer transferred those funds into the national currency, providing this industry with 4 Million Polish Zloty. Donations were provided amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic, which has begun affecting the Poland region. CD Project Red is infamous in both these countries, with them having developed the Witcher Franchise and the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077.

This information was provided through the LinkedIn Page of Marcin Iwinski, the Co-Founder of CD Project Red. Details noted that CD Project Red partnered with a charity organizer, which roughly translates to “The Great Christmas Charity Orchestra”. They typically provide musical venues to rural locations during the holiday season, acquiring donations to assist other charities in Poland. They’ve reformatted their efforts towards helping with the Covid-19 Medical Relief Aids. Contributions were collectively agreed upon by the CD Project Red Board of Directors & Shareholders.

150+ Intensive Care Unit Beds were recently purchased through the GCCO for hospitals in Poland. They’ve also purchased 50+ thousand singular-use protection equipment masks for medical workers. This’ll enable for increased protection, with global suppliers being unable to reach overwhelming demands. Distributed funds through the $1 Million Donation will be determined through the Polish Ministry of Health. This’ll allow the funds to assist the hot zone locations through Poland. It should be noted that 1000+ confirmed cases of Covid-19 have infected Poland, with fourteen individuals dying from the virus.

The LinkedIn Update expressed thanks towards the numerous brave souls that are taking Covid-19 on in the worst conditions seen in the modern medical era. Marcin Iwinski noted that he hopes these funds will enable Polish doctors to defeat Covid-19.

CD Project Red Employees Working from Home

Another element towards Marcin Iwinski’s efforts towards limiting the spread of Covid-19 included sending employees home. Personal systems were upgraded, with additional equipment being delivered to these employees addresses. It’s enabled CD Project Red to continue development on Cyberpunk 2077, while also ensuring their employee’s safety. Infrastructures were also improved to ensure company-wide communication didn’t falter. It’s been noted that employees are keeping morale high by engaging in diverse conversations regarding Cyberpunk 2077s unique atmosphere.