Destiny 2 Production Director Provides Update

Bungie, the company behind Destiny 2, is finally revealing its plans for the long awaited update to its most popular game. This comes on the heels of an increase in players being unsatisfied and the company inviting feedback via a recent blog post it made titled ‘This Week At Bungie’  on what they think it should include in the future

Commenting on the list of concerns, the director of production, Justin Truman said; “There’s been a growing list of concerns with the game lately: Trials, the rise in cheaters, our new Seasonal model, the balance between rewards you earn vs. items you buy. We’ve been closely watching and discussing each of these topics as we read your feedback.

Truman added; “When our community managers relay that everyone at Bungie is listening, I assure you, we are … But fixing these issues isn’t good enough if we keep you in the dark the whole time, so we’re going to try something a little different. Every week for the rest of this season, we’ll have updates from different members on the dev team covering the most important topics in Destiny right now, and what we’re planning to do about them.”

Based on this, it is expected that a large number of the changes that will be discussed by Bungie in the weeks ahead may not come into fruition when it next season is released in the fall, which ultimately could be delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, whatever is added in terms of fresh content could see the quality of life changes as the company already has stated that season 11 would bring together the disparate elements.

If there is nothing else, at least with the latest happenings, there is hope that the next season will be superior to that of the Season of Worthy and the Season of the Dawn. More so, with the company finally breaking its silence, there is hope that whatever is next to come will improve on the failures of Year 3.

Destiny 2’s Failed Seasons

The latest season of Destiny 2’s, the Season of the Worthy, gave players what most did not want to see, which essentially was more of the Season of Dawn. It did little to change the core gameplay and while it added in Trials of Osiris, the problems that existed in the previous year were still present as were several others, which seems typical in Destiny.

What is clear at this point is that Bungie used it as a template for Year and what also is clear is less played are keen on it. That has not gone unnoticed by Bungie, and that is what is leading players to have hope that the news they get will be good news. That payoff, if it is good news, could be the best seen to date for the series.