EB Games Shutting Down All Canadian Stores

There have been multiple controversies surrounding the GameStop corporation and how they’ve handled the coronavirus pandemic. They initially refused to shut down their stores under the advice of government politicians. Conference calls were then leaked, where executed denied employed wagers for refusing to work during Covid-19. These conference calls also revealed that stores would remain open under potential outbreak conditions and that quarantined employees with Covid-19 wouldn’t receive their salaries.

After receiving continued backlash against their actions from customers and employees, the GameStop Corporation announced that their closing stores across California. These closures will extend to their subsidiary corporation in Canada known as EB Games. All locations under the EB Games brand will be shut down across Canada. It should be mentioned that this gaming retail store believed their products to be essential, refusing to shut down operations against the CDCs advice. Significant fines could’ve ensued for the GameStop Corporation if they didn’t implement these closures. It’s expected that additional closures will be implemented across America.

Lineups Before Closures

When Canadian Gamers heard that all EB Games Locations would be closing by midnight on March 21st, hundreds ignored the policies of government officials. They began lining up for the latest title released by the Nintendo Company. These actions have prompted public shaming against individuals attending EB Games across Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary. Politicians publicly shaming these individuals included John Tory and Doug Ford. The potential spread of infection was because of Animal Crossing – New Horizons.

Individuals that attended these EB Games lineups waited upwards of an hour or longer before being permitted into the respective locations. Gamers were interviewed on their concerns with the virus, with some saying they’ve remained self-isolated for three weeks. Most of the players noted that after this purchase, they’d return out in public only for essential items to live. Considering that the time for social distancing is now in America, there’s been a substantial backlash from major communities across Canada. Passerby’s seeing extensive lineups cursed these individuals for risking the lives of elderly citizens.

Even mother nature disapproved of their decisions, creating a substantial downpour for Toronto and Vancouver citizens. Some across Toronto believe criminal charges should’ve been enforced or tickets handed out. Canadian citizens breaking the social distancing measures shouldn’t get away without any punishments. Lives are at risk.