eFootball PES 2020 Preview

The next instalment on the series of Pro Evolution Soccer simulators is ready to be released in a couple of weeks on the 10th of September. With the promise of more focus on esports gameplay, the next edition is bringing players various gameplay mechanical improvements. Let’s explore in more depth what players can expect of the next version of this development brought to players by Konami, already since before 1996.

Different Games Modes to Expect

The developers placed a lot more focused on multiplayer mode. This is done to play esports. However, it isn’t limited to multiplayer, and the game can be played alone as well. Another new addition to the upcoming release is the Matchday module. This mode allows players to choose sides and then they can work with their team in competing with another organization to earn a place in the grand finale.

Improved Technicalities to Deliver on Visual Brilliance

The graphics delivered are of brilliant quality, and it is genuinely representing a realistic image of the players. This is further improved with three-dimensional visuals and excellent animation. Even when it came to presenting the stadiums, an immense amount of detail went into the design to reflect a realistic display. Improvement was also made to the lighting system used as well as the turf quality.

Combining Realism and Ease of Play

The mechanics used is delivering on a perfect balance between creating an incredibly realistic representation of all the graphics, while yet staying focused on ease of play. Here many valuable improvements were made compared to the previous edition of the game. Players will find much greater comfort in guiding the ball, receiving the ball, goal situations have been improved and also passes. Players will also be able to outplay counterattacks easier, and they can make use of free space on the field for tactical play. New moves have been added, different ball strokes and dribbling are all additions to the previous release. In the Master League mode, mechanical changes were made to various areas, and players will experience an interactive new dialogue system as well and easier transfer management.

Taking Strides Forward in Competition to FIFA 20

Expect to choose from 13 teams on the roster, including Manchester United, Arsenal, Barcelona, Juventus as well as Bayern Munich. With this edition, it is clear that Konami is about licensing and bringing their fans the best there is. At this stage, it seems that the one thing which players would still like to achieve is a more straightforward addition of the tongue-twisting name to be able to give a hard blow to FIFA 20. That would always depend on what EA is having up their sleeve for their next edition. Either way, ePES 2020 delivers a powerful punch, and it might just be that Konami will be able to lure some EA fans.