Everybody’s Golf VR on PS4

During May Sony released their latest version of this golf game for PS4. It delivers on some improvements, great graphics and sound and excellent motion control. Expect to have hours of fun.

The game delivers graphics which resembles live on a golf course. An insect might fly into your face, you will have the typical background sounds, and especially when playing with a PSVR headset and headphones, you will feel like you are transported from your living room onto the greens. These sounds and images are never distracting you from play. An additional feature which adds to brining more reality to the game is that the franchise has shifted from their usual third-person view to a first-person perspective, which is creating a more faithful to life feeling.

Players will also find that the often-used three-click system used to swing your club has been replaced with using either the DualShock 4 or PlayStation Move Controller. Of these two the DualShock 4 Controller is much more effective although you will probably have to get used to it at first. The direction and distance which your balls go will be determined by how much force you put into the shot and in which way you’re direct it with your body. Still, the amount of energy is not even close to what you would use realistically on the course itself.

The motion control doesn’t only come to play on the swing, but also in the balls. Gravity is playing its natural role on shots, and they fall with an actual curve. Also when balls land on the course, it rolls according to a natural resistance one would expect, based and terrain and weather conditions.

Skill Levels and Choices

Players who are entirely new to the game have a choice of tutorials to learn from. For the less skilled players, options do exist like vacuum holes to assist with sucking the balls into the breach if it passes by close enough. More experienced players can increase the difficulty level with longer tees. Club choices can be made, and dominant hand preference can be shifted. The play also needs to be adapted to the conditions on specific courses. Windier seaside courses will require some smart play from your side. Unfortunately, there aren’t a wide variety of classes to play, and you will have to repeat the same holes many times to be able to unlock in-game rewards. This can become boring after a while.

The game also presents a strange absence of other golfers on the course, and it is only you and your caddy mostly on the course. You will be able to make some fashion changes on your caddy when unlocking some in-game rewards though. Still, the game is offering a lot of fun playtime and a great, although not necessarily true, golfing experience in your own home. More modes and options would have contributed to the fun factor, though.