Fable Reboot Announced for Xbox Series X

The Microsoft Company have announced a highly anticipated reboot from one of their most beloved franchises in history. The Fable franchise is returning for a 4th instalment on Xbox’s next-generation console, with an additional benefit of PC Support from the launch date. Crafting the Fable reboot is Playground Games, a developer that’s never entered the MMO Genre before. They’re primarily known for the Forza Horizon franchise.

Details regarding the visual aesthetic, gameplay, storyline, characters, and countless other attributes were kept secret during the reveal. Fable’s trailer is cinematic & doesn’t centre around core aspects characteristics with the franchise. Instead, a fairy is seen passing-by a frog. This gives zero insight into what Playground Games iteration of the Fable franchise will look. It provides clarification that the development period for this game isn’t remotely close to being finished. Rumours suggest that 2022 will be the closest launch date for Fables reboot, most likely extending towards 2023 with anticipated delays following the coronavirus.

Video game analysts have expressed their surprise & disappointment with the selection of Playground Games to develop Fable’s reboot. They’ve never designed a core franchise for the Xbox Company, with Forza Horizon always having been a “Spin-Off Series”. Another concerning factor for analysts and supporters is that Playground Games is also developing “Forza Motorsport” for the Xbox Series X.

Two games in development at the same studio often spell disaster for one of those titles. Considering that Playground Games have experience in the racing genre, it’s understandable to have concern for the Fable reboot. Online threads from supporters of this franchise have expressed similar sentiments to analysts, which means Playground Games has much to prove.

Upcoming Games for Xbox Series X

The Microsoft Company held its yearly announcement venue, confirming all upcoming games for the Xbox One & Xbox Series X. The two biggest titles announced included “Halo: Infinite” and “Forza Motorsport”. Fable’s reboot was the final announcement from Microsoft, supporting minimal hype because of little details seen throughout the trailer. It’s suspected that Halo: Infinite will release before Fable’s 4th instalment, which Playground Games claims will revolutionize the series to new heights.