FIFA 20 Ready to Play

The 27th of September marked a great day in the world of the super loyal crowd behind the FIFA 20 success. Sales are sky-rocketing. Especially the newly added mode, Volta, which is EA’s answer to the constant requests of their fans to bring back FIFA Street once again, is the highlight which is outshining other improvements like brilliant graphics and realistic characters. For those who are just entering the world of the FIFA legacy and are trying their hand at becoming a star-studded manager, these are some of the clubs we recommend on your journey to glory in career mode.

The Teams

  • Arsenal – If you are in search of speed and lightning-fast attack, then pick Arsenal as your team. Their defence is slightly weak but can bring in enough funds to make the needed changes during the transfer windows.
  • Ajax – This is the home ground for some of the best footballers in history. Even if they have lost some vital talent during the down season, Ajax is still budding with possibility and an excellent choice for any FIFA manager, hungry for success. Their abundance of young talent is promising for the future when these players have reached full potential and become a valuable asset during the transfer season. Ajax is fun to control and delivers on great potential and entertainment.
  • Barcelona – Home base for the best player of the year, Lionel Messi. Messi is, however, not the only active footballer here and is surrounded by a strong team of players, and this makes managing Barcelona so enticing.
  • Borussia Dortmund – So Bayern Munich keeps on winning the Bundesliga, and you might be fed-up with that. Managing a talented and young club like Borussia Dortmund might be the way to end Bayern’s dominance in the German arena. Borussia has the talent and skill to take on Bayern and force them to bend the knee.
  • Manchester City – For those aspiring to be the Pep Guardiola of FIFA 20, there is no better team to manage than his side of course. Man City is a great place to find your feet as a FIFA manager. They are durable and always on the attack and will bring you success even when effort and expertise are slightly lacking on your side.
  • Paris Saint-Germain – Even though they are prominent on the domestic scene, they aren’t quite where one would go for glory and recognition in the European arena. They do offer talent and possibility though and under excellent management can rise to the top. Paris Saint-Germain offers everything which a skilled and robust manager needs to achieve success.
  • Sunderland – The Black Cats are in League One at the moment, and they would require some time and effort to be invested in rebuilding them to Premier League glory once again. After some tough times due to a series of relegations, they are slightly weaker, but we are sure that whoever decides to go the distance with them will reap the rewards.