Game Awards 2020 Returns on December 10th

December 10th marks the date when the “2020 Game Awards Show” will return for international viewers. Gamers have revelled in the announcement that this iconic awards show would return, with organizers initially cancelling this event for 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The festivities are taking a unique approach towards showcasing this year’s best-rated game and giving the developers their subsequent awards. It’s known that in-person hosts will be located in London, Tokyo, and Los Angeles. These individuals are likely leaders at development houses that created some of the 2020s most influential games.

It’s expected that Sucker Punch or Naughty Dog will receive a game of the year. Sucker Punch released “Ghosts of Tsushima” for PS4 owners, which saw rave reviews from critics & gamers alike. Naughty Dog released “The Last of Us Two”, which was hated amongst fans of the series & praised by paid-off critics. 2020s Game Awards Show will likely select “Ghosts of Tsushima”, with fanfare more directed towards that title.

Organizers are introducing a new award for 2020, named “Innovation in Accessibility”. This award is dedicated to developers that create technologies, features, and content that assist with games being played on cross-platforms with wider audiences. Developers seen pushing that medium forward will be in the running, with five selected for contention & one winner. Details on which developers have been chosen for 2020 wasn’t revealed. However, it’s fair to assume that Microsoft Studios will be contending for victory after “Microsoft’s Flight Simulator 2020” was released.

New Information by November

Details regarding the 2020 Game Awards will be released closed to December 10th. That’s when contenders will be announced & gamers can vote for which developer is more deserving. TGA 2020 will also provide players with demos on upcoming games, unexpected announcements for next-generation titles, and support streaming options across forty-five platforms.

TGA Spokesperson evoked that throughout 2020, video games have connected & comforted players worldwide when being forced to remain indoors. Under that sentiment, The Game Awards Show knows that 2020’s TGA is more critical than any other. Organizers promised that they’re working diligently to create thoughtful & innovative streaming programs that’ll celebrate video games worldwide.