Gameplay Footage Shown for TLOU2

The Sony Computer Company & Naughty Dog have begun providing new details into the Last of Us Two, their upcoming Survival Thriller Game. These details were comprised in a 24-Minute Demo for the State of Play – Digital Event. Supporters behind the 1st entry will notice multiple similarities to the original, with gameplay mechanics being enhanced from the original to better associate itself with 2020.

Familiar gameplay is shown immediately in the demo, with Ellie having to hide behind cover from the infected. Sneaking around the varied & open environments of the Last of Us Two quickly become apparent. The landscapes are considerably larger than in the 1st entry of this franchise, with new gameplay mechanics including Swinging Ropes & traversing flooded locations by accessing local boats. Ellie is also seen swimming throughout the streets of Seattle, which has become flooded over the decades. This is something the character was infamously petrified of accomplishing in the Last of Us One.

The Story

Storyline details regarding the 2nd iteration of this franchise were provided in the gameplay demo. It’s known that Ellie recently turned the age of nineteen & now lives on her own in a protected neighbourhood of Seattle. Cascading walls protect the living from the infected outside, allowing Ellie to obtain a sense of normal & fall in love with her latest girlfriend. It’s then revealed that Joel lives within the confines of this neighbourhood, silently watching over Ellie to ensure her protection. Somehow these two survivors will come together again to solve the complex story regarding Ellie’s life, with her being the exclusive human immune to the virus.

Graphic Improvements

Naughty Dog has enhanced the graphics in the Last of Us Two. Infected look realistic, providing a greater sense of fear when traversing a Hot Zone. New versions of these infected humans are being implemented into TLOU2, including the Shambler. This zombie-like creature will explode into a spore of infected germs that’ll burn & immediately infect everyone, except Ellie. Those wanting to experience this game can pre-order it today for $79.99. It’ll be released on the PS4 for June 19th.