Gaming CEO Poisoned to Death

An unexpected headline shocked the international gaming industry, with announcements being issued by the “Yoozoo Group” confirming their Chief Executive Officer had died on December 25th. Headlines throughout China have rallied behind this announcement, sparking nation-wide interest into how Lin Qi died at 39. Details regarding his death have been released, with law enforcement arresting an unnamed individual & claiming this person poisoned CEO Lin Qi a week earlier.

Shanghai Police confirmed that Lin Qi had been poisoned after internal corporate disputes amongst an employed personnel. That individual responded with violent actions, poisoning their CEO. It’s shocked gamers worldwide, which known the Yoozoo Group as developers of “Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming.”

Speculation from inside sources with the Yoozoo Group has referenced events that were sustained weeks before Christmas. Internal fighting between CEO Lin Qi & the unnamed attacker was growing daily, with Lin Qi emphasising the need for team-wide respect. The poisoner didn’t comply with directives & murdered an innocent civilian. This is groundbreaking for China, which is known for not disobeying management under any conditions. Political analysts in China worry that one count of poison could prompt multiple, which is standard whenever a new crime makes national headlines.

Filming Problems

CEO Lin Qi was reaching new heights in his career, having recently purchased the rights for “Three Body Problems”. The Yoozoo Group & Netflix were expected to create this project, which is still anticipated following the monetary aid that’s been provided to production. The creators of Game of Thrones is helming the live adaptation for the Three Body Problems, with Alexander Woo announced as head writer.

The individual holding contractual rights towards this project being poisoned & dying will evoke postponements behind production. TV Analysts don’t suspect that Netflix will suspend development permanently, and merely sideline this project until 2022. It’s known that the individual responsible for poisoning CEO Lin Qi was detained on December 24th and hasn’t been released to date.