GDC Goes Digital & Fortnite 2020 Cup Cancelled

Enthusiasts behind the video game industry were hoping that the 2020 Summer Edition of the Game Developers Conference would support attendees. This follows after the initial venue was terminated in March, protecting civilians and workforces from the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizers with the GDC had hoped that pandemic conditions would lighten before their summer venue, with social distancing measures and travel restrictions now looking to extend their enforcement worldwide. This prompted GDC Organizers to implement a Digital-Exclusive Format for the upcoming venues. PR Representatives clarified that organizers are working 24/7 to create a versatile and exciting environment for anybody wanting to participate in their live streams.

It should be mentioned that the Game Developers Conference has never been held during the summer. This marks the 1st time ever after the Mid-March venue was forced to cancel their operations. Multiple other game conferences followed GDC Organizers in America. That includes PAX East in New Jersey and E3 2020 in Los Angeles. PAX East wasn’t able to alternate their schedule or limit revenue losses, with the virus breaking out days before the event was slated to begin.

Fortnite Announces Cancelled Championship

Speaking about cancellations in the video game community, it was recently confirmed that the “Fortnite World Cup” won’t be held this summer. Epic Games announced their social media communities, stressing that cancellations followed after the COVID-19 pandemic remain an ongoing global issue. Fortnite’s World Cup sees millions of gamers from various locations entering a stadium facility to watch the series unfold. It’d prompt an increase in transmission, confirmed infections, and death. PR Representatives noted that the series would return in 2021 with updated enhancements and services to players/attendees.

It was also confirmed that the 2020 Call of Duty League Championships is cancelled. It’s expected that all In-Person Competitions with eSports will be postponed or cancelled until January 2021. We’ll provide our readers with any updates regarding a revised or rescheduled tournament from Epic Games with Fortnite, as loyalists are deserving of their world cup. Those interested in playing this game can install it on mobile handsets and video game consoles today.