Golden Tee Golf Goes Mobile

For the most part, arcade games are nothing more but a distant memory but then you find some particular arcade franchises which have survived the entire transformation in the industry like Golden Tee Golf. Now fans of this franchise can expect to play this novelty game on their smartphones very soon when GTC launches in the last week of October on both iOS and Android.

Golden Tee Golf

This franchise has managed to remain one of the most massive arcade games which stood the test of time. It has always enjoyed the popularity of being one of the largest and most successful arcade games ever. The game is loads of fun with the palm-sized trackball used as clubs to swing. This translated significantly into a virtual game, making golf accessible and fun for all to play regardless of how you perform on the greens or other video games for that matter. No wonder that the game has been played now for 30 years or more. Also, the game delivered on great online leader boards and a variety of tournaments which transformed the casual hobby for many into a series game. For roughly the past 20 years Incredible Technologies kept on releasing either one or multiple new games annually. According to statistics, 20 million people globally play this game, and now this number will jump exponentially with the release of Golden Tee Golf on the 28th of October then being compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

A Long Wait Finally Over

The first release of GTC for mobile devices dates back to 2015 although that version does appear to be quite different. Since then it has already had a soft launch in the United Kingdom, Ireland as well as Canada. The game was previously available on iTunes accounts in these countries. For the remainder of the world, the official launch is scheduled now in October. Incredible Technologies, the developer of GTC is making use of the same kind of gameplay physics used in the original arcade version for the development of the mobile version. Players will also recognize other familiar features like being able to personalize their avatar’s identity, appearance and equipment. Players will also still be able to travel to various golf destinations globally.

Reaching Out To a New Audience

According to the Golden Tee Golf Project Manager, John Noble, the aim of utilizing a newer and more modern platform is to gain the interest of a much younger market segment. Many of the more mature fans of the game remain loyal to the brand due to their fond memories of playing the game in the arcade during their childhood years. They want to create the same kind of experience for young fans playing games in more modern times. The game will be released with six courses of nine holes each and players will also be able to play against other players in real-time contests.