GT Sport Rain Mechanics

Two years ago Gran Turismo Sport fans received the latest release of this iconic game. This was the 7th edition in the main series and the 13th in the entire Gran Turismo range. Since the announcement back then, a lot has changed to the game though. Utilizing regular free updates, the team effort between Polyphony Digital and Sony Interactive Entertainment has managed to keep racers engaged. Their latest update has just gone live, and it is bringing some of the most exciting changes yet.

The Cult Classics

Five new cars have been included in the latest update. Be sure that these aren’t the best racing cars ever. They will also not bring you super-high speeds, but they are classics from the racing scene from way back to the middle 1980s to about late in the 1990s. They are Japanese, and they deliver on experience with the full display of popping headlights and more. Now racers can test the track in any of the following cars. A Toyota Corolla Levin 3-Door-600GT Apex from 1983, a 1990’s Nissan Silvia K’s Dia Selection, a Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo from 1991 and a Honda S2000 and Subaru Impreza Coupe WRX Type R S TI Version VI both from 1999.

The Rain

Another brilliant new feature which had been added to the latest update is rain on the Red Bull Ring Circuit. For the first time, racers will now be able to experience more than just driving in either sunlight or moonlight. Even though this far rain is only available on the Red Bull Circuit, it is sure to follow soon onto other circuits too. The graphics are realistic with headlights reflecting from puddles on the tracks and the kerbs shimmering due to the wet conditions. A negative is, however, that the very realistic feeling gets minimized when viewing from a perspective from within your car. The droplets on your windscreen are expected to move as if amidst high-speed racing, yet they remain in one position.

Where this may lack, however, racers are offered a brilliant experience of feeling the wet conditions during racing. Athletes are now able to get authentic knowledge of what the terms on a track is like when it is pouring, and they need to adapt their racing style according to that.

Added Events

Another addition with this update included seven new events which they have added to their GT League Mode. These are aimed explicitly towards racers who prefer the single-player function in Gran Turismo. For the newbies in the race, there are a variety of options of shorter athletes to compete in with cars which are expected to be slightly slower, while the more experienced racer might much rather be enticed to some all weekend racing which would involve much more complexity and endurance from the severe driver.