iOS Golf Games You Need to Play In 2019

So you like to try your hand at golfing and consider yourself to be quite useful. Now you want to branch out and expand your horizons. Trying out new terrain which offers new twists and turns is one way of doing it. Playing it on your iPhone can be the way to facilitate it. 2019 brought us a couple of great golfing games for iOS. Let’s explore some of the best, and the brilliant addition to all of these games is that they are all free of charge.

Golf Clash

Considered to be the most popular golf game available on iOS with a 4.5-star rating. Players are allowed to play a variety of new and exciting golf courses which provides many challenges. You can even compete against a friend with 1v1 real-time. When you are ready to compete against other players, you do have the option of competing against players online. Weekly promotions for great play will also bring you some club card bonuses.

Golf Rival

The perfect game if you feel that you are ready to present the online golfing world with your talents. The game provides the opportunity for you to compete against other golfers in the same calibre as you and knowing that the game was initially designed for golfing pros is an extra motivation to excel. Significant sound effect, magnificent visuals and a perfect leader board system will keep you hooked for hours.

WGT Golf

If multiplayer mode, brilliant graphics and a lifelike experience sound like your kind of game, then WGT Golf is for you. The game offers a variety of formats including a 9-hole challenge to see who gets the closest to the hole, a 3-hole stroke mode keeps you fascinated and the very much lifelike 18-hole game with putting included. You will be able to compete with a group of six other golfers to show off your skills in the Topgolf Mode. Membership at the private country club and being involved in club tournaments are also up for grabs.

Mini Golf Star Retro

This game sounds like a piece of cake, but it provides challenging obstacles which you need to overcome. This games scoring system is keeping players intrigued and added to that cute graphics of bridges and golden fields, oceans and more than 350 holes; you won’t leave soon. A 3-star scorecard will earn you the honour of being Mini Golf World Champion.

Mini Golf King

Turns and twists add to the addiction which this game brings. Players are continually facing more challenges and opportunities, and you may even be able to become the master of some great tricks. Through over 35 golf courses, each created to challenge your skills differently, the best in you as a golfer are extracted to be able to win the competition and reap the rewards. Every put sunk is bringing you closer to the domination of the game.