Louis Vuitton Entering Gaming

The name Louis Vuitton is a globally familiar icon, synonymous with the fashion industry. Now the brand is expanding towards the virtual world of video gaming. The League of Legends is a range of virtual designs from the creative minds of the French fashion designer, which are now available to be bought with real money.

The partnership between the developer of the League of Legends, Riot Games and the French couture experts, stretches further than only creating virtual clothes. Vuitton will also be releasing a new fashion line soon, which would be inspired by the League of Legends. They are designing a custom-made trophy case for annual trophy of the League’s esports finals too.

The esports finals are set to take place during November this year in the French fashion city, Paris. This partnership is expected to continue at least until the 2020 finals, which are set to take place in China. This isn’t the first trophy case designed by Vuitton. They were also the creative minds behind the trophy case for the FIFA World Cup. According to Naz Aletaha, the head of partnerships at Riot Games, this is a clear indication that esports is becoming more and more challenging to traditional sports. She also mentioned that esports has grown to such a degree that currently, the scale at which their World Championships are hosted is competitive with those of traditional sports championships.

The Success of League of Legends

The game is based on the clash between two teams who are battling each other to destroy the opposing team’s nexus. Based on the number of downloads of the game as well as the rate at which successful updates occur, their popularity is fast growing towards the level where Fortnite is currently at.

Louis Vuitton is not the only luxury brand available in the digital world. EA Games also recently partnered up with Moschino, which is now available to purchase as digital pieces. Many other designers, both in the fashion world as well as the sporting gear and accessory industry, have noticed that this is a booming market. They are fully aware of the opportunities which the devotion of gamers bring to their enterprises.

The challenge which many companies have to overcome was the fact that often streaming can occur on Netflix and Amazon without viewers having to sit through commercials. The solution which many has found for this challenge is now to get their products within the streamed content. As Ross Benes, an analyst at a researching firm explained, it is possible to block out advertisements within the material which are being watched, but it is impossible to block out the items which are being displayed within the content or games being played, for that matter. Surely players of video sports games will also soon be able to purchase digital items from the leading sporting brands.