Mobile Royale Will Allow You to Create Your Own Unique Fantasy World in 2019

IGG, the phenomenal game developer behind extraordinary game titles like Castle Clash and Lords Mobile, is preparing to launch their first game for 2019. The company hasn’t released any new games in the last three years. The game is called Mobile Royale, and it will offer players the opportunity to build and rule their very own fantasy kingdom. Players will also have the ability to compete and trade with other players who constructed their own fantasy worlds as well.

Mobile Royale

The new game from IGG will allow you to construct and evolve your fantasy kingdom in the world of Hollandia. You will be allowed to build several structures and position them wherever you wish on the map. You will also be able to witness how your land evolves from the start of the Stone Age through the futuristic times the longer you play. You can select from 6 cultures which you can use to customize your buildings in the world as well.

Your kingdom needs people to ensure it evolves and Mobile Royale offers several races that you can populate your land with, including spectres, beasts, goblins, dwarves, elves, and humans. You will also be able to fully customise your heroes within the game, and once they go into battle, they will come equipped with unique abilities and attacks to further enrich the game.

The new game from IGG is designed to give you the ability to connect with friends and other players. You can choose to join a guild and will have the power to trade with other team members thanks to a Trader Airship. Obviously, the game is not about peace and harmony as you will need to plan a successful military strategy to take out other clans. Each clan will feature their own campaign, backstory, and lore.

Mobile Royale Clans

When forming part of a clan, you will have the ability to team up with other players to discover ancient runes and hunt down monsters. The runes will assist you to gain additional resources and abilities that will greatly assist you in battles. You will also be able to face other online players from around the world as the new Mobile Royale game will only operate on one server. To battle it out against other players around the world, Mobile Royale comes equipped with War Airships that can transport your troops across the land in a matter of seconds.

You will even notice that the new game from IGG comes with fearsome dragons. These dragons can be raised within your fantasy kingdom and will eventually be able to assist in battles as well as boost the development of your land. Players can become more powerful by occupying Clan Forts. However, the Holy Ruler will be the master over the land and there can only be one per clan, so choose wisely. The game is set to launch in early 2019, so keep your eye on the Google Play Store for its release.