Naughty Dog Announces Delay for TLOU2

PlayStation Enthusiasts were shocked and disappointed to learn that “The Last of Us: Part II” is being delayed until further notice. This follows after the initial launch date of February 21st, 2020, was moved back to May 29th, 2020. Developers behind this title had already completed production and were finishing the final touches. It’s prompted numerous fans to claim the unnecessary need of delaying this title. Gaming analysts now speculate that TLOU2 could be delayed by six months. Some are stating that it won’t be released until the PlayStation 5 this holiday season. That’d mean waiting an additional nine months for this title to be released.

Representatives with the Sony Company and Naughty Dog provided insight onto their decision. It was expressed that logistical challenges will prevent a consistent and reliable launch experience. Many gaming companies like Sony are struggling to reach production volumes on Disc & Cartridge Manufacturing. Similar challenging is following onto the Last of Us Part II, which funny enough centres around the United States of America that have been ravaged by a Zombie pandemic.

Financial analysts believe the genuine reason for preventing the release date is their subject matter. Numerous consumers would feel off-put by the concept of experiencing a brutalized America that’s been ravaged by Zombies. Pandemic shelters are set up across the USA in this game, with identical recreations of cities and rural neighbourhoods. The eeriness with exploring the Last of Us Part II is already intense. COVID-19 would make it that much more anxiety-filled. Sony could be concerned about a potential fallout of sales, with new consumers unaware of this franchise possibly being unwilling to purchase the title.

Self-Isolated Employees

Another element that could be forcing the delay of “The Last of Us Part II” is the self-isolation of Naughty Dog developers. Employees were informed to remain home and practice social distancing until the pandemic period is over. Finishing the final touches on this title has become harder, with developers having to communicate through Zoom or Skype. Delayed internet connections have made reaching co-workers a lengthy process. When accounting for the internet connections required from their development program, it’s easy to understand why Naughty Dog wouldn’t have the capabilities to finish the final touches.