New Horror Game Teased by Ninja Theory

Supporters of the video game industry have thoroughly adopted the horror genre. Unfortunately, it’s been rare for developers to design games surrounding the unexpected scares of haunted environments. Fans that love exploring these demonic locations will be happy to hear that Ninja Theory has announced a new title. Named Project: Mara, it’ll be an experimental horror game that pushes the boundaries of what’s mentally capable. Ninja Theory Studios, in their announcement, expressed that this title would have a real-life account of terrifying mentally-disturbing experiences.

Those that have wondered what it’d be like to experience a haunting won’t have to wait much longer. Ninja Theories developmental purpose is to create a grounded, realistic experience that has been taken from the minds of investigated individuals. Confirmations regarding Project: Mar includes the use of one character in a single location. Unexpected individuals in-game will maintain immersive storytelling from other realms. It should be noted that Ninja Theory partnered with Neuroscientists to create the most horrifying game in existence. Multiple medical warnings will be associated with this product.

The Experimental Goals

Video games have never been used for scientific experiments. However, as technology has continuously grown, it’s provided Neuroscientists the tools required to increase their understanding of our brains. Most people associate suffering and pain to physical trauma or diseases. There can also be severe trauma and pain from mental illness, with most individuals suffering from these cases unable to provide sufficient data. Subsequently, Project: Mara will locate gamers willing to be tested against the roughest conditions of fear. This is because fear resembles the same neuro patterns that numerous mental diseases display. By engaging with a world that maintains different rules, the brain immediately goes into a fluctuated state. The readings provided from collected data will inform Mental Health Specialists, Neuroscientists and Video Game Developers, learning the effects of psychosis-assisted environments.

Between the collection of associates working on Project: Mara, this is being called the Insight Initiative. Their ultimate goal is to increase the awareness of mental illness to thousands of individuals worldwide. Project: Mara is being created in the virtual reality element and isn’t recommended for individuals suffering from heart conditions or epilepsy. Anybody interested in learning more about this product is advised to subscribe with the Ninja Theory Studios social media accounts. New updates are provided through the Dreadnought Diaries.