New World from Amazon Delayed Again

Few corporations exceed the fortitude & strength of Amazon, with their presence felt across numerous industries. Amazon has become a formidable player throughout the entertainment industry, creating TV shows that’ve garnered notable popularity. Jeff Bezos hopes to repeat that success within the video game industry.

Amazon Game Studios was 1st founded in August 2012. Their first official game was “Living Classics” for Facebook, which garnered little popularity. Every game released under AGS hasn’t been well-received by critics, with all their previous titles to the exception of one being released to mobile devices.

Jeff Bezos furthered his investment into Amazon Game Studios in 2014, prompting the development of “Crucible”. That title wasn’t ever released & after six years is still in beta. History could repeat itself with their upcoming game, “New World”. This game was initially slated to release later this month after years of development. However, an official delay has been issued by Amazon Game Studios – Orange Country. An executive clarified that New World wouldn’t be released until Spring 2021.

The Studio Director for AGS Orange County, Rich Lawrence, issued a blog posting providing information behind this delay. He explained that testers had expressed there is minimal content outside the MMO storyline, meaning additional “End-Game” material wasn’t sustained in New World. Amazon Game Studios doesn’t want this game to fail amongst consumers, prompting the delay to ensure additional content can be added. This requires an extensive level of development time.

Alpha Testing Issued with Delay

Knowing that supporters of New World would backlash against this announcement, AGS Orange Country confirmed that those who pre-ordered their game would receive access “Alpha Testing”. The original version of the New World will be available on August 25th for two weeks. Afterwards, Alpha Testing will be terminated & consumers will have to wait until Spring 2021.

PC Gamers are known for supporting MMOs, which provide countless hours of entertainment & customization options. When New World was initially announced in 2018, the PC Gamer Community immediately expressed their fanfare towards this game. That fanfare has begun dwindling with the continued delays seen from AGS Orange County. An additional delay until Spring 2021 could see New World become less popular than expected.