Nuketown 84’ Announced for Black Ops Cold War

Gamers that support Activision’s Call of Duty franchise have rejoiced after learning Treyarch’s Nuketown will return in “Black Ops Cold War”. It was revealed via an announcement trailer that Nuketown 84’ is arriving by November 24th for gamers worldwide. It will reintroduce players to the iconic map with a retro twist resemblant of the 1980s. Trailers showcase multiple design elements that Treyarch has selected for Nuketown 84, which include new laneways for RC-XD Cars & Auto Killstreaks. This will be a welcome addition that benefits hardcore gamers needing fast-paced action with every match.

Mannequins seen throughout Nuketown 84’ are considerably different than the 1940s edition, with aesthetics resembling scenes from Netflix’s Stranger Things & graffiti appearing across the entire map. This creates a vintage feeling similar to the iconic Netflix Thriller, making some wonder if Treyarch is giving an intentional shoutout to the fan-favourite show. Other then those minor design changes, the maps vantage points & laneways haven’t changed extensively. There are still the two backyards that create dangerous situations & a hectic middle-ground for the bus’s territory.

Treyarch has understood the change in pop culture since Covid-19 inflicted a worldwide pandemic. Shows like Netflix’s Stanger Things & Amazon’s Lost Boys have created a pop culture aesthetic around the 80s, which are recreated perfectly in Nuketown 84’. The overall feel of this map is an abandoned training facility that was overtaken by young teenagers & turned into a paintball facility.

The Weapons Pack Letdown

Gamers aren’t that excited about the free weapons pack being offered with Nuketown 84’. It’s unexciting when every other gamer has equal access to those valuables. Consumers that select to receive the weapons pack will receive an emblem, calling card, sticker, weapon charms, and a shotgun blueprint. Those wanting to experience Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War are recommended to wait until season one drops in a few weeks. That’s when gameplay will take the next step forward.