Oculus Rift- Bringing VR to Sports Games

During the first quarter of this year, the Rift was discontinued when its successor was released. With the Rift no longer available, the hunters of VR technology are all focused on the Oculus Rift. The Oculus Rift is bringing you the most brilliant VR experiences in many different game forms, but let’s explore some of the excellent sports games solutions they offer.

High-Intensity Action with BOXVR

This game brings a great deal of physical demand. With regular updates, BOXVR is keeping players involved and fit with rhythm-based boxing workouts. The game features three different options. The exercise is designed as a calorie busting fitness regime designed by leading fitness instructors. The train offers you the opportunity of training according to a specially designed boxing workout with your music pumping in your ears and Survive by far the toughest. You compete against an endless runner. BOXVR also allows you to record and track your progress and to create playlists of your choice to keep you going.

Stepping Back in History with VR Sports Challenge

Ever wondered what it felt like to be part of some of the greatest moments in sporting history? Then VR Sports Challenge is bringing you right into the virtual reality of experiencing it for yourself. With brilliantly designed touch controllers, you can immerse yourself in the moments of sporting greatness. Perform catches, pitches, dunks and swings effortlessly. With stadiums filled with fans cheering you on in victory or cursing you into eternity, the adrenaline rush is all yours. So step into the ballpark, gridiron or ice and be part of history.

Boxing Away in Knockout League

This game offers you a boxing game in arcade-style. This single-player game requires you to be light-footed. Moving around with your entire body to dodge and punch while operating the buttons to take you to victory. You can also be part of the team being drilled to perfection. A team is a group of characters created to entertain and to teach you different fighting styles. Keep on playing and become a champion in your own right.

Step onto the Court with NBA 2KVR Experience

Having none other than Paul George giving you advice and tips on the basketball court to prepare you for several mini-games in a series. This is fun accelerated to the highest level. With Gatorade boosts, you will have improved performance. Shoot hoops while the crowd’s roar. The game also offers different challenges from skills challenge to three-point shootouts and more. Buzz beater needs you to shoot as many hoops against a ticking clock. With ten balls available to shoot from anywhere on the court, it is game on.

Virtual reality is bringing a new and exciting dimension to gaming, which is continually being improved and updated. It requires a load more activity from players, and that is great. What we can say for sure is though that the best is yet to come.