Open World Pokemon Arrives

The Isle of Armor arrived in Pokemon Sword & Shield for the Nintendo Switch in Mid-May. Since launching for dedicated fans, the popularity behind the 1st DLC in Pokemon history has increased by an average of 14.3% daily. Gamers are excited at the prospect that new open-world areas are supported in Pokemon, which became possible after GameFreak took positive attributes from the core game & enhanced them for the DLC. Storylines are hardly supported in the Isle of Amor, focusing more on the development of Pokemon Teams and Multiplayer Battles.

The Wild Area has grown tenfold, giving consumers hours of exploration opportunities. New Pokemon arrive with the Isle of Armor & allow for Pokedex Collections to increase. However, GameFreak won’t have included the full list of Pokemon until their 2nd DLC releases later in 2020. The Pokemon Company & GameFreak implemented this strategize to increase profits during their “Off Years” when new entries into this two-decade-long saga aren’t added.

New Islands to Explore

Pokemon Sword & Shield sent players to the Galar Region, a previously unknown location that supports dozens of new Pokemon. An extensive storyline is available with the latest entries into the Pokemon franchise, going beyond the norm that was previously established for dozens of games.

Basic storylines resume with the Isle of Armor, with players having to focus on the “Dojo Gyms”. These locations require multiple challenges to be overcome, with various battles occurring throughout the process. Defeating all opponents & hurdling over any challenge’s awards Kubfu, the latest legendary Pokemon. He’s combined with a Ninja and Racoon, supporting notable attacks that’ll rival the strongest Pokemon in Sword or Shield.

Defeating the main storyline in the Isle of Armor won’t take a prolonged period, with completion taking two or three hours. That’s because this downloadable content focuses more on the Wild Area, creating new locations for this open space. Instead of exploring forests & lakes, gamers are now taken to Wetlands. This extends to various caves and unique islands. Never-before-seen Pokemon are catchable in these new Wild Areas. Purchase the Isle of Armor today for $45.00 with Tax.