Perfect Simulation Games

Your curiosity turned into intrigue, and then it turned into being convinced, the results were you spoiling yourself to a brand new console, and now you don’t know where to start. The names of the leaders of the pack are known, but maybe FIFA or Madden or 2K isn’t necessarily the best play to become acquainted with your new best friend. Following is a list of the best games to use as a platform to take off from on your entertaining and enticing journey of sports games. Play on.

Mario Tennis Aces

It is cute, but more so, Mario is delivering on one of the best tennis games on the market. It is easy to pick up, and you can start to play immediately. In combination with the ease to play, it also delivers a certain degree of depth to accommodate your progressing skills. The single-player mode is the place to get familiar with the skills and techniques, but playing either with friends or online will enable you to battle it out and show off your abilities. Indeed an actual game of tennis excellently presented through animation.

Tokyo 2020

The Summer Olympics is slowly becoming more visible on the horizon as the 2020 event is now less than a year away. Tokyo 2020 is the perfect way for the couch athlete in you to partake in the excitement and adrenaline. With a choice of more than 20 events, including various track events, swimming, boxing and basketball and volleyball, the entertainment level is high while the ease of play is significant, and a wealth of content will keep you engaged for much longer than what it takes for the real-life athletes to battle it out for gold and glory in Tokyo.

Golf Story

Do you own a Nintendo Switch? Then golf glory is a great way to immerse yourself into this gentleman’s sport. Even those who couldn’t find any joy between the 18 holes on the actual greens, will still be entertained. It is more of a role-playing game (RPG) than a real golf game, but the game is simple, offers loads of flexibility, and the golf mechanics are superb. Follow the storyline while improving your skills through multiple rounds.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Recently improved to up the level of entertainment, this game which was always in the shadows of the Mario Kart series now moved into its right and it is shining. The visuals were improved and appear to be great, and the core of any racing game is speed, which feels much faster after some tweaking was done to the game. It offers flexibility in the sense that it is available on all three of the leading consoles. If Gran Turismo is not the place where you find yourself in the racing scene, then surely Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled is worth a test drive, and very possibly this will become your ride of entertainment.