PlayStation 5 coming in 2020

During April this year, Sony announced that its newest next-generation console is in the development process. This week they had attached date and a name to this new development when they announced that the PlayStation 5 console would be launched during the holidays or 2020. This left fans excited about the future of gaming, ready to be unpacked under the 2020 Christmas tree.

Sony’s PlayStation entered the market in 1994. Since then it never once wowed their fans with some super exotic names. They just stuck to numbers to indicate the next-generation console on the shelves. This new release is no different and was indeed announced to be called PlayStation 5.

New Features

When the launch date and name were announced, Sony also revealed some upgrades on the new console and brand new features that fans can expect. Two new additional features are dominating the expectations for the new device. One is the haptic feedback. This will replace the usual rumble vibration of its predecessors and offers a broader range of feedback. Players will, for example, now be able to experience a difference in the input when involved in a car crash versus playing sports and being tackled to the ground.

Another feature has been introduced to the audience as an adaptive trigger. In the L2/R2 buttons, players will be able to experience a much closer resemblance to certain tactile sensations. An example would be the sensation of drawing a bow from an arrow or driving on rocky terrain in an off-road vehicle and then accelerating. Sony made these changes to deliver on the more realistic and robust gaming experience.

Feedback From Wired

Wired had the privilege of an exclusive peek at the new controller, and they reported that the new console is bearing a lot of resemblance to its predecessor. The console would be equipped with a bigger battery and also had some improvements to its speakers. Sony also moved to USB-C input to charge the device. Between Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, and Mark Cerny, the systems architect, specific details were revealed.

They stated that in the GPU hardware, the console would make use of ray-tracing acceleration. This hardware feature will assist with audio effects primarily when used in a 3D environment as well as with intricate lighting. Another addition is a new solid-state drive to improve the speed of loading and efficiency, and as a result, games will take up less space. The console will make use of the ordinary 100GB Blu-ray discs. This came rather unexpectedly though since there are so many video game streaming services available.

Sony was absent during this year’s E3, and this left a space wide open for Microsoft to announce their next-generation console about to hit the market. Their new device is the follow up on the Xbox One and will be called Project Scarlett.