Pro Bowling Back in Video Format

The industry has been nagging for more than 25 years, and finally, Pro Bowling gave in. This week saw the launch of the Professional Bowlers Association’s PBA Pro Bowling. It has been released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One. This release came with loads of expectations as it is the product of FarSight Studios, the name behind the brilliance of Pinball Arcade suite used on virtual tables.

According to Colie Edison, chief executive to PBA, the association has been searching for a solution in bringing fans a game for a while already. Yet they struggled to find the needed resources. Initially, they decided upon releasing a mobile game that was developed by another studio. This product caught the attention of FarSight Studios. This was followed by negotiations between FarSight Studios, Concrete Software who produced the mobile version and the PBA. Finally, all the boxes were ticked, and development could proceed.

Streamlining Digital Distribution

Through digital distribution, many of the overwhelming overheads in game development could be removed. This could also bring the price down to a much more acceptable cost in the market place. According to Bobby King, FarSight Studios vice president, bowling games should be relatively cheap and not exceed $20 to $30 in price, regardless of whether licenses were involved. He furthermore stated that although bowling is an excellent contribution to the video game market, the pricing of this kind of games has been driven down by many other fun-to-play games available. That is the main reason why they took a different approach with PBA Bowling.

The game offers a variety of modes to bowlers globally. The pick-up-and-play method is an arcade mode game and is riddled with many gimmicky shots like the power-up shots, straight-up simulation and career mode which is giving more recognition to the technical aspects of bowling. Edison stated that often the actual athletic skill of bowlers are missed out on as it isn’t that visible. This is hard to create in the form of a game. The variations which the game could allow for are different balls made of different kinds of material. This affects the various ways in which a shot can go. Other variable factors considered when the game was produced it the possible different conditions of the lanes used, the oil patterns, and so forth. These things are elements that viewers don’t usually come across.

Constant Refining To the Game

Currently, the greatest critic on the release is that the tutorials on the game aren’t providing enough information on how to deliver individual balls like the arcing roll. The buttons controlling the speed and the release are also providing insufficient data to guide the player into the perfect statement. Yet, FarSight stated that the game would undergo constant refining. This is a work in progress, and these little concerns would be refined soon too.