Quantum Error Announces for XSX

Between September 21st to 22nd, unexpected announcements were made to the gaming community. It’d be revealed that Microsoft had purchased ZeniMax Media for $7.9 Billion, the largest industry-wide acquisition to date. Learning that Xbox would become the exclusive home for Doom, Elder Scrolls, Quake, and Fallout was notably disappointing for millions of gamers worldwide. This announcement also caused another to become unnoticed. TeamKill, the developers behind Quantum Error, have announced that their title won’t be exclusive to PlayStation any longer. It’ll also respectively be released for the Xbox Series X, and PC via Steam.

Designed as the first next-generation horror video game, TeamKill had previously indicated that Quantum Error would be exclusive for the PlayStation5. Rumours began spreading that the PS5 exclusivity was being falsely reported, with TeamKill’s game likely coming for all next-generation consoles. Though beneficial for Xbox gamers, it’s not for PlayStation fans. It means another title lost that can’t be represented under exclusive PS branding.

Quantum Error released an updated trailer today, emphasizing that the Xbox Series X and Series S, are obtaining access to the science-fiction horror game. Quantum Error won’t be arriving for the Xbox One, or PlayStation4. It’s available under next-generation hardware exclusively. That’s because it engaged unique lighting with ray-tracing technologies. It means unbelievable realism of horror, creating jump scares that’ve never before been seen.

Supporters of the Science-Fiction genre have known of Quantum Error for a short period. It first premiered at the “2020’s Future Games Show from GamesRadar”. Most recently before September 21st, potential players were given notable insight into Quantum Error gameplay by August 2020. There’s an evident level of anxiousness when watching the footage, with viewers wanting to run away immediately.

The Storyline

Gamers are put into the role of Jacob Thomas, an American Firefighter. He’s tasked with entering the burning “Monad Quantum Research Facility” and trying to save employed personnel. An unknown entity attacks Jacob, with this presence having horrific side effects onto the firefighter. It’s inevitably learned how to stop the malevolent force and escape the research facility. However, along the way will be difficult & horrific challenges to overcome.