Resident Evil Village has the Longest Story in Franchise History.

The 8th entry into the Resident Evil franchise was announced on June 11th, prompting an array of excitement from dedicated supporters & new fans into the series. Resident Evil’s 8th entry is slated to be a reboot, and centres around a classic era from a previous iteration into the RE franchise. Named Resident Evil Village, the 8th entry is located in a European Village that’s been overrun by the T-Virus.

Resident Evil Village is set in the early 2020s, years after the 7th entry into this franchise, “Biohazard”. It’ll centre again around Ethan Winters, a character that was newly introduced into the 7th Resident Evil. Ethan Winters is taken onto an unexpected adventure that sets a chain of events & shocking revelations regarding Chris Redfield, an iconic character since the first Resident Evil. Ethan Winters becomes distraught through the information learned about Chris Redfield, forcing this relatively new character into the mysterious village. What happens after that isn’t remotely known.

New details regarding Resident Evil Village have been revealed by a verified inside source within the video game industry. That individual is AestheticGamer, who averages a 95% accuracy rating with leaked information. His latest leak indicates that the 8th edition into this franchise will maintain the most extended campaign to date, meaning a Resident Evil game sustaining roughly twenty hours or more. AestheticGamer also revealed that the remake of “Resident Evil 4” with Leon Kennedy would have a more protracted campaign than its original version. This leaked information has been praised by RE Supporters, which comes after the critical success for the remakes of RE1, RE2 & RE2.

Storyline Length Details

Conventionally, the length of a Resident Evil storyline is eight to ten hours. Both the remakes for Resident Evil Two & Three were prolonged by developers, adding new levels & gameplay that’d never been seen before. It’s not surprising that AestheticGamer would suggest similar strategies are being implored for the remake of Resident Evil Four & upcoming sequel to RE7, Resident Evil Village. Those wanting to purchase Resident Evil 8: Village, have to wait until Late 2021. The latest entry into this franchise is releasing for next-generation consoles exclusively. This means the Xbox Series X, PlayStation5, and PC.