Ride 4 Announced

Motorsport fanatics that favour MotoGP & Supersport World Racing have a new video game that’ll excite them. It was announced in early September that the 4th entry into the “Ride” franchise is being released for consoles & gaming PCs. It’ll be released on October 8th and have an immediate upgrade package for consumers that purchase the PS5/XSX. The next-generation version of “Ride 4” will be released in January 2021.

An official statement was issued by Milestone, the developers of the Ride franchise. Their press release clarified that their latest chapter in this series focuses on pure racing, taking away arcade-like gameplay & focusing on realistic immersion seen in simulation titles. The 1st & 2nd entries into the Ride franchise were popular for its realism and would be ditched to the side with the 3rd entry. This saw “Ride 3” has lowered sales in-comparison to the previous titles. Milestone understood they needed to return to their roots and provide gamers with an immersive simulation that crosses multiple motorcycle racing leagues.

Experiencing this game on the PC, PlayStation5, or Xbox Series X will allow for gameplay at 60 Frames-per-Second. Resolution capabilities will be upgraded to the 4K Format, giving consumers the highest quality in graphics & textures. Combine this with photo-realistic environments that’ve been recreated from the ground-up, and you’ve got an experience that can become more satisfying. The core factor in providing these additional components is to create an authentic & natural riding experience.

The announcement trailer for “Ride 4” emphasizes that it’s time for gamers to enter a new era of racing, that the PS5 and XSX will create the ultimate motorcyclist experience for supporters. Feature details were shown in the trailer, noting that “Ride 4” will maintain a photo mode & voiceover work from broadcasters in all supported racing leagues. The apparent goal to celebrate superbikes is seen throughout the trailer, which will traverse into the game. Those wanting to purchase this title can for last-generation consoles on October 8th. The PS5/XSX versions of “Ride 4” arrive on January 21st, 2021. It’ll cost consumers $79.99 for the base game, with the premium package costing $89.99.