Saber Interactive Purchased by THQ Nordic

It was an incredible run for Saber Interactive as an independent video game studio. After nineteen years of being independently owned, this studio has been purchased by the Embracer Group. This large-scale corporation is the parent company behind THQ Nordic, meaning that Saber Interactive is being absolved into one of the best-known publishers in gaming. As a studio, they’ve developed three notable times. Those include Mud Runner, Snow Runner and World War Z. The later is their most popular, with thousands of copied sold worldwide. It’s expected that the WWZ Game will become a full-fledged series that sees multiple sequels.

The World War Z game received average reviews, with the game providing sub-standard graphics and gameplay that required multiple updates. After more than a year of being available to consumers, it’s become a cult classic game that’s substantially improved upon itself from the initial release. Subsequently, there’s been more than three million units sold, with a large percentage coming from the PC and PlayStation 4. Sales throughout the Xbox One were minimal, were exclusive zombie titles from Microsoft superseding World War Z for potential customer acquisition.

The Embracer Group and THD Nordic confirmed that Saber Interactive would continue to developer titles as a standalone company. This means their respective games will be determined in-house, which almost guarantees a sequel for World War Z. This acquisition allows for the Embracer Group to earn an unidentified percentage of profits from all future games and paid content.

Details regarding the associated cost with this acquisition were provided, with the initial payment listed at $150 million for the various property and gaming assets owned by Saber Interactive. This includes development studios located in Portugal, Spain, Russia, Sweden and Belarus. These details also noted that if Saber Interactive performs to 2020 expectations, the associated cost will increase to $375 million for the Embracer Group. This marks one of the most significant acquisitions for a video game studio in the last ten years.

World War Z Sequel Hinted

The potential sequel for World War Z has been publicly hinted by Mathew Karch, the chief executive officer and co-founder of Saber Interactive. When speaking with investors are the Embracer Group, the CEO mentioned that three of their six development studios are creating plans for a sequel. He expressed to these investors the potential of growth for this brand, with the film’s sequel slated for 2023. It’d be the perfect time for Saber Interactive to release World War Z: The Game – Two. During this earnings meeting, Mathew was provided clearance to begin developing the sequel. This gives Saber Interactive roughly three years to create the second title for this franchise.